My guardian


Look down from on high,
And see me down below,
You are aware of everything
But I am all I know,
When I wander out in countryside,
Or when water runs quite near
I feel you are there somewhere
I feel there is more than me here
I suspect and sense Im not alone
But in the presence of quiet power
Sometimes I see this at sunset,
Others caught up in a quick shower.
Any time Im alone with nature,
And my senses are subdued
If relaxing my attention
And Im not prone to brood
Then suddenly I know theres more
Than I can directly perceive,
In the whistling of the breeze,
In the rustling of the leaves,
And wonder if my old friends,
Are still living after all,
Just somewhere else entirely,
Out of reach and out of call,
I know at times though beyond reason
There is more than meets the eye,
Another meaning to the seasons,
Another twinkling in my eye,
As if just out of vision,
At that place of perfect prayer
You maybe, guard over me,
Whenever my friends are not there,
And finally when I have to leave here
I will perhaps not be so alone,
For I will have my favourite guardian
To safely steer me home.


I look down and see you frown,
Alone cold, lost and bereaved,
I sense the hopeless and the helpless,
And doubters of all they believed,
You cant conceive that I would leave,
And not be there for always,
Yet I am not there any more,
And never will be all your days,
Its hard to allow Im not there now,
Just like I have always been,
But I cant get in touch conventionally,
Out of hearing and unseen,
Lost for touch and as such,
Effectively gone and passed away,
But I can speak to you sometimes,
Just in a different way,
It may be happiness in a sunset,
It may be tinkling at water flowing,
It may be coincidences always coming,
Or flashbacks in time always going,
It may be saving you from danger,
As if by a whim or circumstance,
For I watch out for you now,
And your luck isnt down to chance,
So Im not so very far away,
As you would think or believe,
Im just invisible to the eye,
Or any sense you can conceive,
But though you cant perceive me,
And think me gone dont cry,
For one day youll be with me,
And one day you will know why.


I cant believe that ill never see,
The person that was always there for me,
The one who always had such a smile,
On days when others ran a mile,
Who listened to my boring tales,
And supported me when I felt frail,
Who always put me first before,
They would think of having more,
Who if they had only one would laugh,
And faultlessly would give me half,
Yet now they arent around any more,
Who I could touch and see before,
I cant phone and hear their voice,
I dont even have any choice,
Theyre gone and I cant take it in,
Ill never see them laugh or grin,
So I hope they know I really cared,
All the time that they were really there,
I wish now Id said more, and not mimed,
But I thought wed have much more time,
So if you can hear me now at last,
I cant change things done and past,
But I can tell you that now I know,
All the debts I really owe,
And all the words I should have said,
Are still all here inside my head,
All you will ever need to do,
Is look inside me to see theyre true.

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