Enville Bear, ace reporter.


The picture that started it all. Is this actually Spiny Norman,
wanted for complicity in blowing up Luton in the 1980s.

Ace investigator Enville Bear spots this shot from a used
reel on another case, by Pete the Photos Purnell.

Enville dons his thinking cap and leaps into action.

He needs an undercover agent and sends for Mervyn the Mouse,
who knows everything there is to know locally.

Mervin tracks down a recent photo of Spiny Norman,
apparently leaning on the Millennium Dome.

He was supplied it by Bagpuss, at her substantial usual price, the
knower of all knowledge and picture library
supremo for the underworld.

She points him in the direction of Ivor the Informer,
a habitual hedgehog store of knowledge.

He sends Mervyn to see Hiram the Hippo, who knows
absolutely nothing but is a cousin of

Henry the Hard Hippo, who sees Mervyn backed by the Crabs,
down on the waterline, on a Get Carter sea shore near Newbiggin sands,
and tells him Spiny Norman is hanging out at Crewe Junction

On arrival at Crewe Station he is met and waylaid by Henrietta Hedgehog,
trying to distract his attention, but he has none of that.

He has to find Corky the Cunning Cat,

And there he is, hanging pretending to be a Bird table

He says Spiny is in the sidings.

Though he is brilliantly camouflaged, Mervyn spots him
on top of a pedestrian bridge.

The chase is on, he evades capture and jumps onto a water tower

Then onto a passing coal train

He leaps off this into a quarry

Then runs over into a farmyard

until finally, faced with Enville plus Mervyn, he is
cornered just by his country cottage.

He is currently under arrest for his part in yesteryears Piranhas thermonuclear destruction of Luton.

He is grinning, and they cannot understand why.

But it is because his cousins are lurking nearby waiting to spring him.

Will Spiny Norman escape.

If so, how will they track him down.

See the next action packed episode soon,

when Forensic Frankie is put on the case.

September 1ST 2006.

PS. News just in. Dutch picture shows likelihood of a Spiny
Norman half brother, Spiny Raymond, at large in Holland.
Apparently he is so large people actually miss seeing him,
so be especially vigilant for a fifty foot tall hedgehog
the next time you are in Holland, and keep your
distance if you do spot him.