cleeve lucky teddie.


Cleeve knows no fear, absolutely nothing fazes him, he laughs at
dangers others tremble about and taunts fate by deliberately

walking under ladders

putting shoes on the table

opening umbrellas in the house

turning horseshoes upside down

singing at his table then falling asleep

throwing his hat on the bed

stepping on cracks in the pavement

running up stairs passing people

His close friend Jimbo, who generally follows and takes
the photographs of these fearless deeds is however
inexplicably and continually less fortunate.

Jimbo knows no luck at all, and is often bemoaning his fate,
why only this week he was

flattened by a heavy falling object

kicked by a pair of doc martens

submerged in a tank of water

kicked by a mule

fell out of bed, on the wrong side

had a table fall on him

had paving slabs fall on him

fell down the stairs at home.

he was also
attacked by identical twin crows

you feel lucky punk

pursued by a black cat

and stalked by vultures.

He does not have Cleeves luck you see.

Jimbo could throw himself at the floor,
and miss.