Robert McCarthy

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Phone 0121 411 1077
Fax 0121 475 4844

Robert McCarthy is an honest man in this ever increasingly devious jalopy world.

That is my partners car, bought from him at the price he was asked
to sell it for. He made nothing on the deal. This page now is thanks for such
a truly generous act in this selfish world, and to let all of you out there
be aware of the caliber of this man, also reflected in his long serving
and equally top class mechanics. For Jaguars come here.

My partner loves this car to death.

Without Robert this would have been way beyond her wildest dreams
and certainly in a different world of budgeting.

That is the celebration model of 1996, only 700 odd were ever made,
a straight six four litre. A top class act big cat Jaguar.

service MOT

Northfield Garage is capable of any level of bodywork, paint jobs,
mechanical spares and repairs. All this by top class men with
a straight talking and friendly boss and owner at fair and reasonable prices.

Above all, way above reliability and professionalism, the man himself
for me stands tall in a small minded world, with old time values
from when the handshake actually meant something to abide by, and still does here.

Malcolm Pugh October 2005.