gimpo goes vacation

Gimpo has had an accident on his latest mission,
so Luigi sends him for a break.

We wont talk about the accident.

He packs his bags and waits
for the taxi, carrying only seven months clothes,
and various disguises.

Then its off to the Peak District, in absolute secrecy.
he checks out the place with a practised eye,
and some glasses from Specsavers,
two pairs in fact, which is tricky.

He does not need to be a super teddie to know, instinctively,
almost telepathically, that there are some very odd teddies here.
Well strange.

But what is this. Its not your average teddie at all.

He pretends that he has not clocked it,
but surely it is an alien cat.

He chats to the other teddies,
but they are not Stiffsteiffs are they, supersentient beings. No, they are thick.

They do not realise its not a teddie
but a threat to mankind.

What to do.

He sits and ponders, at least so at first.

Then suddenly he dives into the secret agent bag
and comes out disguised as hen, what a cunning move.
He creeps up to the steps, clucking.

He gets to the assault vehicle and
sets up an aerial in the barn.

So set up, he tries to radio for help,
but there is no signal.

He casts around, on the back
of the lorry.

Perhaps the hen coop.

But no, of course,

nothing for it but to climb the
tall tottering tower and fix up an
awesome aerial above.


He calls through with his call sign,
and loud cluck, and starts up the tractor,
and waits for the reinforcements to come.

All kinds of thoughts ploughing
through his mind.

But the Alien Robocat has other ideas
and dejectedly flies off in his ufo,
behind the maxibucket.

Singing a strange melody as he goes.

Never mind, a Stiffsteiff saves
humanity yet again, even off duty.


what a courageous plus resourceful
teddie he is, Gimpo