Morse tracks down Walter.


The strange saga of Midsomer Murders Bear, an expert
in disguise, often known as Walter the Wasp.
Seen below heavily disguised.

Walter lived in Midsomer Norton,
where so many people died.

Midsomer village square, notice lack of people.

The train bringing one of the few remaining of the population.
No carriages required.

A bustle of activity on market day.

Throngs queue at the shops.

It was against all this background that Morse Bear started his investigation
into the remaining five surviving villagers. One must be up to no good, it seems,
as two hundred and forty villagers are missing or dead, surely more than coincidence.
Unfortunately Nettles bear had been on the cases up to now.

Morse was alerted to the fact that every time Walter went on holidays, people died
in strange circumstances, though up till now put down to noted local killers.

August 2003. Bournemouth.

Stabbing put down to the Bournemouth Bodger.

July 2004. Poole.

Poisoning greater part of the inhabitants of Beer.
Attributed to Pete the Portsmouth People Poisoner.

June 2005. Brighton Pier.

Golfball murders.

Laid at the door of Balmy Brighton Bridal
Golfing Fathers for Justice.

Here is the picture that clinched it for Morse.
The one that Nettles said was inconclusive.

Yes, Walters suitcase he habitually carried with
him, and incriminating contents.

Having built a case however, Morse hit a problem.
Walter had to be tried by twelve good people and
true, but also who were born in the village.

As there were only four left alive besides Walter,
he had to employ tactics like Jack Charlton did
with the Irish Football team, and succeeded in
being allowed to have blood relatives on the jury.

Here is a picture of the jury before the infamous trial.

the clinching video evidence,
Walter the Wasp hires Luigi Golfball Vercotti
for the golfball hit.

Click on the picture to see the video.
You can clearly hear Fingers Boopboop Bear
letting out one last trademark sound before expiring.

It was curtains for Walter, and the surviving
four villagers were left in peace.

What a triumph for the intrepid Morse Bear.