Kevin Hicks


Unknown to many of his fans, Kevin has with much regret had to
turn down a new contract at Warwick, as due to their
swinging cutbacks he was asked to take a twenty five per
cent cut in wages.
Though intensely loyal to his public, this proved an impossible hurdle.

However Kevin can be seen at many prestigious sites,
in his alter egos. Notable of these are his Blenheim Palace
Redcoat, and Robin at Sherwood Forest.
Robin is also into arrows.


Podcast of the Blenheim Palace Redcoat is at
the bottom of the page.

I am not often stuck for words, this individual scans truly amazing.
You will rarely ever see anyone ever with a stronger personality,
sharper wit, or charisma even close to this mans.

We journeyed to Warwick Castle today, July 27th, and he was
well head and shoulders worth the, very expensive, entry money.
I would urge anyone to go purely to see this guy, who also
happens to know his subject back to front plus seems an
extremely proficient bowman to boot. I would not annoy him.

I had polio in my right arm when young, and doubt I
can pull a bow much at all, one of the few things I may admit
defeat to in the long run, and Im very stubborn.
I would also class myself as not being a shrinking violet,
but I know a class one act when I see one, I could not do this
to anywhere near this level of perfection, day in and day out.

If this helps him at all I am glad, as he sure as hell works
hard at his job, and must make peoples day all year long.

A pleasure to watch and listen to a genuine talent.

Sometimes Kevin walks to work if its a fine day.

Click on picture above for podcast of his latest creation,
the Blenheim Palace Redcoat.

Malcolm Pugh 2003

A fan club has been started up, and all emails should be sent via the above email address. I should well imagine a great deal of people were astounded when they first saw Kevin stripped for action.

Kevin Hicks is truly awesome. I may be a friend, but that is not just a great stage act, or even a pleasing spectacle on a sunny day. That is for real. There is a genuine feel of menace thinly disguised,
a transportation back to times gone by, much as an epic film that works takes us out of our armchair and into that different world in a different time. I made the Agincourt DVD, and at the time I was stunned whilst I filmed all of it. At least once a month now I play this, and kid myself it is to check the master DVDs still work OK. Really it is because it is truly a hypnotic, chilling, awe inspiring, spine tingling event, tinged with ironic and acerbic wit and the modicum of menacing charm.
It is a ferocious complete assault on our senses, and essential viewing, furyfied.

See also, The History Squad, Type this into Google
to see more of this multitalented mans repertoire.

near enough, but so far Luigi he is patient .