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01527 837076 Mike
Email magbility1@btconnect.com


Our Mike is the man to ask in this field. Unlike many of the internet
sources springing up for self assembly of complicated and
sophisticated machinery, that is a person to actual person business
with four physical outlets you can visit at your leisure,
and where experts assess your tailor made needs and
manufacture plus assemble to suit those specific unique
requirements. You get what you want provided by the
people who have been providing it for years before
the internet existed, at the right price.

I have no hesitation whatsoever of recommending Mike to
anyone, as per all my other friends on the website, all the
more so as it is all too frequent these days to take way too much
advantage of the old, plus the infirm and the injured.

At such times you need experts who understand your
predicament and are considerate and helpful, plus
well versed in their profession.

These are such people.

Malcolm Pugh March 26th 2005.

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