Re Enactment Company

Phone 01926 613700
UK traveling troupe.

Video of his redcoat at Blenheim palace incarnation is located after the bowman.

Here is the being who virtually is
the Re Enactment Company.
An enthralling ensemble who vividly
re enact our past to be an authentic living
depiction, in a dynamic vibrant world, rather than a
musty relic taught in dim and dark schoolrooms on dull
and lifeless days.

They endeavour to
display a stark reality to their depiction
of eras gone by, that so captivates and
holds their audience spellbound in time
as to make them oblivious to the fact that they
are actually being taught life in a bygone
unheralded age. For everything known recycles full
circle, and in fully researching our past,
we merely better equip ourselves to face
our future, whatever guise it takes.

Some deem our past as dull and distant
long irrelevant facts, totally devoid of
any insight, use or worth. Analogous to
saying we learn nothing from the first
time we burn ourselves as an infant, or
wise elders and previous icons knew
nothing that we can draw upon today.

Blenheim Palace Redcoat.

Kevin has many almost unique qualities.

Click on picture above for the Blenheim palace Redcoat podcast,
showing him loading and firing his musket.

The company are well suited
to their chosen profession, have been acting
for over ten years, and are established both
on stage, and on mainstream TV.
More importantly they care about what
they do and are expert at performing what
are in effect sublime lessons for our children
in an age where teaching is falling down.


The man in question is Kevin Hicks. Renowned among other creations as the
Warwick Bowman, and the Blenheim Redcoat, the original Master Bowman at Warwick Castle
and some genuine talent with a bow, where acting out our past is his forte.

A fan club has been started up, and all emails should be sent via
the above email address. I should think a great deal of people were astounded
when they first saw Kevin stripped for action. The Company are well established and professional troupe
dedicated to bringing our past to life through dramatic presentations and workshops
designed for a variety of venues. They have been traversing the country for
almost 10 years providing entertainment and spectacles for people of all ages.
Through practical, hands on performances and engaging storytelling,
audiences are guaranteed here a professional, informative and entertaining display
designed to inspire and capture the imagination. Original presentations are
thoroughly researched and each is tailored to individual needs and events.
The principal of the company, Kevin Hicks, makes regular television
appearances and has worked for some of the most respected names
in business and schools.

Spot the redcoat.

also enjoy the funny ursine adventures