fatbelly tags along

Fatbelly sees that the
Superman is going out.

He decides to tag along, but how to do it.
Inspired he gets into the camera bag,
disguised as lens, just
in the nick of time.

For the Superman appears straight away,
but all he can see are feet, zoomed in.

First port of call is at the train Superman
house and he risks a quick
stretch of his legs,
aka tripods.

Then its back into the car and off to
the car parts Superman.

Fatbelly hears THE Superman on the phone,
he is going to STEIFFLAND.

But first he pops into the jaguar
place for Luigi.

He throws himself at the floor and misses,
landing on the bonnet.

Just time for a pose for admirers,
then annoyingly its off to the trains
shop, no STEIFFLAND.

He hides on the train layout, cunningly
merging in like a chameleon, unseen
and unsuspected, like a giant furry
oil terminal.

Then its yes, STEIFFLAND he
looks in awe for hours.

These teddies look so real.

Would not argue with him.

He plots to get them all out, using guile,
and dynamite.

But then its back to the car;
on the way passing Happy
the friendly local Boxer dog.

Quite a day out, and hes glad to get
back in the end, tired Fatbelly.