Good etiquette bear


the three hole luigi stiffsteiff challenge bowl
well good money golf match.

the referee wooden eric is not too bright unfortunately

gentleman jim arrived late, he had to swop over
to spare bag and clubs.

The opposition. a mean bunch.

left to right, trebor toad, plays off 16 handicap 28
moriaty monkey, just gone up 2 shots to 28
verified by home club run by doug and dinsdale ferrit.

troll bear, allowed buggy butler and 28 shots
between them this year they have won 9 non qualifiers,
62 doubles titles, and 1262 pounds in prize money.

first tee.

usual sounds of jingling change, rattling tees and
chattering on tee
redolent of serious match play

first fairway. jim has hit a peach of a shot
he strikes his fairway wood, amid loud discussion of
last nights soap episode
a classic shot though from jim

first green. jim to putt. moriaty is peering down the
line at him plus a gorilla
has walked over his line and stands menacingly in the vicinity.
class putt from jim. one up.
against all the odds

second tee.
an unknown man behind jim is sneezing loudly
jim pays little heed, great shot jim
crowd goes wild

the race to the green begins, all the other three
play their own balls
and run to the green, before jim can play. he has
players in all
directions in his vision.
there is a man with an accordian behind him.
WHAT A BEAR HE IS. despite all this he hits a
superb faded shot to the pin
crowd are chanting gentleman jim
other three are furious
trebor toad luckily chips in, hole halved. dormie one

third tee. other three are doing limbering up
exercises, and karate
poses, jim is not fazed, another classic swing and he is off
crowd ecstatic

third fairway, jim to play, the man with an accordian
starts to play heavy metal vibes
a superb strike to the heart of the green again
wow what a bear

third green, the gorilla is now behind him
ghetto blaster blaring out on edge of green.
but does this matter, he holes it. match over
gentleman jim triumphs over adversity

luckily jim only had his poor old glasses and no hearing aid,
all were in his other bag he forgot
luigi is over the moon

dont try any of this on the course, only superbears
can do this