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Phone 0121 411 1077
Fax 0121 475 4844

That is a testament to the skill and determination of one man,
Robert McCarthy, and his life long love of classic cars.
Northfield Garage retains all the old skills, all the old manners,
and all the old traditions that made classics great,
due in the main to Robert, but also to his devoted and
highly skilled, long serving staff.

Everywhere there is precision, quality, class and charm,
the legacies of an era when only the best would suffice,
second best was not tolerated, simply not good enough.
There were no tolerances in the classic design,
no tolerances in the classic build, no tolerances
in the final classic product.

At Northfield Garage, thankfully the same
still applies, only the best is good enough, and strangely,
the customer, now much forgotten elsewhere, here
is always right, most days.



Map Ref on A to Z is 103 5H. Northfield Garage,
1163 Bristol Road South
B31 2SL

Opposite Hawkesley Mill Lane
and Steel Road
next to Chelston Road.

Phone 0121 411 1077
Fax 0121 475 4844

Remember to mention Luigi to get your free introductory discount.

Northfield Garage is more than a classic repair garage, it is a place
where people can drop in, and they are welcome, the old time
atmosphere that no sooner do you arrive, but you are appreciated, you
count for something in their shrewd eyes. The boss is there working alongside
everybody else, and they are obviously all the best of mates,
having worked together for a long time. Not many places these
days exude this genuine atmosphere of camaraderie and helpfulness,
the willingness to work and to help others out so sadly lacking elsewhere.
It is obvious from day one your car is in safe hands, and they know
their business, but most of all they care about what they are doing,
and about helping you get out of the current predicament.

A rare quality in this day and age.

also enjoy the funny ursine adventures

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