another spiffling yarn

Unwinding after his stressed out week.

Off he goes, taking his flask with him, he zooms off in the Jaguar.

He arrives at Enville by the village square and reconnoiters.

its enough to drive you up the pole.

He carefully logs the local amenities.

and scours the countryside for a taxi,
even asking the tethered local workmen
to no avail.

He checks out the local conveyance too, but decides against.
It is a lovely day and he walks, except for hitching a
little ride half way through cos he was tired.

He shins up the concrete pole and hops into
Lady Margarets Bag.

Then he pops out disguised as Swan and gives autographs
to the local birds, until he is unmasked

They throw him in, but he manages to clamber up to safety.
Do not try this at home either.
Remember Swans are only for Christmas.

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