Brave bob and dave dean.

Bob the Brave and the Dangerous Dean
Bobs mission to find Devious Dave Dean. The Train Layout.
Bob has been tailing one of the Dangerous Dean Family for
many months and has now tracked him down to the train system
Luigi uses to get around undetected. Could Devious Dave dean be waiting, lurking.
or even worse, humming. It cannot be risked, he has to go in by himself.
Caring little for his own safety, Bob levers himself up
the ladder to the sinister train layout.

He knows no fear even though he is 2000 teddy feet up.
He reaches the top and risks his peek over the brim into the void beyond.

He sees the sign saying he is in Margland, but he is not afraid.
Because he is stupid.

What else does he see there. He looks east and sees

nothing, it is too far away, but closer is
the old village, no sign of Devious
Dave here, west

the high and low level depots, no sign of a lurking clever
arch villain teddy here either, Bob was getting worried he
would never find him so well hidden, south

oil tankers, an idyllic countryside, no smoke, just the
place for an ambush, but no dangerous Dave, north

just the turntable building and the scattered depots
of Margland, home of Teddytrains,
still no Dave, he looks South East,
inspired, and wow, there he is.

Brilliantly hidden, the trademark of Deans,
cleverly tucked away on top of the suspension bridge,
but Bobs radar vision has tracked him down.
They confront each other,

They grapple,

suddenly victory is won.

Bobby allows himself the luxury of a
trip back on the Flying Scot

then its beamed back to earth with mission control

well done Bobby, our hero.