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I have been warning about these imbeciles since 1999 on this website.

Have you noticed that we are dubbed CITIZENS now.
Since when were members of a free democracy deemed
to be CITIZENS. I find that it is offensive that they presume
we all have fond remembrances of Robespierre and Marat,
dreaming of one day emulating Lenin.

They have put this word in so many insidious
documents that it has become an accepted form
of speech, even articles disclaiming them
invariably now refer to CITIZENS of BRITAIN
instead of the people of Great Britain.


Two quotes from this week 18th October 2006.

Gordon Brown has presided over the total disintegration of the
British Pensions industry, his new regulations and tax raid having
been directly responsible for taking 100 billion pounds
out of your pockets so far.
News just in is that he has got us top of the table for the
most highly taxed households in the world. Great work
there again Gordon, the struggling public shouldering your
ever increasing burdens salutes your genius.
He is in fact so very clever he now has those super
wealthy, such as nurses, teachers and police
paying inheritance taxes.

Votes scandal puts Britain in the dock.
Britain is to be investigated over postal vote fraud.
As the countrys system is compared to that in recently
toppled dictatorships.
Scotland yard has had to step in due to their
completely corrupt manipulation of the postal vote.

I wish to be concise and try to put this in clear, sensible, easy to understand English.
As I feel the remainder of this is important enough to devote a whole page to its writing.

Main Body Of Article Starts Here.

Topic of debate at present is the wearing of the veil by Muslims.
How opportune that such a contentious issue has been raised by high
echelons of New Socialist liars, which whilst it rages conveniently
deflects attention from their shambolic and inept attempts to
run our country.

This is a free country, if people want to wear veils that is their right,
as I now see it. We fought wars for freedom of speech and actions
for everyone who lives here in our land.

Is this not just another example of this non government trying
to tell ALL of us what to do, what to wear, how to eat, etc
whilst they are ruining anything of note at the same time.

Surely if you want racial harmony you dont raise subjects like these
by ministers of the realm and the lying Prime Minister, yet I suppose
that if you want headlines which hide your current failings that would do
quite nicely thank you.

It would appear every time the subject seems to be about to leave the front
pages, exposing them to things like, Iraq, Afghanistan, the NHS, education
failings, the grim state of our Gordons borrowing which is set to exceed 45
billions this year after the highest september borrowing on record, then
yet another minister of the realm or the Prime Minister stirs the pot
again with yet more ill judged comments on the subject.

This is surely not what a sensible government should be doing, and
their words are stoking up great tensions of their own design
and making, to my mind just to keep other news off the front pages,
causing genuine risk of riots in areas where people generally get along
without these inflammatory comments appearing in the press
thanks to our manipulative and insensitive government.

Should I myself want to swathe myself in bandages from head to foot, that is
surely my right in a free democracy, but we are not in a free
democracy at present.

Far better to let us all get along together without pronouncements
on how we should get along, how we should dress, and how we
should all interact.

This seems a quite deliberate and coordinated attempt, from the very
highest level, to deflect attention from their own abysmal failures,
by putting forward a scapegoat to be fired at, and in the process
dividing rather than uniting our country and all the many
different races, religions and opinions who are trying
their best to get along together.

These inflammatory comments help no one in this country,
and only serve to cause insult and resentment where none
existed on this scale before these things were said.

Those uttering these comments, such as Straw, Brown,
and Blair, should be ashamed of the trouble and
division they have caused at such time when it would
be preferable if we all tried to get along better and
understand each other a little more.

Instead they have fomented a cauldron that to
my mind they are quite happy to keep simmering
in order to keep it high on the agenda whilst
their gross negligence and corrupt dealings,
and Gordon Browns flagrant waste of
our money in epic scale goes unnoticed
amid the media furore now raging.

All of us are suffering pronouncements and
being told exactly what to do almost daily,
not just people who exercise their
democratic right to wear whatever they
please in a free society.

Maybe next it will be no flat caps worn in public,
or no Ermine allowed in the House of Lords,
perhaps Roast beef will soon be banned on Sundays,
or those drinking pints will have to do it outside
as it offends wine drinkers.

They seek to create discord and division in order
to appear invisible by comparison. Lets face it,
should we be as completely inept as they are we would also be
handing the matches to someone else once we had lit the haystack.

Start a lurid glare against the sky, and then sit in the background
whilst someone else takes the flak.

Remember, most of this bunch were card waving communists originally,
before the spreading of the great dream where all were born again
good people just here to help us.
The Church did not do so well under Stalin, so it should be no
suprise also that pronouncements on not wearing religious
apparal in public, also including the Christian cross, are
starting to crawl out of our woodwork, these people
are working towards a big brother, dna database,
soviet states of Britain, in the process airbrushing out
the Great and any religions that get in the way.

Perhaps this should all be set in contrast to the MODs decision to
effectively impose media censorship upon the Iraq and Afghanistan
wars by refusing the ITV access to war theatres in an unprecedented
refusal to allow their presence anywhere near the front line.

It would seem the media is fine for dropping out odd pronouncements
that stir up the population when it suits them, but factual coverage
of the appalling way they treat our military, who are only there
thanks to Blairs lies in the first place, is deemed inappropriate.

As with everything else, it smacks more of the supreme soviet,
big brother, nanny state and Pravda than a free British Isles
running an elected democracy. When Blair is arrested
next week in the cash for honours scandal then perhaps
some people will finally see their Emporer really
has no clothes.

Direct Emails mr-bong@stiffsteiffs.uk


In a nutshell, we have all been conned, and systematically lied to, over
a nine year period, by imbeciles unfit to govern, who have no
grasp of how to finance our country and balance the books,
but no scruples in saying everything, always, without fail,
is fine.

They have also, insidiously, implanted their own lackeys into
organisations that have always been intended to be completely neutral,
and essential to the stability of the country. Hence the infiltration
of the Civil Service, BBC, House of Lords, and swathes of the
media, and the filling of top posts at MI5, MI6, the BBC and all
regulatory bosses such as the recent Ofcom to a crony, who
coincidentally regulate the BBC. Practically all unelected posts of
high power in the land are occupied by Yo Blair clones.
Couple with this the steady dismantling of many centuries of tradition, laws,
the abolition of the post of Lord High Chancellor after 800 years,
the attempts to steamroller judges and the house of Lords and
undermine the Monarchy by innuendo and trying to impose
a socialist neo communist big brother nanny state, and
the creeping, vice like, social taxes, fines and lunatic PC
associated with this control freak mentality, and we have
the situation now where our own dustbins shop us to
our local councils to pay fines on rubbish that is collected
half as frequently now, and already paid for in council tax.

Some of you out there voted these morons in three times.

The first was understandable, the second ill judged,
and I leave the third to your own consciences.

I am just putting it all down dead straight here so
you cant say you werent warned before your fourth
attempt to get it right.

Please bear in mind, these are financed almost solely
by the Unions, and have to do their bidding, at the very
least they cannot legislate against them or else there will
be strikes. For example, what happened when they
suggested the Public Servants should retire at 65 minimum
like everyone else. Why the unions threatened strike action and
lo and behold it got dropped to 60 maximum, often 50 to 55.

Also they are hopeless with money and tax everyone to
death, in the process making our economy uncompetitive.
Anyone who thinks Gordon Brown a genius with money
has been listening to their lies for too long.

If Gordon Brown were in charge of Mafia money he
would have been sleeping with the fishes long since,
and probably still have a smug, know all, grin.

Think on what happens to anyone who opposes
their views, such as Robin Cooke, Dr Kelly, Clare Short,
Dr Arpad Pusztai. Stained, slurred, discredited, shunned and killed.

Ms. Mowlam did a grand job in Northern Ireland
and was I believe respected on all sides, yet when
she opposed our brave President she was cruelly
said to be losing it, at the time when she was known
to be bravely battling a brain tumour. With a boss
like that who needs enemies.

Lastly in this preamble, consider who is in charge when
Yo Blair is abroad trying to raise his profile for his lucrative
forthcoming lecture tours, or President of Europe pitch.

Why John Prescott is there to save us all with the big decisions
in His absence, we can all rest safe in our beds in that knowledge.

Its a bit like putting a Troll in charge of the Ministry for Etiquette.

Now some facts to back up all this rhetoric.


Their approach is this.

1. A problem of magnitude occurs in Education, Transport, Health,
Law and Order, Foreign Affairs, Corruption, Home Office, various
wars they have started up, Council Tax, base Income Tax, Pensions, Immigration,
et al.

2. There is media coverage and justified public outcry.

3. A proclamation is made that this is indeed dreadful, but
it is now being reviewed, and our Enquiry is swinging into
action as we speak.

4. The enquiry reports back a year or so later.

5. In view of findings things are said to be put in motion.

6. Nothing happens, and nothing is done, but statistics are juggled
to make it all seem better.

7. If ever questioned on the outcome, outright lies are told,
and the public tend to believe them, as no Government
before has lied on this scale, about everything they dont do,
so often, or so glibly, or so utterly contemptuous of its
public, and their rights.

In order to understand what comes below, and the list just stated, in a
better light it is perhaps salient to mention this shower in powers motivations.

They were seen as the people who could not balance the books, in hock to
the unions and therefore told exactly what to do by them, bent on creating a neo communist
socialist republic, and of pumping huge amounts of the nations wealth into
public services that just swallowed it up.

So to circumvent these huge problems they devised a new way, market ourselves
as this super new hope, try to get alternate funding to the unions, create multitudes
of new taxes to bring in so much money even they could get by on it, and
if anything else awkward raised its head simply lie through their teeth
through the mouth of a persuasive, devious, professional actor.

So over nine years what has happened in the spheres above, to be more specific.


We endure the worst roads we have ever suffered, with higher and ever higher
car tax, and the police emphasis against the motorist bordering on the
level of persecution, coupled with the proliferation of speed cameras based solely
on revenue. Petrol prices have been such that a nationwide blockade was
put in force by the people. Train travel is abysmal and chaotic, yet train fares
rise inexorably. Train safety is at an all time low.

Recent disclosures prove what many have thought for ages, that
speed cameras, far from being non profit making, actually generate
billions for, you guessed it, Gordon Brown.


Out of the colossal taxes, massive council tax, and national insurance raised,
the highest taxation levels ever levied in the history of this country incidentally,
an absolutely huge amount was thrown at the NHS. Almost all of this was swallowed
up by immediate wage demands backed by unions it dare not oppose,
and massive employment of management non staff, employed solely
to balance out the frightening job losses in the private sector, to make
unemployment figures actually seem rosy. Or to put it another way,
replace productive private sector workers losing their jobs due to the
real state of the economy, with non productive head counts of
river watchers and bed counters. Many NHS trusts are actually now
bankrupt, and about to disclose the fact.

Seventy per cent of all nurses we train go abroad for work,
as hospitals cannot afford to employ them and beurocrats.
This saves many nurses dying of MRSA.


I fear nobody can fail to be aware of the appalling state of our schools.
Again, like the NHS, huge sums injected are swallowed by beurocracy, higher wages
in deference to teachers unions who dare not be opposed, and more paper shufflers,
register monitors, blackboard scrubbers and lino observers.
What is insidious now is the intentions just published to create nurseries, then
dawn to dusk schools, both state run. This in tandem with taking children off
their biological parents should they be deemed unfit by these grey people.
Then Yo Blair will have all our children from the cradle to age 16 minimum, to
indoctrinate whilst failing to teach them to read and write plus allowing
rampant abuse of coursework and widespread cheating to give absolutely
spurious qualifications that are so like confetti that they are
now totally meaningless.
This in tandem with no teaching of our proud history and traditions
in favour of the amorphous shapeless state mass they would prefer
we become.

How better to run a totalitarian state
than to produce indoctrinated masses with little or no education,
and no inkling of their own history and Monarchy.

Who would think for themselves then, let alone be coherent
or qualified enough to be able to put it into words or phrases.

What worse condemnation than to fail in educating your own
children, leaving many actually illiterate.

Today it has been stated many middle class children
simply cannot afford to go on to University because
of the huge tax burden on the middle classes,
now lumbered with inheritance tax of all things,
which makes tuition fees pretty well unfeasible.

What an indictment of those in power,
that they cannot educate their own people.


According to our great Blair, in his truly incredible a lie every three words leaving speech,
crime is the lowest it has ever been in this country since the second world war.
Presumably this is underground, or at treetop level, not where we live on a real
world on a real planet. There are mountains to be said on this, but I think
his statement above says it all.

Basically, if its really absolutely indefensible,
simply lie through your teeth.


In pursuing personal glorification and kow towing and meekly fawning to
George Bush, Yo Blair has not only exposed our superb armed forces to unjust and
bloody wars, but has created the ideal breeding ground for resentment and
recruitment of terrorists due to wholesale dissatisfaction of Britains position
shoring up Bushes megalomaniac ideas and delusions. On top of this he over commits
our forces to the extent that they are overstretched, poorly supplied and woefully paid,
having first scrapped countless warships and disbanding four battalions
of huge tradition. Our armed forces are paying the price of Yo Blairs vanity,
and it is their blood on his hands every day now that passes, while our mainland is
subject to attacks we would not have been likely to have been targeted for had we
been the responsible just but strong power we always formerly were
in recent times.

This week, for the first time in centuries, acting heads of the
armed forces have spoken out against the ludicrous state
of affairs in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus the committing
of our forces forever worse stretched, yet ever more
ill equipped and ill supplied.


Yo Blair realised up front early his only chance to break free from
union domination was to gain massive alternate funding, plus High level
credence, so he simply sold honours for money to also have his cronies in
the house of lords. This is unraveling as we speak, I expect Blair to be
arrested over this soon if any justice remains.
Throw in Hindujas, Ecclestone, Mandelson twice, Blunkett, Prescott,
Jowell, Foster etc, and it would probably be easier to list those unimpeachable and
honest in his coterie of cronies and unelected chums.


I feel this needs no introduction from me. Now run by Reid, purported
possible next boss man, who stated when in Afghanistan that
our troops could well return triumphant without even firing a shot in anger.
Well theres a lucid shrewd mind to always turn to if we need a new president.
In fact the fighting over there is said to be the most ferocious since the Korean War.
I rest my case, this department defies description.
Blunkett even still enjoyed grace and favours here once resigned for months
at the publics expense, that was just after his admirable restraint
whilst shrieking kill them all to his trusty machine gunner at the recent jail seige.

We have the current laughable spectacle of an insane bomb making expert
having escaped custody from a mental institution whilst under a
control order.

This after an insane institution issued a control order to
hold a bomb making expert, and were reassured all was safe
by a madman in a straitjacket who thinks we will get out
of Afghanistan without firing a single shot.


These are purely mechanisms to hike up tax to all time highs
to vainly try to pay for the moron Gordon Browns abject failure
with his maths, perhaps he has taken a refresher course
in what passes for numerical schooling in the present era.
This is a man who

1. inherited a 20 billion surplus of money when he took over
2. wrecked the pensions system abolishing relief to pull in more
3. Hiked council tax and national insurance and petrol charges
through the roof to raise billions more
4. Implemented 66 other stealth taxes to raise yet more
5. deliberately loosened fiscal restraints on borrowing
to float the country on credit and loans, subjecting his populace
to inevitable bankruptcies and repossessions, even having
the cheek to cut bankruptcy to one year to get them quickly
back on the borrowing conveyor belt at higher rates of course.

End result.

A 30 billion current deficit.

That seems pretty careless really, like your parents go away leaving
you the mansion, tenants, and 200 grand and return to find the
tenants up in arms, and burdened with their biggest credit debts ever,
the mansion mortgaged, 300 grand in debt, family portraits sold and
absolutely nothing to show for it but some fat cat union officials
being given a lavish garden spread with champagne on the lawn, and
eighty new employees counting the carp in the lake.

This imbecile is now being mooted as unopposed new Prime Minister cum
President of our Country cum state, notably without any mention of going
to the country for an election to let us have a say in who is going to rule
in the absence of their discredited corrupt liar Yo Blair.


Shall we merely recite a recent line.

The anticipated yearly influx from Poland is never likely to
rise above 10,000 per year.

Last year it was approaching 500,000.

By their maths thats quite close, in fact Gordon Brown thinks its only
one or two out.

Nobody has a clue how many there are, or where they are, at such time
we are, according to these fools, under maximum threat of terrorist
attack, which incidentally helps them try to push through illegal
and draconian new laws, which are then used against the general
public, like the 80 year old heckler evicted from their own
conference citing new anti terrorism law.


Do you feel comfortable with this current state of affairs, admittedly as I now see it.

Soon we will have our children taken off us if we are deemed to be unfit by
government. All children will anyway have to attend state nurseries and then state
schools from dawn to dusk, where they will be systematically indoctrinated
and given their shambolic education to ensure they turn out subservient, semi
literate and unable to oppose the ruling regime in word, deed or independent
thoughts or actions.

They will know nothing of our true history or traditions.

Drones to lead by the nose, sheep to the sheepdog.
If they fall ill, at the very worst they may have to enter hospital, in which case
it is unlikely you will ever see them again, especially if they are literate.

This may be due to a bad road accident where they were trying to keep down to a
ten mile an hour limit, or a stabbing or shooting, if they were so bold as to
open their front door after dusk, or before dawn.

If they do survive they may well be conscripted up into the armed forces
to fight in one of our various wars, armed with their Lee Enfield and three
trusty rounds with the objective of capturing Kabul single handed with a
broken radio for support.

If wounded they will be quickly put into a mixed ward in suburbia
where they can be attacked unguarded in their beds, and not
figure in statistics of the casualty count.

Their wages, which are below the National minimum wage currently,
will pay taxes sorely needed to support the infrastructure required
to house, feed, educate, and medicate to the extra one million a year new
immigrants flooding in year on endless year unchecked.

Some of which want to blow us all to hell.

This may seem flippant, but its not far off the truth.

I ask you finally, are you happy with your childrens education,
your local hospital conditions, your chances of survival on local
transport or on the streets, our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,
the endless tide of immigration to a country patently already densely populated,
your council tax, your income tax and fuel bills, your working to seventy for
half the pensions that the latest waves of beurocrats get index linked after a
maximum of age 60, and often earlier.

Are you happy the strongest media offices at Oftel are being
infiltrated with unelected Blair acolytes to be in a position
to gag our press, BBC and Media.

Are you happy Gordon Brown almost exactly halved your pension then blew
all the money and loads besides on beurocracy, non jobs and inflated wages
to appease the unions that pay for his cohorts and call the tune.

Above all, are you happy with having been systematically and shamefacedly
having been lied to, non stop, for nine whole years, during which you were taxed
to hell and back, plus then given nothing at all in the way of tangible progress
along the way.

Yo Blair stood up and gave his last speech, and to paraphrase Max Hastings in the Mail

If he had said this under oath, every other word would have been deemed perjury.

Dont you think we deserve an election.

Or would you rather they pass on the baton to another fool without
bothering to consult you at all.


I leave you with this personal brush with the Kafkaesque world of Yo Blair.

The background being I was seriously ill needing intensive care twice in 2000 and 1999.
Whilst laid up I nearly died both times round.

Both times I came out to arrears of rent and arrears of council tax I did
not owe amassed by error.

Over a nine year period I proved beyond doubt via the dhss and inland revenue
that I was owed full rebate of sums levied.

The council tax paid up immediately without demur.

After going through every channel and exhausting it with the housing,
over the 1999 rebate, having had their 2000 one rebated which was identical in
basis and format, I had to entreat my MP Julie Kirkbride, for assistance.

She approached James Plaskitt MP about this problem in writing.

He replied that they had destroyed all data prior to 2000 so could not verify whether I
had appealed before 2000, but in the same breath certified I had not in fact done so
as his staff assured him that was the case.

Nonplussed I wrote to him via Ms Kirkbride that if all records had been destroyed per se,
how could they say anything at all about the prior period to 2000, plus having pursued the case
for nine whole years was it reasonable or likely I would not have appealed originally.
Was it not common sense I must have done so, having pursued it for so long.

I offered to give any money received, bear in mind this is about 3000 pounds,
to a charity of Ms Kirkbrides choosing to prove it was the principle not the money.

This is his reply to us both.

I find that it is interesting to note, that their records retention policy
involves wholesale destruction of all data without any form of backup.

Presumably their animal welfare bills propose
euthanasia of all pets.

Their election strategy probably denies the right to vote
by these self same principles.

Or by postal vote, essentially the same thing in effect.


They are basically saying that because I cannot substantiate I actually
appealed before 2000, then I am not due any recompense, and that I cannot
substantiate it, because in line with their records retention policy, they have
torched all records before 2000. Ergo my appeal is no more, ergo I can
go away and stop bothering them.

I was going to take these to small claims court, but its not worth the stress.
So I decided to put it down here for all to see and read, in the open.

Bear in mind that I had pursued this for nine years, and Ms Kirkbride is a highly
respected MP, yet we have both been treated like irritants and brushed off.

So, on reflection, I leave this to your discretion to decide, on the basis of this
completely offhand cavalier dismissal of a member of the public, just what kind
of respect and standing this MP in question should enjoy in your eyes.

Some 500 of you a day visit this website, and I hope enjoy the content
or gain useful advice on the self help pages. I am sure if you have read
the website that you know I try to help others, spread some cheer,
and attempt to be a reasonable man.

I leave this to you all to muse over in your own mind.

Is he a giant of a man slaving to do our bidding.

Is he listening to his public who elected him in the first place to be an MP.

I feel he has treated me, just like his peers and cronies are treating our country,
with a patronising scorn and abuse of power that makes them think that
they can ride roughshod over the common man and woman of this land
and be accountable to nobody and nothing, plus fob them off with fables
as if so many fools, sitting smug in their deluded power.

So mark his name well, for such a shoddy mean act plus such a disdainful
dismissive put down of a perfectly valid claimant provably wronged
by the system, backed up by dhss records, inland revenue records,
and the precedent of identical cases being paid out without murmur
by the council tax, and indeed by his own department for an absolutely
identical claim for after the year 2000.

Perhaps it was because the amount involved was considerable,
which I offered to just give to charity if successful.

His name is

James Plaskitt MP

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

To me this epitomizes the utter contempt of
this government for us, the people of this land.

The next time you vote, do so with your feet.

Malcolm Pugh



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