Mad cat Marvin.


The normal face of things, Marvin the cat up a tree
on the lookout for a nice view, and birds.

But Marvin is no ordinary cat. He hatches a cunning plot,
a lot better than leaping around trees.

The birds get a bit brassed off with this, and send their leader, Robin,
to see the great eagle in the sky. Batman was busy.

The great eagle in the sky, in reality a bit effeminate and called Eugene,
summons the intrepid and fearless Luigi Stiffsteiff, of teddy bear cult fame.

Gordon the gorilla owes Luigi big time, so Luigi has
a chat with him. Gordon says he will deal with it, and gets
Henry the Hippo to go and find Marvin.

Marvin and Gordon have a quiet chat. Gordon makes
an offer Marvin cannot refuse.

Gordon leaves Marvin slumped over a branch, then
wanders off in search of psychopathic outlets, and buns.

Marvin however is made of sterner stuff, plus his cousins are
Leo the Lion, and better still Looney the Lion, who is a
bit odd. He has a word.

Looney gets Larry the Leopard to get Luigi in
for a little lecture. Looney looks hungry.

The upshot is a Mexican stand off, Marvin relinquishes the
active bird table role but can utilize this look alike, corky
the cunning cat.

And he agrees to be monitored by CCTV, two stone bear
Stiffsteiffs cameras, two frank the frog
stone frogs, and Eddie the Eagle.

Marvin licks his lips in anticipation.


more to come in our Christmas episode.