Dickie bathes at Burnham

Dickies mission is to scout Burnham Beach, he is the
James Bond of the Family, and is super cool and dangerous.

Dickie gets to Burnham by a farm, but hes tired
and the Deans are not far behind, what to do.
He climbs up nimbly onto a farm wall for a better view,
shedding his dinner suit, three women, a machine gun,
two Rolex, and strange the blue hamster called Kevin.

He can see what he needs straight away, transportation.
He hurries across the yard, hiding and observing, obeying his
unerring secret agent instincts, and sipping dry Martini,
shaken not stirred.

Then he creeps around to the back,

blending in well with the background that is there.
Using all available cover, he stealthily
climbs on his transport.

Its a dog, but hes a bit of an old codger
and does not even slightly notice. He considers Qs old
dog rejuvenator injection, but
suddenly another means crops up,
and he tries it out straight away.

But its too powerful for him, and the other
one looks hungry, quick retreat
back to the dog is in order.

And its off down the lanes towards the beach,
staying stock still and pretending to be a large flea.

No sooner the beach nears and hes off,

that is the life, he makes some careful sketches
for Luigi of the area in case of a Welsh invasion.

They knew he was a little teddie all the time, but they
thought he was just a stupid teddy, and
not this super agent, licensed to kill, and
cool one at that, where can he be now.

Hes doing very well thank you very much,
guarding the beach against Neil Kinnock
and his hordes of savages.

But he spots a suspicious looking pill box,
manned by a ferret of ill repute,
and after silently dispatching him
decides to wander back.

Phew, what a tough day for a little James Bond teddie that was,
just have to wait for the Mechanical 007 Vulture and
its off home again. Good night viewers,
says Dickie sleepily.