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Elizabeth Finn Trust

I was an alcoholic when I applied to the trust for help.
I was rock bottom, and had lost all credibility with
friends, family and ex workmates.

You are out there now wondering whether to approach
them. It is like begging to you, and before you were better than
that, however now you are in no position to stand on
past levels of reluctance to accept assistance from
others for nothing.

I doubt that I would be here today were it not for Charity help in the
beginning, to get me back on an even keel, and pay for things
we often take for granted, such as washing machines, microwaves,
cookers and hoovers. Plus food.

It is also nice to get a card on your birthday and Christmas,
also hamper sent at Christmas to alleviate the feeling you are
on the outside of the world.

I have been there myself, and would recommend you contact
Elizabeth Finns in order to have a major player fighting
your corner for you, and easing your stress.

Malcolm Pugh July 23rd 2005.

Over 100 years ago Elizabeth Finn founded the DGAA. Renamed in 2000 to do her honour, the Elizabeth Finn
Trust assists some 1,900 people each year who can no longer earn a living due to physical or mental problems,
loss of work and family breakdown or those struggling on low income retirement.

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