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Ask for James Berwick.
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In such an individual game you need clubs tailored to you,
clubs selected carefully after your comprehensive personal
evaluation on James's state of the art equipment, in his own
cinema like space. Where every aspect of your swing and
every idiosyncrasy that is you, and every eccentricity, trait
and singularity that makes you distinct from everyone else,
is measured, interpreted and fine tuned to produce
your own tailor made solution, the ideal club to suit
your game.

We are all individuals, we are not off the peg standard robots
and in our game where fractions make all the difference, it
makes sense to use every edge you can get.
James is a total professional whose aim is to equip you with
the very best that suits the unique person that is you.

I go to James for all my own tweaks, he is superb.

Another top craftsman showcased by Stiffsteiffs, a man you can
trust implicitly, and who is an expert in his own field, as in
all other people on this website singled out as completely
reliable, gifted and honest.

Phone 0121 474 2969

Ask for James Berwick.

Malcolm Pugh feb 15th 2016.

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