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Quantry Lane, Bell Heath, Nr. Belbroughton.

Tel 07803 602 082 Anytime
01562 710719 After 6pm

Open 7 DAYS 9 5.30
9 till dark in the winter.

Their motto is quite simply,
Quality at the right price
and they do to the letter.

Heres Paul Hill, the son. He will tell you
he does all the work and is poorly paid.
Thats why he has such a good tan.

There is no Hard Sell here, just friendly
people trying to help you get the right plants
for your home for a reasonable outlay.
Here we see Paul working so quickly the
camera missed him out entirely.

There are ranges of stone figures, somewhat unique
from a local stone cutter, still working though very old.

Here is Pauls partner Jo, in the upper tier section.

There are ranges of trees, and in addition to the
more usual varieties, there are also fruit trees.
Heres a place for everyone to come and enjoy.

The very lowest tier of greenhouses so far,
much further extension is soon to appear,
though to me it is very large as it is now.

Another shot of Paul hard at work.

The extensive stoneware, is as said before,
somewhat unique, and large variety is available.

We move to one of the bigger greenhouses,
housing some of the more tender and exotic plants.

The family house is in the background, and yet
another of the many greenhouses is apparent,
you can walk around these to your hearts content.

more pictures

There is NO advertising anywhere on this site, I cant abide
this. However I DO have time for people like Paul, and have
no problem whatsoever in recommending him to you wholeheartedly,
as I say, purely my own view of what I see as one good person
trying his best to always be fair to his customers without the usual greed.

Malcolm Pugh July 8th 2003.

High Bank is a family concern
fully owned and run by the Hill family.
Father Ray and Mother Rita are aided
and abetted by son Paul.
People are welcome to come with all
their horticultural queries, or just phone.

Remember to mention Luigi and get your free introductory discount.

This helps us to evaluate how many customers come from the internet
so as we can see if it is viable or not, your comments are welcomed
at the above email address, where useful suggestions are always read,
and personally evaluated for their helpfulness. This site now is your web site,
please feel free to help make it a better place to browse.

also enjoy the funny ursine adventures
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Malcolm Pugh 2003 High Bank 2003.

close to enough, but so far Luigi he is patient.