luigi and golf meet.


Luigi wants a meet on the golf course
with the main man, the head cheese.

He sends Ludwig Von Bear, his trusted
right hand bear to suss it out.

He checks out the kitchen, no spaghetti
but ok. No dangers here.

The staff take to him, little knowing
he is a master of guile, prince of
disguise, and super spy.

Here we see him disguised as The
Golden Bear.

Here, blending in effortlessly as
your everyday golf club cover.

Here his cover was nearly blown
but he threatened to phone Bewdley
Safari park and they kept shtum.

Here surreptitiously hides away
like any other golfer trying a new club.

Here pauses to give the assistant professional just
a few tips on women, and in turn asks
him subtle golf questions, in his disguise
as this visiting pro from Bavaria.

All the time Bonehead the Bear is
secretly taping everything on state
of the art miniturised equipment,
sold to him by trusty Del.

Here we think he was working out
how many balls he could do a runner with.

Phase One over, Luigi is safe to proceed.
Ludwig Von Bear heads home, whistling
a merry bear tune to distract them from
Boneheads exit with the wheelbarrow.

Luigi prepares to leave
a rare excursion out.

The information was good.

He gets in the back seat
and the chauffeur drives.

Meanwhile Boneheads old
apprentice Woodenhead, and also
Woodengolf the teddy bear
hi fi genius, work
overtime on the tapes.

Luigi gets the message that the
tapes are clear and waits
for the Main Man Head Cheese to arrive.

The Main man Head Cheese
has a quiet word with
Luigi and they agree
to co operate together.

Alls well that ends well for
our bear family and the pretty
odd wooden bears.