Honour and Trust

In a successful large corporation, there are always those in mid
stream who will say anything, and do anything, in order to try and achieve more and ever more power. Then again, traditionally there has always been the Chairman, number one Main Man, who has the guts to take decisions, and is also way above lying or deceit. He lives or dies by his decisions, and resigns if seen to have been duplicitous. For minions there is a little leeway, for the very top man there can only be one way to act if found wanting, to fall on his sword. That is, until now.
How very English, and how very respected, this attitude has always been. Even our enemies of old respected the innate fairness and honour this credo, of trust above all, instilled. It was very British, and very proper, plus very well respected by others and put us in high esteem.
The top men were unimpeachable, and were seen to be, and any deviation from this swiftly led to ignominy and resignation as matter of course. This led to respect of the very top men, and general trickling down from the top emulation of honourable actions and values. What happened at the top filtered down to be the generally accepted code of conduct. And so it should be.

What price then Tony Blair in this scenario, a man who would like to be seen as if reborn a modern Churchill, albeit without the charm, wit, talent or any shred of credibility or sincerity. Would you even buy a used car from him, if this does not taint salesmen by association.

This serial liar with no compunctions, and no semblance of honour, or accountability, whose ministers are never consulted except as scapegoats for his own tattered and tarnished treachery.
Any half way decent man would have resigned thrice over by now, however he is a vain, conceited and totally unprincipled charlatan without a trace of humility or remorse for his many crimes, fabrications, misconstructions and blatant lies. To expect honour from such a low life form is being overly optimistic.

I regard him as actually being culpable of treason, by dragging this country to war based on complete lies and fabrications, purely emanating from him and his pillar of integrity and truth Campbell.
When the liar Campbell was there all lies were co ordinated, now they are just piling up as we go along, made up on the hoof, like Government policies.

Over sixty of our troops are dead in one of the only wars ever in which we have been the aggressive instigator.

The failure to even apologise, let alone resign, sets the tone, no pun intended, for the whole country. The very top man can lie brazenly with impunity all the time, treat the public as if imbecilic, transcend cabinet rule of democracy and presedentially address the country directly via the media conferences. He can be impeached on a regular basis by dint of his completely dishonest deeds, words and actions yet no heads roll, except those who dared to raise their voice in opposition to his distasteful and deceitful ways. Cronies who should be fired or resign, like Scarlett instead actually get PROMOTED, whilst honest honourable men who complain angry at the appalling erosion of honourable standards with blatant deliberate lies get removed from office, you cannot criticise the state and survive. The BBC is being politicized just as is the Civil Service. How far is this from a Marxist state controlling the media. Blair New World.

I openly accuse Tony Blair of treason against this country, and direct complicity in the effective murder of Dr Kelly.
He should be impeached for treason by dint of lying and fabricating such a completely erroneous and deceitful case for war against another sovereign state in our name as is blatantly obvious to everyone in the country. He has killed our soldiers and their civilians in a war based on his own doctored documents and dossiers.

Even as we speak the Scarlett creature is trying to insert more lies into an investigation into the war, and has been found out yet again.

Will he resign, well I will give you three guesses.

Tony Blair is a complete charlatan and utter liar, what is more he does not care what we think, say or do, he thinks that he is immune from censure, above prosecution, and is infinitely more wise than we mere mortals. His honour cannot be tarnished, as he patently has none, his integrity cannot be questioned as he operates outside democracy and to his own set of rules, and laughs at the efforts by men of honour to dethrone him, as he is not burdened with such things as conscience or guilt. He is only weighed down by one thing, a massively inflated egotistical view of his own power, greatness and eventual place in adulatory history, for which he is constantly striving to do something of glorious stature, and irrefutable statesmanship and wisdom, miserably failing every time.

In fact the only time his facade breaks down is when he is derided on this point for his inept and devious occupancy of what once was an honourable office.

I think history will see him as he is, an excuse for a man,
with no morals, and no scruples, and no integrity, and no honour,
absolutely no semblance of pride in our history, and in vain pursuit
of an effusive eulogy that his own lack of persona and
spineless pursuit of personal glorification denies him.

Witness the slippery slimy reptile, who is trying to minimalise our history, and have little mention of it in schools, and trying to dismantle our age old traditions and posts such as Lord Chancellor,
House of Lords and gradual diluting of the Queens power. Who attempted to play down the Golden Jubilee, and gave eventual grudging Monday celebration of the Rugby World Cup triumph.
Who has subjugated the BBC, and the media, plus the Civil service, and is running a media campaign slowly eroding the Royal family by derision and comic familiarity.
Yet when the state funeral of the Queen Mother was imminent, who wanted to be the leading light and was properly and humiliatingly refused any function by our Monachy, who thankfully still exert some power over this posturing pathetic imitator of previous truly great men, honest of word and honest of deed, who must be turning in their graves at the sight of such a self serving liar being in power.
What kind of man seeks to gain covert control over the Queen Mothers ceremonies, except one so low as this.

Are you really going to vote him in again.

Malcolm Pugh, Webmaster, May 2005.



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