Arthur, Technical Bear.


He is Arthur. He looks just like any other, but he is not.
Arthur fixes things, and makes things, mends broken things,
Arthur digs, creates, makes things happen,
organises, produces and helps.
Arthur can do pretty much anything.
Arthur is painfully good at most things.
Arthur has many gadgets, and years of knowledge.

That is Arthur fixing cd.

Here making the DVD work again,
Luigi lost his holiday snaps.

Arthur making blow up of family archive sepia
and removing the creases.

Arthur adding bit of lp to cd
he puts vinyl onto pc playable cds and dvds.

Arthur emailing his creations across the world.

Arthur doing some 3d garden design.

Then its off to do some landscaping and
ordinary gardening for those who cannot cut it.

Arthur checking out the digital equipment.

Arthur is also equipped for travel
what a guy. If you need Arthur to help you,
just email him at

Small donation keeps him happy and solvent.
When you are happy and solvent.

If a cd or dvd will spin up, chances are he can fix it.
Arthur enjoys helping people, just ask him.