Christmas quest.


Here is Mortimer, and he has now heard about Christmas.

He sneaks down the stairs, evading pursuit by snoring ursines.

He checks the calendar, not long now, better check out
the local area and find Father Christmas.

Nearby, a shiny grotto, but no Santa here.

Up the road, Glowing Glen, still no real Santa.

In the village, light fantastic, no real Santa though.

He knocks on here, but Santa is not in,
he gets told, try the main street.

Wow, but Santa is missing.

He likes this one, and it whispers to him , saying the windows.

that is more like it, but Father Christmas is not in the proclaimed window.

The tree tells him where to go, in animal talk.
Only Ursines and Christmas Revellers understand this.

He checks it out with Good Golly Miss Molly
the local sage who knows all, and its true.

He mesmerises with his magic Christmas crystal balls
and then off he goes to find Santa.

This guy is no use, Ive seen polars more awake.

He asks the happy hedghogs, but they dont know.

Jingly bells tell him to ask the wreath over by Crinkly Common.

The wreath says to ask the whinging Winnies.

They send him to the even happier hedghogs.

They do know after all this, and send him to the Grotto.

At the Grotto he pauses for breath,

And then, THERE HE IS, Santa, he chats and gives him a strange red hat.

He keeps the hat Santa gave him, and looks for the partridge.

No sign yet, see him next year.
Happy Christmas humans.