Stallone hunts honey

Stallone has to go up to the train layout in the sky

He is an old bear, and small plus tires easily, as in very lazy.

He slowly goes first to the village.

He spies two aged men, somewhat younger than me,
and talks to them for a while, chatting about bears.
They talk back because he is three score times
bigger, growls a bit loudly, and looks tough.

Eventually they gaily wave goodbye, a little too gaily for his liking,
and he gets on to a truck. Its not the biggest truck you ever saw.

He trundles along oblivious to the fact he is on the
scale of King Kong, and dwarfs passing trains.

Onwards past the impressive avalanche proof tunnel,
not stand on by bear proof.

Then just as he was beginning to doubt, there
sure enough was the turntable.

Being a belligerent sort of bear, he sits down
until he gets their full attention and
strange men there tell him to visit the MILKMAN,
obviously some kind of spy.

Well, some spy. But the milkman knows the farm
where the honey is and sure enough,
he is prepared to tell him.
The fact that the MILKMAN is one tenth
of his size weighs heavily in his favour here.

Having creamed off the information, suddenly there it is.
Home via the hills and the coal train now.

Armed with the worlds only hive of FRED
honey, with active ingredient BOB.
Do not try this at home.

He perches daintily on the huge coal bunker,
and waits for the massive coal train.
What a great effort by Stallone,
the smallest oldest laziest bear.


Stallone was born round about 1952,
and is about 51 years old

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