Benji honey eater

Benji has to judge the entries to this years Radio Times
photographic contest. They wheel him down to have a closer look,
as he cannot move any more because he has eaten so much honey.
He also thinks hes a mountain lion and that is 1933.

First up, the glade at Lydiatte Ash
the peaceful bend in a path by a concrete bench. Move.

Next, a broody day over the Lickeys
We got drowned, no escaping this.

The Track, behind Beacon Farm
bluebells just coming to an end

View of the Malverns from top of Lickeys
near to Beacon farm, recently on ITV News.

Bluebell Woods, Beacon Farm
Cadburys land, open a few days a year.
This seen from the public track.

Fields near Bratch Locks, from the
Staffs Railway path

The Horse, near Wombourne

Rain on a sunny day, Lickeys
you can see it slanting down.

Monument Lane Woods

The lovely Bluebell Woods of Cadburys Lydiatte Ash

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