Stiff Steiffs.


the blog contains the ongoing epic poem, the struggle
between the underworld and the above ground, the arcane world
where strange things happen.

enjoy the funny adventures


cult epic poem good versus evil underground fantasy world

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Hover your mouse pointer over the link boxes above in order to see exactly what they do.
For their strange adventures, left click onto the Missions link above. You will go to the
Family Page. Once there click on any of the small individual teddies pictures, lurking
way down below three top very large boring pictures, to see their peculiar adventures unfold.

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Collectable Stiffsteiffs are not all cute cuddly toys, some
have teeth, and growl. They just have a gift for
public relations, and look cool in shades.

Note. Nowhere on this
site are there any adverts.

There are testimonies to friends businesses, but
that is because they are friends, and are in business.
No adverts, and no pop ups, drop downs, peep ins,
prying spy ware, nothing but fun and honest
help and real opinions, top photography,
Luigis family teddies missions,
and cute cuddly ursine adventures.

If you have a website why not link
up to the Stiffsteiffs Teddies site,
whether to check out new Stiffsteiff
missions, or little frog escapades,
or to source new family photographs,
or follow the little ones adventures,
or visit cute little teddies.

Alternatively there are also the already
mentioned friends businesses, or the
models, or latest ursine adventures.

Sundry links below to friends
businesses and friends trains.

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That is Luigi, he is a very big Stiffsteiff
and he is not a to be messed with.
Luigi is the main man, he does not go on
the picnics, instead he organises these little
collectable Stiffsteiffs Adventures.

Luigis family consists of other
members, whose numbers, for obvious
reasons, and hazardous missions, tend to
vary a little.

They too do not have picnics or adventures,
and are decidedly not cute and cuddly. Instead
they have discussions in dark restaurants.
They have little tasks to achieve,
little teddies missions to perform.
Luigis Family is called
Stiffsteiff, there are other families, and
they have sometimes the occasional meet.

For your information, Stiffsteiffs
are number one, period.

Also showcased are the
Family Photo Archives, in Crocsnaps,
top photography by my partner,
Margaret Bright and hopefully
more in tune with picnics.


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design and web site build.

My friend Herman in Americas superb site for web design and build.

near enough, but so far Luigi he is very patient.

This website works for kids of all ages, as there is something about little teddies that seems to bring out the fun in all of us, that other animal impersonations seem to fail in totally managing, with the possible exception of the cute little frog, which I am sure you will be saying are reptiles anyway. The teddies missions of Luigis family will hopefully put a little fun into your day, and are the safe place for your children to explore without being presented with anything of adult nature. There is also some top photography via Crocsnaps. An attempt has been endeavored to make some of the teddies missions somewhat educational, and lots of the rest of the site comprises places to get things without being ripped off, and methods of going about certain jobs, in addition to first hand advice on areas like addictions, of which I am only too familiar. I do not make money out of this website, in actual fact I lose on it hand over fist, but that was never the point really, it is just there to help, and hopefully produce a few chuckles at the little teddies antics along the way you tread.
These little characters are not just little cuddly toys, visit their individual
stories and exploits on the Missions family page.
There are odd cute little frog friends too for you all.