mr smug messing about

Mr Smug goes out to the boats, and visits his mansion.

Mr Smug looks good on boats, but he is frightened of the water.
That is in fact his double Mel Gibson Stiffsteiff,
he knows no fear, he is Aussie and stupid.

Like Hogan, raised on bridges, he can climb onto
lock gates a breeze, tie up boats no worries.

Climb stairs, small potatoes.

But today as Mel has to leave early, Mr Smug has to
scuttle for the safety of the Teddie bag.

What a clever teddie, he can do anything with boats.
Thats what you would have believed, but its Mel
who does the hard stuff.

Who do you think did these. A clever scared Mr Smug,
or that Aussie superman with attitude.

He neatly ducks all questions. And its off to the
mansion with his millions, well Smug.

What a very Smug teddie he is,
one day he will commit suicide jumping off his wallet.

That is Mel with the geese.