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If there really is a huge skills shortage, perhaps it is because we do not
educate our own properly, and under fund universities, losing our home
grown students to paying foreign students. Charity begins at home.

Details, further teddy bear archives and
more options, vent teddy real road rage rant,
see models, access bears thoughts,
follow the Stiffsteiff teddy bear missions,
fix or buy jaguars, view
achieved projects, help
support the site,
but mainly,

Small business section.

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Stiffsteiffs crocsnapsis now operative, go there.

Danger The Author is viewable here.

This Stiffsteiff Teddy Bear Family has

click here for Teddy bears philosophy

Cure spam fax. If using a BT connection, the Choose or Refuse option
will block numbers from sending faxes. Simply wait for the dial tone after
an illegal fax prints, then type in a code which blocks more faxes from them,
without ringing the phone. Another first for the Stiffsteiffs. Free for you,
the people who take the time to
come here and browse, please feel free to
download any pictures you like the look of
from the extensive Stiffsteiff teddy bear galleries, and
quote anything I write at your leisure,
for your own enjoyment.

Anyone I mention here as regards being a contact,
is to my mind to be trusted and deals at the right price.
The Rojo photographic operation has to be seen to be
appreciated, totally professional, and very witty and dry.

All thoughts and books are my own opinion and creations
plus are genuine personally held ideas and musings,
neither influenced nor instigated by others.

How to Google Special Times

Jaguars wally

Telecomms savings Jaguar and Daimler Owners

Luigi gets donations and little favours
from time to teddie time.

This keeps Luigi happy. For those of you without
a picture of Luigi, believe me that is a good move.
Those arent the clone tool at work on his glasses,
they were his fathers glasses, may he rest in peace. If you see Luigi on these pages again
it is a warning of possible problems with your health
if you proceed any further.
Your mental health that is.

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Teddy bears are not all cuddly, some have teeth, and growl.
They just have a gift for public relations,
and look cool in shades.