curious and thompsons

Curious gets a suprise summons from Luigi.

Curious goes and listens to Luigi,
it seems the Terrible Thompson
Twisted Twins are loose on the
land. Luigi suspects the farm
on the sinister train layout.

He tells curious, go to the farm,
be undercover, blend in, and look
for any curious unusual things, Curious.

Especially the Thompsons, he added finally.
Not a bad move, as curious is
a pretty dim creature, but nice.

Off he goes, armed with his parting
present from Luigi.

It is a hand held roller in gold
very unobtrusive, and eminently
suited to his new role as poor
farm labourer.

He watches the old farm worker
at first, learning the trade,
from an expert.

It looks simple enough,
forward one, back two,
break for tea, repeat.

Sometimes the forward one is left out.

Then off he goes, digging, barrowing
edging, rolling. Sometimes in his
hat disguise sometimes just
another grizzly worker
down on the farm.

Blending in, edging his way around

Flattening the odd cow, but hard to spot.
Pretty tiring, and no sign of them. Phew.

He looks around all the time, ever vigilant, and then,
just as he was giving up hope on the morning of the second day,
they appear, on the bridge disguised as if they were asylum seekers,
their pockets bulging with money.

Hiding behind a huge cow, who
has climbed up there for a crafty smoke.

He quickly surreptitiously climbs up,
and confronts them with menace.

They are no match for him,
though obviously better fed.

But he has pity on them
and leaves them waiting for
the 4.32 coal train.

Just to make sure he pops in at the
coal depot, and also makes sure the
4.44 going other way is on time.

All done in a days work for a Stiffsteiff.

He is not clever, but he can lift
very heavy weights

Curiouser and ever more often Curiouser.

What a tough little customer he is.