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Phone 0121 444 2063

for Professional Martin Griffin.

Whether new to the area or looking for a move
it is now possible to join at Moseley
without a joining fee and paying by monthly direct debit.

This was astonishing to me and we snapped it up.
There are still some places left, but obviously
they are filling up pretty quickly.

There is colossal history and tradition here, plus
a stern test of your game. Always renowned nationally a tough course
for those ladies and gentlemen who enjoy a challenge.


Opportunities like these to join a top club are few and far between
and when the list is closed it is closed unfortunately
Both I and my partner are very lucky to have got in here
and we are both very happy, having joined in June 2010

Malcolm Pugh Nov 11th 2010.

Webmaster note: My own downloadable apps are
easily located by simply typing
"Malcolm Pugh Apps" or "Stiffsteiffs Blackberry Apps"
into google search. I am an ordinary player just like
yourself and am sharing fifty odd years
experience to help others to dramatically improve,
and radically lower their handicap.

These apps, and my personal motivational messages, have recently
been used by a leading USA college team, with markedly
improved team results, and greatly enhanced individual stats.
Malcolm Pugh December 2013.

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