Storm Doris and our valiant backup

we suffered severe roof damage by storm Doris. This is a time when you want financial backup to be in there
fighting your corner. ours didn't.
we took eight photos, getting up on the roof in blustery conditions as you can imagine.
inspection visitor assessment man came
he said they were unnecessary. The roof had been fixed by then to stop us getting deluged with rain through
an open roof. Id have thought any firm would have wanted evidence of the damage and pictures of the fix. But no.
I think the result of the claim was a foregone conclusion before he even got to us.

Remember when reading below we only took out our policy because it was a so called reputable firm, youd think
that you could trust that big cuddly humorous dog wouldnt you

Read on and judge for yourselves. we only put this up on google to warn others, we don't invisage any
fairness, conscience or scruples will be troubling them

Man who took videos stated on video our house was right under the hills in the postal area which was known to have been severely damaged by
storm Doris. We sustained loss of all the edging plastic screwed on connectors and ten or so tiles which ripped asunder the felt
waterproof membrane and even damaged the battens quite severely. We took photos of all this prior to work commencing. It had to be done
quickly to secure the roof to be watertight again asap especially because the weather was still very inclement. Astoundingly, despite your
call centre having intimated photos were essential when we proffered these photographs taken at some risk they were deemed quite unnecessary.
We paid 1200 pounds.
Were offered a derisory 450 of which we had to pay the first 200 excess. We gained 250 towards the 1200 cost of repairs.
The house cover cost 185 so we gained 65 pounds for being covered.
I am 65. Margaret is 69. We have only once EVER claimed on any cover all our lives. My motoring bump a year or so back.
Yet when we have heavy damage due to a well notorious storm the strongest for years and noted on video by your video man as being in a
postcode heavily damaged we are then offered 450 pounds to fix a roof. You try getting a roof storm damaged to that extent fixed for 450
pounds (200 of which we pay anyway) I cannot understand why we bothered to get on the roof and take the photos. I had assumed any
reputable firm would have INSISTED on photographic evidence.

Be aware I own fifteen websites and 44 phone apps. I know how to hit the top of google for any given phrase. My top website for doing this

is try typing into google "jaguar bodywork" my site stiffsteiffs comes in at no3 on first page of
Google out of over two million possibilities. I shall be creating a web page for yourselves intimating our dealings with you which in about 23 days from when I get
around to writing it will also be top three or four on first page google from millions of hits for that search. we feel it's only fair to
other potential or current customers to be alerted to our experience.
I have copied and pasted this entire text contained herein and will include it on my web page for you along with our several pictures and
let people judge for themselves whether we got a fair deal from the dog and whether they want to risk the same. We paid a fairly
high price but that was to ensure the speed of the repairs so as to water seal the roof so much as for the excellence of repair which I'm
sure if you'd taken the trouble to inspect the pictures you would have deemed superb, speedy,and efficient.
We initially came to you for cover because we trusted your name. How sad that it doesn't live up to its billing when it calls for
action rather than words and platitudes. Your staff were polite, friendly and efficient it's a shame the end product is way below par. We
are fair minded honest people and we expected a firm like yours to be the same in return especially during such a very stressful time for
us, as we aren't getting any younger and these things are very wearing without our insurers being as much use as milk chocolate fireguard bricks
. As I say this entire text is being copied and pasted to a text file prior to me writing my web page.
Yours sincerely
Malcolm Pugh


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