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I have split up the verses into separate pages of three or four, instead of wading
through loads of them at times. I will try to sort of categorise them soon.

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Kafka Re Trial

Spinning Webs.

Am I alone as I survey that vast wilderness outside,
Sat at home every day fettered by my own foolish pride,
I may believe I can conceive stunning cunning plans,
Yet I perceive the web I weave now lacking vital strands,
It may transpire my destiny is to conquer virtual space,
But I must wire the best of me to another spidery face,
For although knowing everything about business and site,
To grow means throwing other experts in to get it right,
So even this experienced spider who spins webs so fine,
Needs for bliss a guider to pin the viewing world in prime,
His creation, born bred and reared, now standing serene,
Will evoke elation and be revered if it can only be seen,
Theres no point in Picasso no mike in Michaelangelo,
If the joints a no go, and the sound man doesnít show,
So that treasure youre concealing from total global view,
Measures up and has meaning with others helping you,
We all have inborn talent and also inborn failings,
So often scorn a balance, chained up to our own railings,
And our world misses a website that deserved to be a star,
But not unfurled in all its might, merely cowering from afar,
Why not take your Van Dyke, or Rembrandt seen by few,
And let us make it see the light, exposed to global view,
Donít hide them in shadows behind barriers of your mind,
Where pride and jealous arrows make them hard to find,
Instead turn to experts so creative, as you would strive to be,
Who youll learn to trust, and who will set your website free.


watch man on the right


see how much poundage the man on the right lost. Photoshop airbrushed.

Sorry would be a start.

Though you cant take back your mistakes, and you cant unravel time,
youd think there would be remorse, for such a self serving crime,
to send others out to die, and pay the blood price you have decreed,
when its purely posturing and posing, all about vanity and greed,
to secure a perceived niche in history, glowing down the years,
is the extent of your ambition, is the puny limit of your fears,
when those you have sent to die, believing implicitly in you,
leave relatives behind who see, that nothing you said was true,
there is little thought now for those, whose number you dont count,
they are yesterdays forgotten, though daily they still mount,
no thought of resignation, no apology to those left behind,
just onward with the ego, fast forward from those times,
as if nothing ever happened, as if your lies are quite ok,
as if now is what to focus on, and then was another day,
lost back in the mists of time, obscured by clouds half seen
not an affront to the living, not impeachable and obscene,
you may want to move on now, and ignore your past infamy,
but you should be tried for treason, and jailed for blasphemy

Real Power.

One Tsunami, and all our armies,
Seem belittled by their wars,
What Animals fled, and tribesmen read,
Finally Arrives with crushing roar,
Wholesale slaughter, purely by water,
Makes us seem an irrelevance,
Concepts of power, change by the hour,
Faced with primal elements.
Natures dice, thrown in a trice,
In a grotesque game of craps,
Whose final score, is real shock and awe,
Rescouring all our global maps.
Political reputation, seen by a nation,
Hiding in its cosy hole of choice,
Who promises braille, whilst the real mail,
is delivered via the peoples voice.
And the aftermath is all in its path,
Is gone in waste and grief,
Why does it take disasters wake,
To unite us all in relief.
No discrimination here, just abject fear,
No religion or class escapes unscathed,
No riches or show cheat the undertow,
All submerged beneath the waves.
In modern times, our greatest crime,
Is to have lost feelings and lost touch,
It takes catastrophe, to make you with me,
To make everyone into us.
Faced with apocalypse our planes and ships,
Seem meaningful when not at war,
But as our memory of disaster slips,
Will we revert to squabbling like before.
Maybe we should try, to all get by,
And harmonise more from this date,
Who knows when next the globe is vexed,
Who knows the twists of fate.

Im growing old on what ive been told
But it doesnt seem quite right
It doesnt explain bereavements pain
Where loved ones go out of sight
It never prepared me for non eternity
I believed that Id never finally die
Never told why we are meant to be
And what our purpose is and why
Never gave a clue where me and you
Are finally headed from our birth
I just got schools and all the rules
But no map to my inner worth
No hint or sign of anything divine
Or any methods of divination
Mystical man with his esoteric plan
Seemed lodged with hellfire and damnation
Yet I cant be told now that Im old
That all this outweighed intuition
Down deep inside with another eye
Theres more books than their edition
Theres a real world to be unfurled
Real truth out there to find
And theres more than we ever saw
Already deep inside our fertile mind,
Our brains send thought of what ought
To be the true way they should be used
And we just know it is simply so
And its up to us all to choose
Whether to applaud the factually flawed
The emotionally uninspiring of today
Or stop and think just at the brink
And try for a more stimulating way
And let our minds think all kinds
And be open and not blinkered
And set aside the lies inside
The truths that have been tinkered
Why constantly cling to words that bring
Disillusionment in their final wake
Why stubbornly grasp theories that mask
And distort truths that they forsake,
I dont need absolute facts creed
I dont need certified and correct
Id rather go with what I KNOW
Rather pursue what I suspect,
For right deep down there is this frown
At all I have been taught and learned
All that has been spoken as literal
All that has on my mind been burned
Underneath their teaching there is reaching
A will to know just who we are
Whether born free for eternity
Or ruled from a distant star,
And I want to know as I grow
Why Im here and where Im going
And currently theres no certainty
And few ways of really knowing,
Surely we can be only ever free
If we know the reasons why
And our minds will open all the blinds
But first of all we have to try.

Our education enlarges us.

In days of old, when life was bold,
And schools owned fields and land,
We played serene, acted out our dreams,
With nothing dangerous being banned,
Now we roll in late, grossly overweight,
If we even deign to show our faces,
And the clipboard man with his cardboard plan,
Puts us through our non sunburned paces,
Now it appears all these stark fears,
And dread of falling and disaster,
Sold off our fields, while they but kneeled,
To a politically correct Grand Master,
So though obese, we are at peace,
Though consuming rubbish we can smile,
Though weighed down still we seldom frown
Because were much safer by a mile.

What price competition, breeding attrition,
What use excellence when some must lose,
Theres no Einstein and no Frankenstein
Theres just fat drones from which to choose,
Successive generations of a nation,
Robbed of the will to be fit and bright,
Brainwashed by day, to their teachers way,
Mentally chained to TV all night,
We behaved naughty and lived past forty,
And still have our health and mind,
For we always schooled to different rules,
That seemed cruel but were kind,

Its not obscene to have a dream,
Not debauched aspiring to winning,
In the past someone came last,
But the victor was not sinning,
And whatever face won the race,
Whatever hand held academic prizes,
The losers were slim, and used the gym,
Were not mothball wrapped oversizes,
Everyone gained from competitive games,
From trying to be part of an elite,
You raised the sights, you saw the light,
Started thinking on your own feet.

Now mediocrity is the place to be,
No failure and zero success,
No one grows and no one knows,
And no one could care less,
Where there was intellect, read neglect,
Where there was exercise read sloth,
Where there was ingenuity read apathy,
Assuming you read or write, seldom both,
What price a system that has missed them,
Painting failure successful in its turning,
Where once education was our salvation
Now we just have dumbed down learning,

Whilst exercise brightened our eyes,
And tuition filtered through our heads,
Where discipline and rules gave us tools,
And stirred us from all our beds,
Their eyes are leaden with whats fed them,
By slick programmes and adverts 24 7,
That lead them obese to an early feast,
and slow hell instead of heaven.

You cant subscribe to its safe inside,
Without losing out on the adventure,
You cant restrict all lifes conflicts,
Cant create things out of censure,
You cant repeal what people feel,
Cant tell them that you know best
Cant cast aside all exercise,
Cant dispel the need for tests,
Everyone will divine, given time,
And their innate common sense,
You cant form quality from equality,
Or lead whilst sitting on the fence.

Its so plain to see, for you and me,
Education left to artifice and device,
Will not turn out scribes and lions,
It will merely churn out mice.

From the Dumb Majority.

Gifted others will tell the nation,
And annotate the slippery specifics,
Of the lying, deceit and fabrication,
Half hidden in statistical hieroglyphics,
The stark fact is that here instead
Of it being hard to find any faults,
They are incessantly raising their heads,
Those not tucked away in time vaults,
No, it is not purely and simply lies,
Or the incompetence that has occurred,
It is more the assumption we are dumb,
And simple, too brainless for words,

We will tell them some glib fairy tale,
That would not even fool a troll,
dress it all up, have it regale,
Like some burlesque talking doll,
And they will swallow it all in,
For they are gullible and easy led,
They will surely quickly fall in,
And take the bait that we have fed,
And so it eventually came to pass,
That they deemed us so very enthralled,
So overcome by their Quatermass,
That they could tell us anything at all.

But now surprise, we hear your lies,
But now shock, we see your face,
We can feel the deceit materialise,
And smell the policies put in place,
And the odour is unpleasant,
The sight is quite grotesque,
They are ruining the present,
Making the future Kafkaesque,
For lo, we see, hear, and we smell,
And we touch, and yes we taste,
But amazingly we think as well,
And perceive we believed in haste,
We trusted those who should be truthful,
Accepted their promises and explanations,
Gave benefit of doubt when they were youthful,
And forgave their strange aberrations,

Now we find this trust misplaced,
What we believed in was a sham,
Not honourable but two faced,
Not a planned future but a scam,
Who is looking more stupid now,
That the dominoes have started,
We will soon show them all how,
Their lessons have been imparted,
For we are not devoid of intellect,
We just wanted to believe their schemes,
We wanted to trust those we elect,
Wanted to share in their dreams,
We are not imbeciles to be fed spin,
When buried bodies rematerialise,
We all know when we see sins,
We all know when we hear lies,
We all know that waste is always waste,
Know borrowing has a payback day,
Know now that lying bare faced,
Is core theme of His third way,
Know being paid for canal watching,
Whilst manufacturing out sources and dies,
Is just another means of botching,
Another affront to our eyes,
We all know credit at the core,
Is a sure way to debt and sorrow,
Yet we applaud our smug chancellor,
Who is over hocked by tomorrow,
Who over borrows year on fiscal year,
And fills the hole with bigger loans,
Come next year he will have no fear,
But we will lose our homes,
For funding his economy on tick,
In a headlong lemming surge,
He is counting on this trick,
He is feeding on this urge,
When we come to pay this back,
Will he be there to lend a hand,
Or will he be borrowing in the outback,
Whilst we struggle on in our own land.

We have waited long in patience,
Hoping against faint hope they are cool,
But it has turned to pure impatience,
When they treat us as if fools,
And take our seeming calm compliance,
As if some tacit, if dumb, approval,
When it is this menacing angry quiet,
Merely awaiting their removal.

It is criminal to deliberately lie,
To those who trusted you their future,
To take away their blue skies,
To leave a wound without a suture,
To paint a glorious valhalla sunset,
After an epic adventure so exciting,
To promise that we will all get,
Whatever we would take delight in,
To prey even on our very dreams,
And whisper they can be fulfilled,
Telling us to trust in what it seems,
To partake in what is billed,
And weave hypnotic talismanic illusions,
Wrapped in candy floss by elves,
Which has now slipped into confusion,
As we slowly realised ourselves,
That the reality is as it always was,
But while we slumbered in there dreaming,
He was trying to make Himself a God,
He was lying and He was scheming,
Thankfully now we are awakening,
Whilst He is into disintegration,
We will have to try and rebuild,
What He has left us of our nation,
The cruelty is in the fostering,
Of a future in a golden land,
He has ruined via his posturing,
He has trampled on our plans
He had promised us Houdini like,
A miraculous escape from strife,
But after the great illusionist,
Life here is still life.

A couple for now.
Changes in the flow of ages gone.

Like a river flowing from the mists of time,
From a beginning lost in translation,
A flow of creativity emerged from the slime,
Moulding many tributaries into a nation,
Who breathed its first foundling cries,
Alongside sea shores of grim despair,
Ever submerged under brooding skies,
Continually striving to come up for air,
Yet slowly but surely taking on form,
And attaining substance and reason,
Gradually delineating what was the norm,
And what could be construed treason,
And ever onwards up till this day,
Our tradition and heritage flowed,
To establish itself in exemplary way,
To the democracy which we now know,
Centuries long in the making and etching,
Meticulously built stone placed on stone,
Fashioned from flexing plus stretching,
And enshrined in constitution not tomes,
After all these millennia of momentum,
After all the torrents that have flowed,
Little dribbles hardly worth mention,
Have suddenly started to erode,
Like a dripping tap in the cellar,
Gnawing away at our foundation,
A shadowy would be Uri Gellar,
Is bending the structure of our nation,
And drip by little drip it eats away,
At the stability of our land,
Chip by little chip it causes slow decay,
To all that once was so grand,
A little tiny alteration to the wording,
Appeals to about time now for change,
And suddenly its like they are herding,
Us as if cattle off our own range,
One day well wake up just too late,
And our Country will have lost its face,
And there will be this anonymous state,
That crept in slyly to take its place,
The Lords Judiciary and Royalty,
Plus traditions may sometimes seem dated,
But they deserve continued loyalty,
For what cannot ever be created,
In place they continue our tradition,
They deny republics and dictators space,
They prevent this kind of sedition,
Merely by remaining in place,
So the false dripping tap of untruths,
Should be leaking unheard and unknown,
Buried with those whose style is uncouth,
That would have our democracy overthrown,
That deem us so naive in our own land,
Not to see the ending that they plainly intend,
Not to see the republican state theyve planned,
When all our traditions come to an end,
Little crediting in their patronising ego,
That we might just hang on to our right,
And that it is impossible to overthrow,
A complete era in just one dark night,
Many may well think themselves great,
That they can fabricate a better way,
But they come and they go and lie in state,
Whilst our heritage goes on along its way.
They would have us believe they are just,
They would have us believe they are true,
They would have us believe we should trust,
In everything they say and they do,
But seen in harsh light their mystery,
Becomes clear as the nose on your face,
They would strip us all of our history,
They would deny us pride in our own race,
It is time to deny, with a glint in our eye,
And to stand up for what we believe,
And refuse to be cowed by this shabby crowd,
And not yield until they have to leave.


My motorway is crumbling,
With an enforced fifty limit,
and what is even more humbling,
Is there are speed traps in it,
Still now I use the extra petrol,
Paying more tax as result,
Vainly seeking for a reason,
Behind the latest congestion fault,
Taking solace from my car,
As it could have been the train,
Better to just be delayed,
Than never be seen again,
And stagger home as ever late,
To find a letter in the hall,
From a burglar who is suing me,
Over a dangerous interior wall,
That coupled with the TVs weight,
Caused serious damage to his spine,
So he cant get out now to burgle,
And its not his fault its mine,
At least he hasnt claimed at all
Loss of earnings to be backdated,
But before I reply to him,
I have to now have it all translated,
As he is not from these shores,
But just resident for a while,
So as they wont deport him,
I have to pay up and smile,
Luckily I may also pay myself,
From what I have been reading,
For as victim of a burglary,
Im entitled to money from my speeding,
When caught recently at midnight,
Doing twenty in a fifteen zone,
Coming up my private driveway,
TO the entrance of my home.


We are here to carefully listen,
To every word you say,
We will surely then glisten,
What the mood is in this way,
So many start to chatter,
And forward on their views,
Little knowing it wont matter,
And will never make the news.

We are all for absolute truth,
For transparency not lies,
So we can face our youth,
With honesty in our eyes,
So many believe the rhetoric,
And persuade themselves its true,
Little suspecting its a set up trick,
to delude in all they do.

Its your right to protest,
And your heritage to march,
Where your complaint will be noticed,
And your presence will be large,
But no one hears the voices,
And the cameras arent even on,
The illusion is there are choices,
When in reality there are none.

so the listeners are all deaf,
Just ignoring as before,
They merely invent a virtual threat,
And plunge us all into war,
No one heeds a countries needs,
No one cares what we all feel,
Refusing to account for misdeeds,
Whilst we are forced to kneel.

For there is another way, onward,
They would have us all believe,
Much as glib tongued con would,
Seeking purely to deceive,
Lo, taxation will surely never change,
And great joy will fill the land,
Though our actions seem somewhat strange,
Its all going just as planned.

Suddenly its rhetoric thats transparant,
And the listeners hear these quiet nothings,
The glares now are quite apparant,
And the sound is muted frothings,
For the illusion is unravelling,
The promised land just as far away,
Their new ale isnt travelling,
And their house is in decay.

Do you believe a word they say,
Feel secure they are in place,
They promised us all their different way,
Then slapped us in the face,
Seemed to think we would just blink,
And take it in our stride,
Forget they tweak a dangerous link,
When they tamper with our pride.

They seem to deem us stupid,
Devoid of thought or reason,
And only ever act as cupid,
When its an election season,
Previously ministries made mistakes,
And cuckolded cogent cries,
But none before these raised our stakes
And made their art form out of lies.


I look down and see you frown,
Alone cold, lost and bereaved,
I sense the hopeless and the helpless,
And doubters of all they believed,
You cant conceive that I would leave,
And not be there for always,
Yet I am not there any more,
And never will be all your days,
Its hard to allow Im not there now,
Just like I have always been,
But I cant get in touch conventionally,
Out of hearing and unseen,
Lost for touch and as such,
Effectively gone and passed away,
But I can speak to you sometimes,
Just in a different way,
It may be happiness in a sunset,
It may be tinkling at water flowing,
It may be coincidences always coming,
Or flashbacks in time always going,
It may be saving you from danger,
As if by a whim or circumstance,
For I watch out for you now,
And your luck isnt down to chance,
So Im not so very far away,
As you would think or believe,
Im just invisible to the eye,
Or any sense you can conceive,
But though you cant perceive me,
And think me gone dont cry,
For one day youll be with me,
And one day you will know why.


I cant believe that ill never see,
The person that was always there for me,
The one who always had such a smile,
On days when others ran a mile,
Who listened to my boring tales,
And supported me when I felt frail,
Who always put me first before,
They would think of having more,
Who if they had only one would laugh,
And faultlessly would give me half,
Yet now they arent around any more,
Who I could touch and see before,
I cant phone and hear their voice,
I dont even have any choice,
Theyre gone and I cant take it in,
Ill never see them laugh or grin,
So I hope they know I really cared,
All the time that they were really there,
I wish now Id said more, and not mimed,
But I thought wed have much more time,
So if you can hear me now at last,
I cant change things done and past,
But I can tell you that now I know,
All the debts I really owe,
And all the words I should have said,
Are still all here inside my head,
All you will ever need to do,
Is look inside me to see theyre true.

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