teddyboys are back

Sensational cover up exposed, original TeddyBoys
were really teddies all the time.

Thanks to this exclusive Stiffsteiffs exposť,
TeddyBoys make their comeback.

Everyone thinks rock and roll kicked off TeddyBoys,
but the very name should give you a clue.

This pair, Phil and Don, are tough TeddyBoys.
They have teddytattoos, and they are surely the ORIGINAL
TeddyBoys, not the later imitations.

Johnny Cash, the original teddybear, never goes anywhere without
his trusty guitar. He stands no messing about.

The one and only original Jerry Lee, of course a
TeddyBear, this original picture proves
it beyond any doubt.

The original Elvis. Obviously here Elvis teddyBear.
These suppressed pictures finally expose
one of the greatest cover ups in history.

The original Dolly. Nothing like the hillbilly
later imitation thrust at an unsuspecting public.

The real Adam Faith above, although discovered
near bow bells, hes nothing like what they would
have had you believe.

The real Little Richard, a quiet shy teddybear often
sitting alone when not freaking out on stage,
yet they would have you believe he was not really
an actual teddybear at all. These are your true TeddyBoys,
the name is the real giveaway.

However Julian and Sandy were always kept
that little bit quiet, even before the big con, they arent
your usual TeddyBoys.

Billy Fury, as youve never seen him before,
the English Teddyanswer to Elvis teddybear.
Seen here its obvious he was a teddybear,
no question.

Look at this picture and dispel all doubts
that is how real TeddyBoy gangs looked,
not the pale imitations that followed.
These intimidate by a mere glance, and
these were taken before they started
drinking, and teddybear jiving.

Can you imagine that is not the godfather of
all rock and roll, TeddyBoy supreme
yes, Chuck cool Berry.

Look at these later imitations below and judge for yourself.

I rest my case, the top ones are incontrovertibly true
pictures showing the real TeddyBoys were,
originally, actually TeddyBears, whereas these
are obviously doctored digital reproductions.


There was even a group called the TeddyBears.

Elvis sang I just want to be your teddybear, not
I just want to be your rock and roll dude.

These coded messages tell the true incredible
story behind the myths, of which even Von Daniken
would be proud,

TeddyBoys were originally TeddyBears.

ps. below is real life true, found on a site explaining old uses of building.
A hairdressers, who apparently kept his brownbear in the cellar. Apparently C19 barbers had a great need for beargrease which they used as the forerunner of brylcream. Wonder if thats why they were called teddyboys.