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The bears are your good laugh in a bad world, and are danger free for children.
We have had some pretty strange looks carting bears about round stately
homes, parks, and towns. I have been seen photographing the bears in toilets
at Biddulph Grange, at Warwick Castle in the Dungeons, Ombersley Church,
up the Lickey Hills. They have been golfing at posh clubs, at the wheel of
my old Jaguar, picnicking on Clent. They have been photographed all over
England, Holland and Ireland plus Scotland. They have been all over
Enfield and Kinver, plus been on buses, tractors, canal boats, cars, trams,
steam engines and boats. Believe me, it is not easy making a bear mission
and avoiding public scrutiny, as most of these are pretty big, and pretty
determined to be seen at the worst possible times. Most people, I am
well sure, think we are quite barking mad, I could not care less if they
do, if it serves to cheer someones day up eventually.

Peculiar to the English, no one has ever batted an eyelid when we have had
huge bears under our arms in the most unlikely places, or medium sized ones
poking their heads out of photography bags. You can see an inner struggle
between innate English good manners, and natural curiosity.

Some extremely snobby people have given them a good few disapproving
looks. Most see them just as they are meant to be, a bit of fun in a somewhat
quintessentially English way. That is a website for kids of all ages to come
and forget the everyday madness and stress to relax and look at some
inane and stupid photogenic bears going about their daily business
of making people happy.

There are no bears for sale here, they are not manufactured or promoted here,
they are just here to try and liven up dull days, and to put a little laugh and smile
in place of the everyday mayhem that passes for modern life.

The whole website is dedicated to helping people enjoy the internet instead
of being bombarded by porn, stress, advertising, and all the other innuendo
associated with mass media and honed to perfection first on TV.

This site exists to give you true honesty in your choices, put a few choice people
in the frame to help you out with their professional abilities without
having to worry about if they are genuine or con men, and attempts to
educate the younger viewers in the process of liking the bears, to have heroes
who actually promote exercise, humour and the countryside, as opposed to
being thrust at them just so they will eat their heroes particular brand of non food,
or so that they will wear their heroes clothes, copy their fashion, and most
of all, SPEND MONEY via the pursuit of anything.

There is a lot of subliminal education for the younger viewers in the
adventures that they have, and this quite deliberate, to try and promote
interest about other things than TV, computer games, insidious adverts
targeting parents via their children, and inane mobile phone
worlds, and dangerous chat rooms.

There is also masses of poetry and photographs for those who like it.

Please look through these pages and enjoy what you see without fear
of bear advertising, promoting or sales ploys. The bears are sacrosanct
for you to enjoy with no comeback.

Ideas for bear adventures and missions are always welcomed, weve
done twenty nine now and new episodes are always there but taking
a while to invent these days without losing the original flavour, so
new innovative input is always welcomed.


Make that thirty, new one March 1st 2005. Malc.
Thirty Two I think, December 2005.
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also enjoy the funny ursine adventures

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