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Stress relief and how to cope plus pictorial directory. November 2005.

Holiday villas, carpentry, house furniture, removals, more poetry
roofing, recruitment, 5 new bears, Experion and Equifax checking,
added January 2005.

new stuff
This release has
Tony Blair denunciation
Addiction cures and methods of approach
Weight loss guide
links to more valued and trusted friends
only people I trust now implicitly get onto these pages,
and only then if people are professional and pleasant

donations method has been finalised

ability to get photos fixed by email
ability to query me via email re computers
train cd pics available on request via email

Addendum, August 9th 2003
Now indexed totally.
334 pages accepted in google. Over forty google firsts in different spheres.

Cookers, aromatherapy, audio and visual added.

Basic premise.

Everything on this site now is free
to all of you to download, Im past
worrying unduly about money.
It obviously costs a fair bit to run this
site, as paper and ink, plus cds and dvds
the main culprits, are not cheap and
never will be.
So download what you like, and if
you can spare a little in return,
post me a few bob where you can,
whenever you can.

Do not be shy of emailing me, I know
computers inside out, and will always help
people willing to help themselves.

I also enjoy photography, so its no real
problem working on photos and sending
them back to you a little better.

I actually miss computing on a daily basis,
so do not hesitate if you are
stuck, or puzzled, and do not think
it will sound stupid, we have all sounded
stupid at one time or another.
malco may 2003



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