Valve Amplifiers

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This page is for an unusually gifted man.

In an age of plastic and recycling, where
we buy today and throw away, here is a man
who takes the valve amplifiers of yesteryear
and makes them grow brightly again, lighting
up our lives in the process.

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Not only this, but he designs and builds
his own renowned valve amplifiers, the
Proteus and the Minuet. This is sound as
it was always meant to be, and as hifi and
LPs slowly make inroads back into favour
over cds and dvds one dimensional sound
then here, in my opinion, is the man who
will be at the forefront of the resurgance

This mans name is Geoff Kremer, who is a good friend
who loves hifi, valves, sweet sounds and great vibes
just like me. everything i can do, i try to do
myself, but when it becomes really tricky thats
where i stop and Geoff starts.
This is a man who loves what he does, and
cares for your old equipment as if he were you.
It is lovingly nurtured back to its former glory.
Your prized hifi comes back better than new
from a state of near disrepair.
The man is a genius.

He is also scrupulously professional,
A rare quality in this day and age.

31 Turkey Road,
East Sussex,
TN39 5HB.

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