bird mission

Seriously snobby visits his highlands house.

With his trusty driver for the Highlands, Tommy.

Seriously snobby is chauffeured up to the highlands
by Tommy his faithful dogged driver, for just 232
bottles of whisky, eighteen haggis, seventy salmon
and two pound coin.

What loyalty.

He effortlessly blends in, a master of intrigue.

He has perfected the art of disguise for
his latest infiltrate and learn mission.

He has a chat with big Dougie on the chimney
disguised as an aerial.

The birds are oblivious to him

Camouflaged to perfection.

Humans simply cannot see him

The bird handler, however, seems to be saying
something erudite to him here
and the owl is not amused.

The biggest test of his disguise was when
the largest eagle confided

Im glad you are really truly a parrot not a bear.

I like to eat bears.

As if by intuition the Scots genius detects something,
but before he can work it out our bear is leaping away merrily.
Leaping here, then leaping over there, always leaping everywhere.

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