Disturbing visitors.


Aloof has been tipped by Stallone there are two new
shiny visitors in the foyer, he is not sure they are
quite the ticket. Aloof investigates.

They seem very stiff and staid

they look a right queer pair by any standards
he inspects first one and then peers at the other

hes not sure but makes out its OK and wanders off

meanwhile, back in the hall.

Yes. That is right, Trojan Teddies.
Is all lost. They disembark swiftly.

But what is this. Its Luigi himself with Aloof
and they have got uncle Herman along for the ride.

Uncle Herman was a guest on University Challenge,
reading Violence, more extreme Violence and focussed Violence, not a lovable bunny
family member.

Hes not what he was though, getting older.

But it is still no contest, as he vanquishes
them like chaff in the wind.

Aloof is very pleased with himself, and rightly so for once.
A close shave there for our intrepid family.