elliot, high risk taker.


Elliot is a compensation culture teddie,
no risk is too great as you can always sue
if you get injured, so he likes to travel perched
suicidally on the polished bonnet at all times.

Here we see him doing high risk speed training, with real trains.

He pauses for breath now and then
perched eighty ursine feet up, with only
an eighty year old sign to hold him
in high winds.

Then its a quick leap up to the mildewed sign
on the slippery post, without gloves or shoes.

Before resting on the subsiding sluice gate.

Not designed for heavy suicidal bonnet teddies,
but it sticks.

So then its a quick search for belladonna or poison ivy.

Before taunting the swans with Blair impressions.

One of whom isnt amused, but then
does not believe him.

Having survived he perches on the rickety plough
above the first world war minefield in Kinver.

Before getting on the bonnet for the ride home,
still in one piece, still breathing, and still poor.