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The following I managed to get live on match.com
and in the twenty hours it was on there got 121 hits
and 5 winks from women.

Considering the huge amounts match.com spend on
advertising, and no publicity being bad publicity,
it might have been counter productive their pulling it.

Incidentally, that was 5 more winks than I got during 18
days using my real profile before editing it to this.

I thought you all might like a laugh in an escalatingly
regimented and intrusive world.

So here is Stalinbean.
Im a powerful man with a steady job in the city, and am soon to retire on a very good pension. i have quite a lot of pensions, mostly mine, and some gold, though i had to part with a bit. These are after all austere times for all of us. i like a good party as does anyone, but they cost so much these days; in fact a really extravagent party can nearly bankrupt one these days, though i always honour my debts. An ideal date would be a good listener and have puritan rather than conservative tastes, and be comfortably off in her own right. i originally eschewed the trappings of wealth, adhering to my socialist upbringing, but it seems almost surly to deny myself some material benefits for my massive talents. Sorry, just its so hard to be humble.
I am sometimes under duress at work, and my date would have to be sympathetic. i am also just a little prone lately to losing things, senior moments i hope can be forgiven.
i have been viewed by some a control freak, but think it is just that they cant take the fact that i am always invariably right, false modesty aside. Any aspiring mate would view this as a strength, i am sure, given that many difficult decisions could be solved without their having to worry.

i love that cult teddy bears site called stiffsteiffs, and i am sure any woman in my life would also love the teddies, even though they poke fun at me now and then. i am not without humour. really.
Malcolm Pugh January 16th 2008.


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