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Family business.


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For home and business alike, no job too big or too small.

Fitting flooring is not so easy as it seems. The Mayfair
Floors team, a family carriage and fitting business run by Father
and Son have close links with the wholesale warehousing area
of Kidderminster, and are predominately Stourbridge, Midlands based.

Where many consider only cleaning by professional, or not so
professional, cleaners nothing comes cleaner than a new floor installation, be
it a Mohawk Empire, Shaw, Berber, or Dalton, even a tile. One thing you can
count on with a new venture by Mayfair floors is the quality of the workmanship
at the right price, old fashioned standards in todays world maybe, but just as

Maybe you can go to a huge manufacturer and browse their store, but for
commercial and home buyer alike there is no substitute for expertise
gained over the long haul and not done on the cheap.

A square deal and honest fitting by good workmen is a trait not often
associated with modern practices, but true of this
family firm. I have known this family years on end and have had all my
flooring needs fitted without any problem at all, ever. Fitting
can transform your rooms onto a different level, and it takes little time
fitting, and is done with quality at the right price. That is mainly Midlands
materials here.

Lounge before and After

I hope this helps in your quest. Mayfair floors team are what the
world used to be about, honest deals from family firms at the right price, with
a minimum of disturbance by professional workers who tidy up after they have
finished work. A good job at the right price.

Not only the usual, everything but ceramics and lattice floors seems within their
scope these days, and home or business, big or small, no job is too tough, no job is too
large, or too small potatoes, to handle. Family fitting of family floors so to speak.

also enjoy the funny ursine adventures

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