Luigis christmas comeback.


When we left the free bird seed episode, Marvin was gaining the upper paw.
Luigi seemed to have lost it.

But Luigi has not been top Teddy Stiffsteiff for all
these years for no reason.
He hatches a typical Luigi cunning plan.

Luigi goes to uncle JR Mad Marconi,
the insane inventor and DNA splicer.

Who in turn gets in touch with his own
clone in Scotland, JR McMad.
They confer.

Marvin sits in his tree, still under CCTV
surveillance, and ponders anew.

Meanwhile the two JRs researching and
cloning bears fruit. Its a Eureka day.

Marvin can resist no longer, he descends
the tree towards the bird table, and he looks hungry.

But what is this, two large hulking
TEDDYBIRDS are barring his way forward,
and they look mean as hell.
Created by the Mad JRs cross cloning enlargements.

With them is a tiny Bat Teddygirl with a message for
Marvin from Luigi.

Marvin knows when he is beaten,
and rings up Luigi to admit defeat.

How could we ever have doubted him.
Luigi is back on top, the main man.

Happy Christmas to all our teddy bear friends out there.

And Happy Christmas from Marvin
up to mischief again.