luigis new suit

Luigi is getting a new suit for the big meet
with Frankie Flash Harry Vercotti and
Mack The Mad McTavish.

Eric The Wooden, of Simple Service Bears Inc
overhears Luigi saying
Its a new Derrysuit by Embroi
The famous, if eccentric, Italian tie and suit
designers for main men.

At this point Eric The Wooden hasb a complete brainwave.
And thinks he will make money by telling
Frankie Flash Harry Vercotti up front what
Luigi will be wearing so he can upstage him.

He recruits Bad Boy of Seriously Bad Cats
to act as go between.

He gets Sweet and Innocent, the Seriously Bad Cats
professional good guy to make the call to Frankie.
Unfortunately Eric tells him its an Embroi Derrysuit,
and Frankie susses, wrongly, its from the Swiss connection.

So come the big cheese meet there are some very surprised and some very amused bears. Especially Mad Mack
McTavish, the Scots hard man with the hitman
golf clubs. Frankie has him seriously worried,
and he faces him at all times.

Its at this point that Frankie feels a little
overdressed and distinctly Swiss cheese.

Afterwards the Seriously Bad Cats get
a quiet visit from Frankie.

And he sends Dennis the Diabolical
out after Eric the Wooden.

As usual, Luigi ends up the King of Cool.