livewire alert teddy

Livewire is Luigis secret weapon,
the super alert teddy ready for any
emergency, adroit, ferocious and
ever awake, lightning fast.

Luigi needs to contact the Sacred
Water Buffalo of Biddulph, a bit of a
problem for a normal teddy, but no probs
for our intrepid polar cub, he goes to
Biddulph Grange and he quickly scales
the signs and reads them.

He rapidly assesses which way he would like to go,
but has to forego that to enter the garden
instead, as thats where the Sacred Cow
lives, NOT in the picnic area, where there
are of course just teddies, scones and HONEY.
But hes on a mission.

He pauses for the ever present and
diligent Royal Security, and moves
on when they do not arrive, sleekly
purring along.

He waits for the sacred Buffalo

and he waits

and he waits, strange, Alaistair Campbell
said he would be there.

However he
moves on undaunted.

He goes to the oracle of the
Cheshire Cottage and gets directions.

Past the Lions Head, thought that was
a pub in Hackney, but its not.

Along the big railway line to the
amazing world of the Fish of Frogland.

He perches on a wall to check the view,
look at that intense concentration,
the lively mind hard at work.

Then its a quick pretend snooze before lunch,
just for a few hours you understand
to catch others unawares.

Afterwards he pays a visit.

Ever alert, your dangerous customer.

He totters back along the major root route.
Victorian Stumpery tree roots banged in,
where the upside down trees grow.

And scales the wibbly wobbly tree in the
garden of the Large Lily Leaves.
Cardiocrinum Giganteum to you.

He is at the bottom,
as ever raring to go, energy

At the top at last
only took eight hours,
only fell asleep twice.

It seems that its just up the chimney, another
three hours, fell into ice house by mistake.

Through a tunnel
two hours, found a bun.

Under an arch
one hour, fell asleep.

Over one of the guarding sphinx
five seconds, scared.

Through a portal,
four seconds still scared.

Hop onto the Ape of Thoth,
as you are well aware, he is the
attendant of the Egyptian God of Botany.

Stayed here four hours shaking.

Then realised Thoths eat teddies as delicacy.

Have a chat with Fergal the friendly frog,
and listened to a happy tale,
one hour.

Scale the Himalayas
not known, asleep at the time.

Cross a bridge.

Chase the dragon.


And then you can see the Sacred Water Buffalo of Biddulph
You can even talk to him if you do not fall asleep.
He does and learns the sacred words for Luigi.
Not every Steiff teddy is this clever. Very few in fact.