Epic poem

total poem - revamped, scanned and edited. final version

Just as the early mist was clearing,
just as the sun-kissed dew was fresh,
A whisper announced a pale visitor,
In these aged woods to the west,
Belying their peaceful exterior,
Their inside was darker and cold,
The surrounding fields were sparkling,
Whereas these woods were ancient and mould.
And there is a tomb within these woods,
Borne of a ring in a stone and a prayer,
There is a vault and mystery underneath,
Though no one mortal knows it's there,
There is a secret held so tight in its grasp,
That many would yearn to possess,
Hidden deep inside there for centuries,
Some would deem cursed, some blessed.
There's also a slim cleft in the side of a cliff,
Which the woods do very well to hide,
Which is dark and deep and deceptive,
And which winds its way deep inside,
For many are the secrets of the wood,
And many are there to keep them hidden,
Kept in close control by a wise old mole,
And doing precisely what they're bidden.
And early light filtered in just a fraction,
From a beautifully sunlit outer land,
And onto the road hopped a three legged toad,
And the being with the stars in his hands,
And unto our wooded lair this unusual pair,
stepped with a wary and watchful tread,
For they knew of the secrets deep concealed,
They could sense them within their heads.
And just down south, by the ivy hung house,
Sheltered by shadows lurking and long,
Stands beaver and otter and harvest mouse,
Also sensing vibrations oh so strong,
For this is the time that was forecast,
The time that has come around so soon,
The epoch predicted, and often depicted,
The second silent dark side to the moon,
There are no wild fireworks to herald it,
No smoky writing against pristene blue sky,
But the time prophesied, when worlds coincide,
Is newly risen and now nearly is nigh.
And so disparate groups are converging,
On the wood so long sombre and vast,
To decipher codes the woods and woads,
Laid down in the strange mists of the past.
Once in the wood, the man is quietly stood,
And beside him the toad is as mute,
They both see the mossy stones lying there,
But pause as they are both astute,
These mysteries might, give way to fright,
If not approached with caution and care,
For many's the time, that similar rhyme,
Resulted in quite diabolical fare,
But all seems fine a feeling sublime,
Overcomes their sense of foreboding,
And they espy, with their practised eye,
Some engraved runes of ancient coding,
The man half smiles, examines the piles,
Of stones enveloped in time accrued age,
And scratches at words, long since unheard,
And uncovers a hidden, historic page,
Which to you and me, would not seem to be,
More than indecipherable icons at best,
But shrewd toad and man, understand the plan,
And acknowledge this ancient premier test.
And with no more ado, they search round anew,
And lo, after only musing a very short time,
There is leafy glade, where the stone was laid,
And there is the ring in the stones rime,
How do they know, where did they go,
To fathom this mystery deep and obscure,
To effortlessly pry into these secrets dark,
To make confusion into something so pure,
And with a deep sigh and then a great cry,
The man with the stars in his hands,
Pulls hard on the ring, and then everything,
Is lightning and recoiling fiery bands,
Of colours so bright, of things of dead night,
Those eras long since forgot and discounted,
Are suddenly here, and instill great fear,
And rack up the grave tensions mounting,
Until just as it seemed, these ethereal dreams,
Were turning to nightmares black gowned,
All uncoiled to naught, leaving just thoughts,
And a dark dank opening into the ground.
And inside this opening there is a faint light,
And behind the light thereís a discernable feeling,
That everything down there isnít quite right,
That somewhere little creatures are kneeling,
And looking in awe at a half hidden door,
Just barely visible inside quaint musty gloom,
And theyíre kneeling in the sure knowledge,
Of what lurks beyond that door in a room,
And suddenly the visions are clouded,
And swiftly there is just the black hole,
And strangely upstanding beside it,
Is a wise and sophisticated mole,
Who looks at them somewhat quizzical,
Then utters quietly and so serene,
"You are the man with the stars in his hand,
Who was prophesied from visions once seen,
From out of the depths and into the woods,
Like a video playing silently at twilight,
And all were amazed at the pictures portrayed,
And pondered them far into the night,
Until most had long forgotten them,
When they faded from view and from eyes,
But I was appointed and duly anointed,
And told to catch you both by surprise,
With a message warning of new days dawning,
And a bright new world to govern the old,
A brand new regime to wipe slates clean,
To fulfill prophecies down centuries told,
And the day we feared has now appeared,
Out of confusing swirling mists of time,
And you are the man with the stars in his hand,
And you are the being that is thus primed,
To execute fine tuned these elvin runes,
To bring completion to the final plan,
That will unite the nether world inside,
With the transient capricious world of man,
For on this glorious day, we shall all pray,
You are successful and accomplish your task,
But many are the obstacles in your way,
And many are they who would block your path.
You are the man, with the ultimate plan,
Etched in your mind to follow to source,
And here is the gate to our ultimate fate,
Here the venture that must follow its course.
Are you the man that they say you are,
Are you up to the trials that forebode,
Are you equipped to taste what is sipped,
Then continue upon your true road,
Your only companion the three legged one,
Whose purpose is beyond my remit,
my purpose to retell, tales known so well,
Memorised from those fires long since lit,
They told me to say, when you came this way,
They told me to arm you with cosmic truth,
They told me to impart, some words for the heart,
And others to give you the strength of youth,
They said "Down in the cobbles there's a spider,
Down in the dungeons there is a mouse,
Down in the castle there is an otter,
And a brave beaver is building a house,
These may help if used like an elf,
May succour in times of dire need,
but beware of the rustling of grasses,
Beware the lifting of latent leaves,
Beware the pure elation that success brings,
Beware the tired tiger, hard to spot at night,
Beware the spring and all purple things,
Beware flowers that just arenít quite right,
Beware of the dark robed horseman,
Without scythe, but a trier for death,
Beware the oddly dressed professor,
Beware of icy white tinged breath,
And take solace that I will be with you,
To try to keep you both safe and whole,
For I am your best friend underground,
No one sees so well as a mole.

Even as this scene mesmerically played out,
Beside ivy clad house not far distant at all,
The mouse and the otter and beaver,
Were leaning close by a shadowy wall,
They were integral parts of this jigsaw,
Assembled down years long since passed,
All having their function and mission,
All part of an exclusive time honoured cast,
All here today in their own curious way,
Drawn to denouement, yet not knowing why,
All bound by a band, forged by ancient hands,
All knowing they could slip, and could die,
In pursuing this ephemeral course of action,
In following a dream becoming all too real,
That now is taking on texture and form,
Assuming a mantle of odour and feel,
Thatís now more than a scary screechy sound,
Or a shadow half perceived in the night,
No this is more of a hideous reality check,
This is more than just having a fright,
This is a land thatís just out of hand,
This is a place best left well alone,
This is a mysterious alien culture,
This is not being safe in your home,
This is walking alone at midnight,
Hearing nothing that sounds at all good,
This is waking at creepy dank twilight,
To discover youíre inside a wodinous wood,
And not knowing how to get out again,
And being unable to wake from your dreams,
This is a quiet and silent sombre space,
Where no one would hear your screams,
Where no hero would save you at the last,
No happy ending would grant you tomorrow,
No, this is a real world of infinite danger,
A grim world of truly infinite sorrow,
A world in which to survive any time,
You need steely wits and steady nerve,
A sixth sense for your self preservation,
And keen sharp observation which will serve,
To evade the slippery forces out there,
To deflect their evil intent and guile,
To enter their world and watch it unfurl,
And invisibly travel within it for miles,
Then hopefully may, at a long distant day,
Return to the land whence you came,
And still be alive and safe and untouched,
Leaving the festering evil ones tamed,
And into this maelstrom of emotion,
Into this Armageddon and devilís abode,
This little band, moved forward as planned,
Towards the man and the three legged toad.
And just as they stepped out of the shadow,
Just as soon as that they had spied her,
There was the green and white spotted one,
There was the ultimate ubiquitous spider.
They quivered a little at her presence,
Not known in the plan they recalled,
But the spider spoke with a dusky throat,
"you have no need to fear me at all,
We are grouped together a strong alliance,
And though you do not know, nor may ask,
I am part of your ultimate fabled destiny,
I am an integral part of your given task,
One day when all seems totally lost,
When things look blacker than black,
It is me who will come to your rescue,
When others surround you in packs.
So this motley crew came to the glade,
Where the stone with the ring was ajar,
And they saw the opening dark and deep,
They heard voices deep inside from afar,
And they knew a fear that penetrated,
Deep to the bone and which chilled,
Yet followed the man and toad and mole,
Knowing they might well be killed,
And took the ancient ladder in their hands,
And descended slowly, and completely sublime,
To alight in a cave, where none but the brave,
Would linger for any length of time,
For there on the walls of this massive hall,
Were portents of dread and of moans,
There lined in layers one on another,
Rows on rows of elvic heads and bones,
Strewn on the floor were thousands more,
Gleaming white, and gnawed at the edges,
And at the far end a spiral stair to descend,
Past a door kept ajar by two wedges.
But all is not perfect poised and dandy,
All is always delicately balanced and fated,
For every Gandhi that appears on the horizon,
Thereís always A little Hitler being created,
And just as the separate groups for good,
Were descending the stairs to the cave,
Upon the crack in the cliffs were stood,
Ill assembled ranks of sinister knaves,
They comprised of the usual suspects,
Plus a few who seemed not true to form,
werewolves and elves, quite themselves,
But also sheep who looked quite the norm,
There was a darkening of the bright skies,
By the hordes of jet black winged bats,
There were trolls, with their floozy molls,
And at least thirty non black cunning cats,
Yet as these growled, hissed and howled,
Things that come and go bump in the night,
There were also the cows who usually browse,
And simply do not usually herald fright.
Such arcane assembly, suffice to rend the,
Whole area not fit to walk or to cross,
Was obviously led and mentally fed,
By a bigger and more formidable boss,
And just as surmised, here he is, no surprise,
We could have guessed his form with ease,
The ultimate foe, whom all should know,
Who does just as he would please,
An ogre with skin all horny and warty,
His beard encrusted with old bits of bones,
His breath both foul and earthy,
And growling in deep abyssal tones,
Moving in front of his army of demons,
And scary beings from out of dark dreams,
Whose visages terrified, all those alive,
At some stage in their lives it seems,
And he is the undisputed leader no doubt,
Just one look is to see where he's at,
They all watch his every move and nuance,
Though they wonder at his bowler hat,
Black and shiny and perched on his head,
So smart in contrast to his shabby clothes,
Ragged and trailing, hardly regaling,
Threadbare and holy is the dread pose,
Yet this hat seems to so contradict,
Seems out of place and partly perverse,
Perhaps it's just to say, I wear what I may,
He who objects will fear the worst,
And so the minions of darkness gathered,
At the crack in the cliff leading down,
And many thousands were they in number,
And loud were their cacophonous sounds.
This isnít Enid Blyton, or a grim fairy tale,
This isnít Tolkien hobbits, or lion lore,
This is for real, these all love a meal,
And you and I could end up part of the gore.
Thereís no superman or batman or robin,
To save us if alls not going too well,
Thereís just our wits and speed of thought,
To save our souls and leave us able to tell,
Of all that occurs in this underground world,
On this fated day long foretold and awaited,
And I will describe what actually transpired,
whilst you listen with your breath abated,
For I know just what happened to all here,
And I know the final outcome and end,
I am but a neutral bystanding observer,
I notice events then transcribe and send,
These words of the deeds and their results,
That affected you back then and still do,
For this is the clash of the ultimate titans,
And they are fighting and scheming over you,
For the future prophesized means many will cry,
And many will suffer and fall and be lost,
But at this outset described, all there alive,
Knew what they wanted and what it would cost.
And the Ogre raised a sinuous arm upward,
And a still came upon the raucous throng,
he swept around them all, past the rock fall,
And jumped onto the pathway going along,
To the crack in the cliffs, the ancient rift,
Between our world and something beyond ,
A place where nothing is quite as it seems,
A place ruled by the spell and the wand,
A place where everything can be anything,
If you know just what to do and to say,
Where water can flow itself backwards,
And night can turn so swiftly to day,
An almost surreal, crafty witchcrafty feel,
An impression somethingís not quite right,
A domain quite unplanned, a sleight of the hand,
Born out of a magical conjurors might,
And then Ogre howls, and into the bowels,
Of this world where mere mortals expire,
plunges off to the right and clear out of sight,
And his minions follow eyes redly afire,
Then in no time, all is strangely sublime,
No one would ever suspect what we saw,
The sun still it beams, and everything seems,
Much as it was just a daydream before,
The demons and trolls, hobgoblins that loll,
Witches and warlocks and familiar cats,
Bats and demons, pagans and heathens,
Followed the Ogre's black bowler hat.
For now its the time, and no nursery rhyme,
Now is the meeting down under our feet,
And who can predict the final outcome,
Who will survive this cataclysm to greet,
Who these weeks will survive what they meet,
And be triumphant at the end of the day,
I'll tell you in time, sometimes words sometimes mime,
Sometimes black sometimes white sometimes grey,
But its a tale well worth the listening,
And a tale that will keep you enthralled,
Its a tale of the real, that will make you feel,
That you were really a part of it all,
So listen on carefully, as I dquietly describe,
What happens to the friends and the foes,
Its about to explode this world that we know,
And how it all ends no one knows.

meanwhile back under the ringed stone,
hovering the very top of the scary stair,
Our heroes pondered a minute or two,
Trying to take in just what was there,
Not wanting to linger where times deadly finger,
Had pointed at those fallen and strewn,
Nevertheless they could be in worse mess,
If they plunged on headlong too soon,
mole full of resource, had brought his torch,
Dispelling myths he could see in the dark,
armed with this light, they descended a flight,
And viewed a scene both awesome and stark,
They perched above a great courtyard of old,
With a castle and keep off to left side,
A ruined Abbey and tower, reeking of power,
still standing long after its occupants died,
dead centre of the square, a statue stood there,
Of a stone bird borne of heraldry and magic,
And there was nary a sound, no one was around,
This mystical place seemed empty and tragic,
They entered the square, stood silent there,
Taking in surroundings both mighty and tumbled,
wondered aloud, what misfortune had ploughed,
This culture dispersed, forgotten and humbled,
The man with the stars he notices writing,
On the statues plinth side near to the floor,
And they all read the hieroglyphics inscribed,
But only he knows what it says any more,
Then from out of the rubble comes a rat,
All grey and teeth and moving so quick,
And soon there are more and more of them,
Soon their ranks are both swelled and thick,
And they are gloating in their numbers,
And reveling in all their sharp teeth,
And thinking how lucky the ogre told them,
Of these soft offerings down here to eat,
Yet just before they are a true multitude,
Just before they are all poised to attack,
The quiet man with the stars in his hands,
Stills the surge of this colossal rat pack,
He says "bring me your leader and master,
The Rat who is King of you all this day,
For I have need to talk to him urgently,
I have most important things now to say,
That will make you all wealthy and happy,
And not fear for the future all furtive,
But prosper and grow, soon come to know,
A cool new way of living and let live,
So go and bring on your Rat King,
And let us talk before we do war,
What can it cost, a little time lost,
And your army much bigger than before?"
And there was a silence most dreadful,
When all suspected they were doomed,
Then King Rat appeared, obviously most feared,
With a presence that would fill any room,
And sitting back on his haunches quietly,
His paw stroking his forehead and brow,
He spoke in a sibilant menacing whisper,
"who or what can save you now?"
Then the man with the stars whispered calmly,
"I can save us all, and I can also save you,
For does the ogre think much of your army ,
Does he value you above his other crew,
To offer you up as the first obstacle,
first forces condemned to possibly die,
That does not seem, to see you the cream,
When you are the first sent to fry,
Far better we not even fight at all,
you keep a quarter of all annual grain,
Far better you are given the castle forever,
In honour of never opposing us again"
king rat was taken aback by this stance,
And was astute enough to stop to think,
And sat and pondered head in his paws,
Then finally straightened up and blinked,
And said in his raspy and harsh whisper,
"But whats to stop us from taking it now,
what you offer we can win anyway,
without your saying what you will allow,
even the mice, so good with the dice,
would not bet on your walking away,
For thereís no doubting who will triumph,
who will feast at the end of the day"
And he smiled a sly and malignant smile,
And yet inside he sensed of a trap,
So he did not get overly confident,
He did not immediately order attack,
And just as well for the man with the stars,
Merely waved his hand at the statue and muttered,
And the statue started to quiver and crack,
The stone bird whose wings never fluttered,
Started to sigh and look at the sky,
With huge eyes growing bluer than blue,
That took in the land the rats and the man,
then the bird roared and everyone knew,
That the man with the stars had awakened,
He had used his wizardly magical art,
And the stone bird was now a terrible foe,
To strike terror right into the heart,
And it spoke with a growl and a fire,
And it spoke directly to King Rat,
"for centuries you rats have been vilified,
But now you can rise above that,
For now there is to be a reckoning,
we will sort out the sides and whoís who,
i would be on the side of he of the stars,
For you can see just what he can do,
And he will deliver on his promises,
keep you in grain in manorial style,
Better by far to side with him,
So much better by far by a mile,
And also there will be in future times,
When history tells all its secretive tales,
When people sit down writing nursery rhymes,
When great scholars proclaim over the dales,
They will tell of the exploits of the rats,
So wise and so good and so pure,
And your destiny will be as heroes,
And your place in history will be secure,
You will be revered, instead of just feared,
You will be loved instead of hated,
You will be held in esteem, you barely dreamed,
Your reputation newly armour plated.
Then again we could pause and have a war,
And all of you would perish no fear,
For the man with the stars has freed me,
And I am too much for what you have here,
You are not foolish or stupid or impetuous,
But wise and pragmatic and dark,
And to die for nothing is senseless,
Whilst to live on and prosper is smart.
And the King Rat thanked the stars,
He had had an inkling of what was to be,
And saw that it was better to barter,
Better to live and to breathe and be free,
So he spoke in a muted whisper so quiet,
Yet all heard his every word on the day,
"we rats will follow the man and the bird,
will listen to anything that they would say,
We are not cowards who would shirk a fight,
But there is reason and sense in his tone,
And we will accept the offer of grain,
And we will make the castle our home",
And the rats all trooped off in unison,
Quite pleased they did not have to die,
none doubted they would all have perished,
Who had looked into the stone birds eyes.
And the bird spoke quietly to King Rat,
Now alone in the square with the friends,
He said "This is where you can leave it,
here's where it can all be resolved and end,
Keep your side of the bargain and rats,
Will be remembered well down the ages,
Whenever children at school are learning,
Whenever historians turn over their pages,
Best to recall I can eliminate you all,
With one breath or a flick of my tail,
Best to remember January to December,
I can always get back on your trail",
And Rat whispered for the last time,
"it will be always and forever as you say"
with that he turned, having wisely learned,
And followed the other rats on their way,
To take over the castle and its grounds,
And to live in peace and prosper with time,
to suddenly become heroes not villains,
In all future accounts of these times.
the bird fell in stride with the man by his side,
And the mole and the toad followed suit,
And they strode off towards the Abbey,
And no one was there in pursuit.
For as great as is the power of persuasion,
And as strong as the man and his strange brew,
It doesnít hurt to use some arcane knowledge,
When great forces are menacing you.
And onward they journeyed to the Abbey,
Where others lurked high out of sight,
There is always a belfry in any Abbey,
And always bats there both day and night,
Theres always a rustling and squeaking,
High pitched murmers and venomous eyes,
missing nothing at all, that walks or crawls,
And can swoop in swift silent suprise,
But the man sees the petrified figures,
Of the monks bodies that once here trod,
mused for a while, then started to smile,
And inclined his head in a curious nod,
And no sooner had he they awakened,
Then did they fall onto the bell ropes,
their rhythmic ring, drowning out everything,
And dashing the bats fervent hopes,
Of a dinner oh so easy to plunder,
Just a glide and a snatch and a munch,
now they just wanted to stop the bells,
And were oblivious to what was for lunch,
And the man strode into plain view,
And spoke upwards towards the skies,
"i know you are there in the belfry,
And what intent is in your sharp eyes,
But why not consider a third way,
Much as politicians are oft to tell,
Then maybe we could do something,
About those that are tolling their bells,
And soon there is another truce called,
Soon the bats own the Abbey for life,
Are allowed fifty acres radius to forage,
And some cool caves for holiday nights,
Its all going swell, anyone could tell,
That both sides were gaining riches,
twas then it occurred, visions all blurred,
and once cleared there were three witches,
One with a bubbling pot, and a cat,
One with hair long and lank and yellow,
And one with a face like thunder,
Who wasted no time but did bellow,
"now where's your magic going to get you,
do you assume we will be so easy to fright,
For we are as you, arcane through and through,
We are sisters of the dawn and twilight,
No one has ever opposed us and lived,
Unless changed to another strange form,
For this is what we tend to do,
Is buck the trends, and twist the norm,
But the Man with the stars in his hands,
Was not worried of these women of woad,
and summoned by the merest inflexion,
he brought forward the three legged toad,
"my leg's inside that vile potion you tried,
To spell us with your venom and mightĒ,
and with no more ado, reached into the brew,
And retrieved his leg, as was his right,
they knew their fate, watched leg regenerate,
Realized no spells would be working today,
toad was well smart, and possessed the heart,
To brave their curses and thus them dismay,
And toad says, ďyou should not be amazed,
For the potion my leg set in motion,
Only applied whilst my leg was inside,
And now is beyond your devotions.Ē

The monks milled around, the witches they found,
And managed to come to a truce of a kind,
They would subsist in harmony here,
As long as these witches were inclined,
To agree to the mans special entreaty,
No runes or spells to be aimed at him,
No ambushing toad, on a lonely back road,
And relieving him of another limb,
And grudgingly they gave their word as one,
And were left with the monks and the bats,
And our friends continued on their way,
By the larger of three similar paths,
And just behind them were another quartet,
We forgot about for some length of time,
The mouse otter spider and beaver,
Are following the route pre assigned.
But just as they started onto the path,
Just as they were disappearing from view,
A rat appeared from out of nowhere,
And called out to the motley crew,
"we appreciated your sense of justice,
and respected your sparing our lives,
for the bird could have devoured us all,
None of us would have survived,
So just to show our appreciation,
And give a little back to your cause,
we warn you should not take this path,
we urge you now to stop and pause,
we rats know every nook and cranny,
we have been everywhere sometime gone,
we have seen all there is to be seen here,
we know everything that ever goes on,
we cannot do some things you can do,
survive some places where you can survive,
but we can be your underground mentors,
we can be your ears and your eyes,
and twould be better to turn around,
and take that tiny little known track,
lead off to the west, we urge its best,
for your current path leads to attack,
and better by far for you gain knowledge,
be better informed what happened before,
for in olden times, the runes and rhymes,
told of famine and plagues and of war,
and little known facts of the reasons,
the factors that shaped our current world,
all this can be seen, almost as if dreams,
all the sage secrets can slowly unfurl.
you have to trust in the word of the rats,
following me will save you from strife,
you have to choose, if you win or lose,
by completely trusting me with your life.Ē
and the man with the stars in his hands,
looked hard at the little rat in his way,
wondered a while, then with a quiet smile,
whisperingly opened his mind up to say,
"we appreciate your magnanimous offer,
where most others would still be seething,
we are happy to trust in your directions,
happy for you to keep us all breathing,
honoured that the king rat has seen fit,
to send you to us during our trials,
making sure we donít stumble a few yards,
but can follow you safely for miles,
yes of course we are happy to be led,
where you are well versed and we flailing,
on our own we would surely be drowning,
but with you we will be plain sailing"
so it came to pass they turned full circle,
and took the hidden track to the west,
which soon came unto a passage downwards,
on dimly seen ancient mouldering steps,
on the fringes of a great building stark,
standing monolithic against eerie twilight,
oozing power and grandeur and mystery,
and epitomizing its arcane dark might,
and they descended the steps in silence,
not a word nor whisper nor sigh,
till they stood before a monumental door,
many meters wide, many meters high,
and the rat said "we know what is beyond,
as we got there by another strange way,
but we have never opened this door,
we just know there are words here to say,
as we listened to the Pious Priest's prayers,
heard when he mentioned the great door ajar,
from words incanted, by elders implanted,
by those old ones descended from mars",
and the man with the stars quietly spoke,
in a language none there had ever heard,
and a rumbling started to emanate,
as if something mighty had stirred,
and a tiny gap appeared at the edge,
hinges creaked and shook off their grime,
and the door slowly opened inwardly,
for only the twenty first time.
and beyond the door there was the light,
little expected down here underground,
they were prepared for the darkness,
they were prepared for unusual sounds,
but this light shining bright towards them,
seemed somehow out of place and time,
yet forward they strode, into this abode,
a courageous body in their prime.
And an incredible sight greeted them,
Not a hint of age or decay was betrayed,
but a building so fine, a design sublime,
great creation beautifully displayed.
They stood in a hall incredibly tall,
like a cathedral but ten times the size,
and passages exited everywhere,
And astonishing things took their eyes,
there were tombs made out of sheer marble,
and vaults descending under the ground,
ornate paintings on all walls and ceilings,
vaulted masonry spans to astound,
and over all was the total utter silence,
that kept this space locked in awe,
and no one had seen anything like it,
none had seen its like before,
and the music started so quietly,
and seeped its way into their psyche,
it started so simply and quietly,
it started so laid back and lightly,
it didnít seem long since it started,
but they all soon knew the tune,
it was a classic of peacenik times,
it was the dark side of the moon,
and when its final laugh had faded,
so apocalyptic in such a setting,
in a backdrop fit for a Wagner,
a power play so ably abetting,
then the being slowly appeared,
and glided artfully into their senses,
who was so very subtly opposing,
yet not so they thought of defences,
and he spoke to them succinctly,
not a word lost nor forgotten nor wasted,
"welcome those that would know everything,
would sup of every wine ever tasted,
would set out to see, how to be free,
learn failings of old, and labours of love,
would listen and search, under the earth,
of all ancient history of the above.
for I am him called the Soothsayer,
I keep the records and tend the power,
I have many that help and scurry around,
I have many that tend to the towers,
I have many that look to the vaults,
and many that cater to timeless tunnels,
I have many that recall the great times,
before the huge shaking that pummeled,
I have many that ensure I stay quite pure,
and render my tales told quite truthful,
I have many that recall the same tales,
told when I was rather more youthful,
and they prime me if I waver at all,
or embellish tales told too long to tell,
they make sure I tell it all as it is,
and not told better for me to swell,
my head in its telling a little bit strange,
just a little bit short of the mark,
no everything is still told as it was,
way back then in those times so dark,
I am immortal as you understand it,
will always be here to consult or contact,
this place will always be safe and secure,
its walls will evermore be intact,
just ask of me what you would see,
what you would know and would delight,
and I will turn the darkness of ignorance,
into the truth that shines through the night."

And the man looked around him now,
and saw his companions looking too,
and he saw the little three legged toad,
he saw the mole with his velvet shoes,
he saw the otter and the little rat,
small and furry and a bit scared,
the little doormouse sat with the spider,
and the beaver with his teeth bared,
and said to them all, standing so tall,
"do you all want to go on and to learn?
do you want to follow me into this place?
no one will say ought if you turn,
you are all free to leave me now,
and nothing will ever be written,
about who did what and did when,
about those fear might have smitten,
you have all followed me so bravely,
and you are allowed now to bend,
to choose to follow their own path,
and not follow me on to the end
it will not be dishonour to disembark,
not be a stain if you choose now to go,
no one is recording this conversation,
no one would ever guess or know"
and the little doormouse rose tiny,
on his back legs to full puny height,
and said "I am not going to back down,
I have been running away all of my life"
and the others nodded in quiet unison,
and the man with the stars he was proud,
he had more than anyone could wish for,
more than he thought was allowed,
and he spoke to the soothsayer still stood,
"we will know all there is here to know,
for information will nourish knowledge,
and knowledge will help us to grow,
and this place seems to be powerful,
a repository of all things long since gone,
we can assimilate as much as we can,
until such time as we need to move on.
so lead us where you will lead us,
and teach us the stories and rhymes,
teach us the history and the mystery,
teach us how in the ancient times,
they dealt with things that fool us now,
and cured things we cannot understand,
they must have known so much more then,
there must have been much greater plans,
there must have been, a mighty Halloween,
such as we non pagans cannot know now,
there must have been greater knowledge,
long since gone under the plough,
and can you tell us all so well
of these lost pieces of the puzzles,
can you unblink all our blind eyes,
can you untether all tof he muzzles,
can you let us into all your secrets,
everything worldly and all arcane,
everything that is currently shrouded,
until one day it becomes quite plain?"

and the Soothsayer clicked his fingers,
and out from the vault at his left hand,
a slithering snake with a tablet appeared,
and motioned it onto an invisible stand,
and the soothsayer touched the tablet,
a screen descended out of roofs core,
and hovered in the mid space between,
the roof and pristine jeweled floor,
and for a while there was just silence,
and the screen hung hovering unstirred,
and then there was a border of light,
then a strange eerie music was heard,
and pictures started appearing on it,
pictures of long forgotten bloody wars,
landscapes wreck wracked and cratered,
a foreboding of what was in store,
"this is the state of the ancient world,
at the point of oblivion and demise,
when the decision was taken to terminate,
and the fire rained down from the skies,
and everything went back a million years,
everything started stone age again,
everything that was known at the time,
was denied to the future new men,
the super cities in west and east,
vaporised in seconds to mere dust,
and turned into dead radiation deserts,
whole worlds turned to weeds and rust,
and now where the Gobi and Nevada,
hold radiation levels higher than norm,
no one questions what was there before,
no one guesses their previous form.
come follow me into the time room,
where everything that was and will be,
is monitored or replayed or planned,
and from viewing it all you will see,
just how we all came to be here,
just how suddenly it once all ended,
what actually happened in the past,
against what was originally intended."

and he rose and walked off to the left,
into a room that was subtly steel lined,
they all silently followed him in there,
intrigued by the pictures in their minds,
and the room started to descend slowly,
they realised it was a lift in disguise,
it descended for quite a very long time,
and they started to hear distant cries,
and the lift stopped slowly after an age,
but no one moved a muscle or hair,
they were wondering if it had finished,
they were wondering if they were there,
and the Soothsayer motioned them out,
and eventually took the lead himself,
as no one was fully confident yet,
everyone still had their niggling doubt,
they were now in a huge laboratory,
with screens all adorned round the walls,
and massive pictures on the ceilings,
and massive exits into vast halls,
shown on every screen on every wall,
was the situation above as of now,
the vast majority were showing war,
the gun triumphing over the plough,
many showed scenes of low murder,
or inner city squalor and civil strife,
few showed scenes of peaceful greens,
or happy contented calm country life,
everywhere there was a fatal air,
desperation, despondency and devastation,
where man struggled with fellow man,
where nation fought with other nations,
where everyone alive fights to survive,
and equates their standing with money,
where everything is doom and despair,
where nothing smiles or is seen as funny.
and taking in these harrowing scenes,
without comment nor question nor talk,
they followed the soothsayer to a console,
and listened to him as he now walked,
them through the beginning to the now,
aided by these scenes on the screens,
a master class in despair and decline,
and the shattering of hopeful dreams,
"this was the beginning, he intoned,
as a craft landed on a plateau wide,
it was silver and gold in its colour,
and it contained super beings inside,
who knew more than we will ever know,
until we are worthy enough to be told,
and they descended from their craft,
just four of them not young nor old,
but seemingly ageless and immune,
and fearless of all that surrounds,
and oblivious to the bright sunlight,
and unconscious to all jungle sounds,
that emanated from out of the tree line,
all around their plateau quite bare,
and no one knew that they existed,
no one dreamt that they were there,
and over a week or two, these beings,
collected gorillas and chimps far and wide,
implanted embryos into the rib marrow,
from neat fine holes made in their sides,
and once the creation had taken,
once the new race had been born,
there came a day in the month of may,
they were gone on the break of the dawn,
and they monitored their new beings,
from this place where we now stand,
they called their creations homo sapiens,
yes they created the first ever man,
and they hid all their super knowledge,
here and under places where in time,
great edifices would be built atop,
at the crossings of many lay lines.
the seven wonders of the ancient world,
hide wonders much more wonderful below,
which man should have acquired by now,
but instead was for now not to know,
for we will watch his progress move along,
from stone age to bronze to medieval,
man started to cant away from being good,
in favour of becoming selfish and evil,
and eventually the super beings grew tired,
of watching their superb plans go awry,
so they set up a global nuclear war,
and death rained down from the skies,
Gobithay and Nevadica were eradicated,
the two greatest super cities that existed,
and nowhere was immune to the carnage,
except some hippies that had insisted,
on building a craft like a life raft,
subsisting in space amongst its stations,
the many built before the squabbles,
when nations helped other nations,
and after a few millennia passed along,
when no one remembered times gone by,
these survivors recolonised their world,
descending once again from the sky,
so now we had three types of being,
the Neanderthal age rock breaking ,
rulers of old so calculating and cold,
and descendants from space of their making,
who founded their own islands of knowledge,
Atlantis and its twin in eastern ocean,
and started to dissipate their wisdom,
started to reveal ingredients for potions,
and slowly built up a satellite world,
with them at the hub of the learning
where Rome and Greece and china
were progressing instead of burning,
and then an untimely earthquake shook,
this fledgling bright world to its core,
in the space of a day and a night,
Atlantis sadly existed no more,
and some escaped this devastation,
and landed safely on other shores,
but the centres of education and learning,
were destroyed and submerged evermore.
and the ultimate rulers were surprised,
an earthquake could pass by their gaze,
and suspected an inner core of their ranks,
had not notified they should be saved,
instead of the earthquakes being curbed,
relocated where none could be harmed,
there was no notification of the danger,
no hint of any query or alarm,
and down on the surface of the above,
survivors who knew of these rulers of rhyme,
realised that they had been betrayed,
and left out in midday sunshine to dry,
so they kept their counsel and nurtured,
the knowledge they knew from the past,
and you have to be one of them too,
man with the stars and knowledge so vast,
just as i am of the ranks of the rulers,
those that would do you no harm,
those that were hoping your Atlantis,
would create world peace and calm,
yet now we are come truly full circle,
and the world is corrupt as before,
but we donít want another Armageddon,
donít want another nuclear war,
so you and I and this underworld,
have to foment another grand plan
that will eliminate all the evil abroad,
yet conserve all those good that we can,
and maybe one day when the evils away,
and the dawn rises on goodness and right,
the age old writings and knowledge,
will finally get to see the light"
And whilst the man with the stars in his hands,
was wrestling with these sobering facts,
the soothsayer moved over much closer,
and uttered more of astounding impact,
"I have told you of the past and its secrets,
such as no one else has ever heard tell,
but now I will tell you of the future,
now I will tell those mighty scenes as well,
it was deemed to have been scribed,
millennia in the distant past of myths,
but it has always been presumed as true,
always expected to become a real tryst,
when man and rhyme, gods and time,
meet on a field of their mutual choosing,
and many shall fall and many be called,
from both victors and those there losing,
a huge conflagration and clash mighty,
set to inflame both the heavens and hell,
and you would to well to mark its meaning,
do well to listen to all I have to tell,
for twas foretold that love of gold,
and relish of avarice sloth and greed,
would fuel the rage of the heavens,
would send them to mount their steeds,
whilst the dragon who is the devil,
musters all his multitude who have imbibed,
who have dispersed evil and fomented wars,
who have corrupted, cursed and lied,
who all carry the dragons mark upon them,
are under his sure spell in consequence,
who lurk on every corner and crossing,
who are so wont to take offence,
striking down those who do not bear his mark,
seeking them out each and every day,
and who will stand fast against them,
who will make these demons go away,
but it is written in the old scriptures,
that a time will finally come to pass,
when there will be such a reckoning,
that there will be an imperial impasse,
and the signs for it all taking place,
are many and detailed and precise,
but I will tell you of the gist of this,
I will tell you what will surely suffice,
there will be a drying of the river Euphrates,
and rivers will run red with blood,
armies cross the river playing trumpets,
each trumpet call from buglers stood,
will herald a new disaster smiting,
all those within its lethal arc or path,
and mighty will be these smitings,
mighty also will be their wrath,
the sun will become much more fiery,
and will cause boils and burns abroad,
the sea will turn red with blood,
turned inward upon them by their lord,
multitudes will perish in agony great,
burned fried and smouldering dead,
there will be no place of safe haven,
just pain anguish and misery instead,
there will be four dreaded horsemen,
white black red and sallow hue,
wreaking slaughter dearth and death,
relentlessly pusuing the chosen few,
riding out where they will unstoppable,
so it would appear to all who observe,
removing every sinew, bone and muscle,
rendering useless, rupturing nerves,
the moon and stars themselves obscured,
by a cloud of fire ravaged embers bright,
the carnage lasts for eternity it seems,
and continues onwards into dark nights,
and locusts descend on the land left,
tormenting men for five months or more,
every living being has weeping blisters,
every living being has suppurating sores,
and the great earthquake is upon them also,
heralding worse disasters yet in store,
red dragon that is the devious devil,
lashes out with hate death and war,
ulcers and floods and darkness and blood,
flow and burn and bleed and boil,
and all the time an unrelenting sun,
burns down on all men and the soil,
and when all would seem completely lost,
all burned brown and banished in its path,
suddenly a knight on a white charger,
appears and monumental is his wrath,
he casts those clearly marked by the beast,
down into the insatiable fires of hell,
pursues and captures the false prophet,
casts him down into the fires as well,
and the great dragon who is the devil,
is undone underestimating the meek,
hauled off in chains for a thousand years,
just as he was reaching his devilish peak,
and all his marked accomplices are prone,
lying smouldering spent and undone,
only the horsemen still stand silently,
once this last joust has been run,
and who can say which was the way,
they decided to take for the morrow,
for nothing was written of them again,
nothing documented their pain or sorrow,
whether they decided to bow their heads,
and bend their knees to a new lord,
nothing was ever said about their fate,
nothing mentioned of peace or swords,
and the great dragon must be released again,
when one thousand years has elapsed,
and the great white horse lord will appear,
once more when judgment comes at last,
and all men will be scrutinised finally,
their demeanor and temperament tested,
by the supreme being and his elders,
whose integrity he has regally invested,
all these are spawn of men true born,
who never took the mark of the beast,
whose descendents will gain immortality,
and a million years of perfect peace,
and a supreme new sense of purpose,
and a knowledge so vast and true,
and a feeling that they are vindicated,
for having willpower in the past to do,
what was right in that dark age,
when it would have been easier to give way,
to temptation and living life so easy,
now they have gained a brighter day,
in a future that is right in its form,
and not evil corrupt ed and flawed,
and they will ever be carried forward,
because they trusted in the white lord.

so many were called but few were chosen,
many assumed wealth forever was free,
blind obedience would bring endless riches,
at the expense of fools like you and me,
you cannot drink only wine all day,
cannot eat dollar bills or trinkets,
you cant follow licentiousness wildly,
and always presume to think that its,
something that will be there forever,
without effort or toil thought or care,
you cant consume without producing,
cant continue to take what's not there,
for thereís a reckoning coming calling,
thereís a bill that must always be paid,
thereís no such thing as a free dinner,
no happy ending to done deals made,
the few that were saved and prospered,
had eschewed the easy life offered free,
simply being lazy and pursuing pleasure,
and buying all that they could see,
with a huge virtual money bankroll,
from a vast choice of virtual jobs,
ia world committed to dreamy panacea,
in vast herds of sheepish mobs.

there is no substitute for work,
there is no sort cut to riches,
it isnít possible to scratch,
every single desire that itches,
the white lord he restored the balance,
he showed how it all should be,
those that followed the beast blindly,
were all destroyed most sheepishly.

the man with the stars and his clan,
were now well versed in tales of old,
and of the prophesies of the future,
and of secrets hidden not yet told,
of knowledge stored in hideaways,
until man was worthy of their content,
subtly kept from their prying eyes,
until higher powers can finally consent,
to let them into the secrets long buried,
the powers coveted for all of time,
the way to super being immortality,
and wisdom so serene and so sublime,
yet all is in the balance of happenings,
held in the palms of a select few hands,
to be fought for with cunning and guile,
by primordily good and evil bands,
coming to a conclusion so soon upon us,
when the moon next decides it will rise,
a whispery twilight between day and night,
slipperly insinuates itself across the skies,
with this sense of purpose and destiny,
split into original group compositions,
these intrepid and disparate beings,
proceeded upon their chosen missions,
the man with the stars in his hands,
and the mole with ineffable charm,
coupled with the three legged toad,
went first exuding great grit and calm,
followed at not a great distance,
by the astonishing spotted great spider,
and the otter of sophisticated aplomb,
and the beaver right there beside her,
the tiny doormouse barely visible,
in the shadow of the beaver brave,
and who were they going to rescue,
who were they going to save,
why had they all heeded an inner call,
and spurning self, committed to serve,
what had attracted their attention here,
whose fate their strivings reserved,
and the Soothsayer stepped forward,
followed keenly by seven pairs of eyes,
and the soothsayer cleared his throat,
and the soothsayer said with a sigh,
"I will go along with you this one time,
though told to remain until the bell tolled,
yet I sense there is need of me elsewhere,
thereís a calling from sage voices of old,
that tell me to join in your great quest,
to lead you on the path you should choose,
and they all let him lead down a staircase,
between quartz pillars of primevally fused,
eons before the building so cathedral,
was hewn out of the rock and the earth,
and the staircase stopped at a steel grating,
which spanned a cleft so wide in girth,
and onto a ledge like floor to a tunnel,
whose right side was a descent into hell,
all fallen away into a dark nothingness,
if your feet did not purchase too well,
and the ledge traveled over a crystalline bridge,
suspended over a chasm of frothing mist,
and they perceived a sense of finality,
like helpless corn being sent to the grist,
inside this cavernous and awesome space,
where nothing small or trivial lurked,
there was an underlining of purpose,
a feeling that naught should be shirked,
over the bridge was a mottled blue ridge,
of copper sulphate imposed on hard arÍte,
and they traversed this by a rail of iron wide,
and came to the edge of the spider net,
an intricate weaving of tiny carbon steel,
strands hung over a fiery furnace deep,
how would they traverse this barrier,
how to make this toughest yet leap,
but for every year there is a season,
and remembering opportunities denied her,
stepping forward fearlessly on the web work,
was the astonishing green spotted spider,
and fulfilling her own prophecy dark,
she would be their savior least suspected,
she brilliantly twisted and sprang apace,
traversing this clever defence mesh erected,
in times immemorial intended definitive,
to be impregnable and beyond earthly span,
yet no one had factored in fearless spiders,
in close collusion with mere mortal man,
and as she went on she spun and spun,
and a silvery web causeway appeared,
and they all crossed over swiftly to safety,
via the superb passageway she had cleared,
and so it was noticed that everyone counted,
everyone has a talent which adds to the whole,
those seemingly odd eccentric or superfluous,
all had something to throw in the bowl.

there from their prominent position,
high above the surrounding level plain,
they saw far off a gargantuan horde,
the ogre central, their mentor and brain,
there were werewolves and hairy trolls,
demons and imps, elves and vampires,
all lying scattered around the remnants,
of myriad still red glowing camp fires,
and they all as one looked them upwards,
towards our two groups on the mountain,
it did not take much of a mathematician,
to work out the difference in accounting,
this host virtually spread like ants far below,
outnumbered our friends thousands to one,
yet they suddenly started their way downwards,
like a ray descending from a great sun,
and light reflected from their armour,
and light reflected from out of their eyes,
and to those below they seemed to grow,
and their bodies seemed more than comprised,
of hair and skin and skeletal form,
of normal cartilage and muscle and bone,
for they walked towards the ogre with purpose,
where usually great fear was shown,
and the ogre broke the spell cast,
by the silent approach of this host,
saying "are you in such a hurry now,
to change from mortal into just ghost?
you are quite alone on this plain,
and we are a multitude of might,
yet you show no sign of being afraid,
no visible appearance of fright"
and then there was a rumble loud,
and a boulder detached from the cliffs,
and a horde of rats swiftly assembled,
from out of this darkness and rift,
and the King Rat appeared in the van,
and muttered in his sibilant voice,
ďeverything comes down to a denouement,
everything finally comes down to choice,
and strangely enough the choice being tough,
and we usually prone to run and to hide,
we are unusually attached to these beings,
who have given us all back our pride,
so they are not as alone as they seemed,
oh no, not as alone as all that,Ē
just as he finished uttering these words,
the sky was suddenly darkened by bats,
who lined up on the cliffs above,
uncountable and dark as from hell,
and lastly out of the boulder tunnel,
came wizened witches whispering spells.
The Ogre was nobodies fool though,
and growled at the man with the stars,
you didnít know all these were coming,
when you descended to us from afar,
you knew no fear, yet came ye to here,
just inches away from my hordes,
you must have another trick to your tail,
you must have some magic my good lord,
you must have a little surprise for us all,
a canvas on which you can daub?"
"yes, the man with the stars calmly replied,
yes I happened to bring with me the orb,
the power so great that devastates all,
even hordes like those you can amass,
yes you may have the vast quantity here,
but I have ultimate quality master class,
and you are far too shrewd not to know,
the power of the orb and its awesome might,
long since thought lost and irredeemable,
long since thought cast out into the night,
and only opposable between mortals,
by the twinned orb, or secondary sphere,
and I have no doubt a man of your clout,
will also have brought that orb here?"
"you are a worthy opponent, I declare,
I never suspected you so well prepared,
the rats also seem quite taken with you,
the rats who never normally cared,
a jot for the lot of others around,
yet strangely with you they are inclined,
to hurl themselves boldly before me,
to terror they are seemingly blind,
they put their necks on the block of life,
little knowing you held aces up your sleeve,
they were just going to fight me and mine,
and to do that they must surely believe,
that you are a great and mighty warrior,
enough to stand up to my cunning and strength,
for that you must be well respected,
for that I shall go to the lengths,
of showing the orb you were knowing,
I must have to oppose a man of your means,
for I am no fool, but know where you ruled,
above in that theatre of corrupt dreams,
as the master of men of Atlantis extant,
the man with the stars in your hands,
legendary above this underground world,
where I have always ruled with my bands,
yes I have the orb, the secondary orb,
you knew I simply had to possess,
you didnít just take a chance on it,
you didnít have to guess to assess,
and I will finally show it to you now,
and still you and your rats and your bats",
and the Ogre just simply lifted his hand,
and quietly removed his bowler hat,
and there in the maw of his bloody paw,
was an orb just like that of the starman,
every single detail just as its twin,
every facet machined just as grand,
they were sitting opposing each other,
gleaming spheres of antiquarian years,
and a Mexican standoff was initiated,
by the balance of powerful fears.

ďI suggest a compromise that will last,
and totally bind us all to keep the troth,
we should split four quarters of each sphere,
and keep two on each side now of both,
the bats and the rats can keep two of yours,
and my two groups can keep two of ours,
our other two can be given to you,
you keep two more of yours in your powers,
so we both end up with four quarters,
which wont work without their like,
and we all live on in mutual agreement,
and no one here loses liberty or life,
and you keep the lost souls that we cannot cure,
and throw those simply lost back our way,
you have dominion from twilight to dusk,
and we have dominion over the day,
many are those that might need a fright,
and you serve that function so well,
and many are they that are beyond reason,
and you can take them with you to hell,
and we can all live in a world that is balanced,
and where all of us have reason and rhyme,
where everyone knows who is ascendant,
depending on what is the moment in time,
and darkness is your domain to rule,
and daylight is mainly ours to preside,
and we always mutually agree between us,
who it is lives and who it is dies."
and the Ogre smiled a sly smile for once,
for no one had seen him smile before,
and he uttered his command so quietly,
yet it was the word of unquestioned law,
"we are going to do, what he just said to you,
we are all going to live on in peace,
we will all have our own spheres of action,
we will all have our own thousand year lease,
where we can all, keep all the balls,
in the air, and profit, all of us peers,
from simply agreeing to end all the strife,
by fair division of all quarters of spheres,
and no quarter ever given or taken,
no relinquishing of quarters held,
and this will forge us into a unity,
this will become our bridging weld."

and all became one entity merged,
and they all sat there in the twilight,

and they all broke bread and feasted,
and warmed together by the firelight,
and who would have thought these factions,
so diverse and different and free,
could come together under one banner,
and universally decide to agree,
and in the morning there was a bond,
and in the morning there was relief,
for no one had wanted to die there,
but everyone always follows the chiefs,
yet for this one time in history,
when the leaders came face to face,
common sense reared its head for once,
and stupidity took second place,

there is a time to stand and think,
where great minds triumph over war,
there is a place reserved in history,
for those who open not close doors,
there is now an idea in the minds of men,
strangely different from past climes,
which promises a brighter future,
and glimmers visions of brighter times,
who would have dreamed ogrely schemes.
Could dovetail with those of mortal man,
strange are the friends that are produced,
by a perfect harmonious master plan.
and on the eve of the next glorious day,
after the excitement of the day just gone,
the starman called for the ubiquitous mole,
for he had need of him to soldier on,
amid all the rejoicing and relieved revelry,
peaceful outcome of an explosive situation,
he gave mole instructions in quiet seclusion,
of an important scheme of his own creation,
"mole you are a shrewd and silent operator,
can mingle without showing your face,
I need you to travel to the above earth,
retrieve secrets from their hiding place,
no one else must know your primary task,
if questioned you are merely reconnoitering,
to check that everything is as the screens say,
to ensure there are not snares and traps loitering,
and to be sure that is in part the reason,
it surely wont hurt to see it at first hand,
but your real mission is priceless relics,
buried eons ago in an ancient land,
i will do all that i can to watch you,
extend such protection that is in my power,
but by and large your wits are your army,
your salvation in your darkest hour.
there are labyrinthine tunnels down here,
that run under every above earth location,
they are served by lightning fast teleport,
and from thence instant vertical elevation,
so in the space of seconds you can be,
above earth anywhere you choose to start,
but once up there you are on your own,
once up there you will need some heart,
for it is a bleak place to be right now,
it can only worsen in some short shrift,
so get in and out of there oh so quickly,
donít let your sharpened senses drift,
just stick to your mission in your zone,
wear blinkers as to all else around,
and waste no time at all returning,
safe and sound back home underground.
and off to the teleport wandered mole,
a curious little chap to be sure this day,
he looked incredibly naively innocuous,
yet was the instigator of such a power play,
that centuries on now all this has gone,
and is wrapped in the chronicles of age,
it is still a quite remarkable achievement,
how he managed to transcend the rage,
how he managed to persevere where others,
much larger would have surely quailed,
astounding everyone then by his success,
when countless others would surely have failed,
and mole he figured on the pyramids first,
as the most likely place to yield up spoils,
as they were remote and easily reached,
and any pursuit would be easily foiled,
and the Euphrates was also on his remit,
to be checked against the prophesy foretold,
what was to become the future apocalypse,
which had been recounted since days of old,
he strode forth from the underground trapdoor,
firstly towards the pyramids and their prize,
but soon he felt their gaze upon him,
soon he felt the myriad of prying eyes,
suddenly he was surrounded by a mass,
a seething throng, every one equipped,
in both their hand and cranium shaved,
solar powered implanted microchips,
and their leader stepped towards him now,
asked him surprisingly politely and serene,
"you are not chipped and are not known,
why is it that you have never been seen,
and how is it that when nary a one exists,
not chipped within this realm and state,
yet here you are amongst us quite bare,
and no one here has ever seen your face",
and mole he is a sly one, and resourceful,
but even he was struggling for a tale,
then he had an inspiration as if god sent,
and proceeded them to so regale,
"I am the prophet sent by the old ones,
sent to wander all my life in the desert dust,
to learn through this humility and penitence,
to renounce all avarice, greed and lust,
and though I have been some hundred years,
traversing all those dunes beyond your gaze,
I began to wonder what was over here,
until I felt disorientated, felt as if half crazed,
until finally I could bear it no longer,
had to journey here to satisfy my curiosity,
had to throw off all the aged shackles,
had to allow myself to be truly free,
and that is why you have never seen me,
nor have I ever dreamt of meeting you.
and I hope I can leave you now in peace,
and return to my lonely wanderings anew"
mole was quite pleased with this improvisation,
and hoped a holy man would be revered,
but that wasnít how it went along at all,
no it went quite as badly as could be feared,
"we must chip you Iím afraid old man,
you can't be allowed to thwart the master plan,
and hands reached out stealthily towards him,
from this networkly controlled clonish clan,
just as he feared the worst was upon him,
and he feared heíd failed before he started,
there was a thunderclap above them all,
and the swirling desertish dust was parted,
and the stone bird landed off to the left,
and cocking his head to one side slowly,
he said "I donít seem to be chipped either,
and I am far from unknown and lowly,
we can either accept that or we can argue,
this option invariably violent and bloody,
for my friend here has toiled the desert eons,
has survived sands both fine and muddy,
has given up his life to save all your souls,
by only claiming sackcloth and ashes
and how bountiful that has made you,
with every year out there that passes,
the penance he endures on your behalf,
helps you all grow prosper and multiply,
the sins of yours he takes upon himself,
without ever questioning the where or why,
and now after a century of denial great,
done on your behalf to keep you calm,
as soon as he comes amongst you now,
you want to instantly do him harm,
yet fortunate is this mighty mole man,
that from out of the age of antiquity,
for all his repentance and privation,
the ancient gods have sent him me,
and woe betide those who cruelly try,
to harm a hair upon his saintly head,
for i am more than merely mighty,
and my wrath will strike you all quite dead,
so perhaps you may reconsider this once,
and allow this holy mole of antiquity,
to travel on unchipped and untainted,
to travel on quite free with me?"
and all were struck with awe and fear,
and were taught a lesson on that day,
and the mole and the bird journeyed onwards,
unopposed and unmolested needless to say,
yet when it came to write this as history,
both mole and bird agreed it would best regale,
to tell the story as if they believed the mole,
and leave the bird out of the tale.

and they journeyed only over one hilltop,
and there were the pyramids all laid out,
and in no time at all they were beside them,
and suddenly they found, after casting about
the usual runic script that seemed to abound,
whenever the starman was involved at all,
sure enough it was there under centuries dust,
engraved cryptically on a secluded wall,
that was only visible for a fraction before,
the light moved on and it was lost to view,
but that was enough for both of them,
but only the bird could translate and knew,
where to go and just how to get there,
and what to avoid via tricks of fate,
and soon they were pressing on a stone,
and soon a creaking of an ancient gate,
a stone built door from an age before,
untouched since its creation long ago,
and the bird and mole both entered,
then they both paused in the glow,
from the dim lit passageway downwards,
to the inner core of secret tombs,
but still they both paused in anticipation,
both awaited the crack of doom,
and a huge steel ball hurtled upward,
and they both moved in space to one side,
for if they had been in the passageway,
they would have surely squashed and died,
and fortified by their ingenuity and luck,
they descended to the antiquarian tombs,
where one could search forevermore,
for it contained thousands of hides and rooms,
but they simply pressed the first stone,
which opened up the floor under their feet,
and they walked down the ramp beneath,
to a casket untouched and complete,
and they lifted it up and both toted it,
until finally the bird held it alone,
and they turned around and retreated,
with intent on swiftly returning home,
and once outside the bird now cried,
sit on my back for this one last task,
we must sight the river Euphrates first,
then we can report back all that was asked.
and they landed by the river near the estuary,
and there seemed little water flowing,
for such a mighty river of ancient renown,
there was little either coming or going.

and in actual fact the river had been dammed,
so often and punitively in the course of its life,
that this year of seemingly endless semi drought,
the flow was down to a relative trickled strife,
so ships of red dye had anchored upstream,
some of their dye being poured in the flows,
so that several brigades of soldiers could follow,
in an armada of locally constructed dhows,
and the dye had been followed religiously,
right opposite where mole and bird surveyed,
the army was assembled, all seven brigades,
then all hell let loose at once it seemed,
most miraculously of all on that fateful day,
a shield enveloped mole and the stone bird,
whilst everything else was made to pay,
for starman protected them with his magic,
so they watched it all unravel unharmed,
from when the first stupendous earthquake,
sent out its horrendous fractures and alarm,
and just as it had been long prophesized,
the river ran red as with full blood,
and the dye tankers shed their anchors,
and smashed on the rocks and seas above,
and ruptured they leaked dye most mightily,
and soon also blood red was the sea,
and mole and bird were transfixed by it all,
sat viewing a self fulfilling prophesy,
and the seven brigades had seven buglers,
and they all paused to blow their tune,
and after each one came more disaster,
each heralded yet more death and doom,
and small solar flares blew out chips,
and left their owners smouldering and blown,
and the sun seemed to amplify itself visibly,
and made both boils and blisters known,
and though these prophesies were explicable,
and were now to mole and bird plain,
there was another sight that greeted them,
that was far more sinister and arcane,
for high nearby, on the line of the sky,
silhouetted against this backdrop of hell,
there were four forbidding horsemen,
and why they were there who could tell,
yet death and disease and famine and war,
looked down on bodies stretched for miles,
and they were pitiless in their countenance,
and wore sanguine sardonic smiles.
so red white black and sallow hue,
did indeed haunt prey on that dusk,
and mole and bird returned unhurt,
and even bird was not saying much.

and the starman took the ancient casket,
and let out a long and pent up sigh,
for now he could stand up and be counted,
at the final battle that was nigh.

down in the dungeon in the dark and dank,
something stirs and stretches and smirks,
heís just awakening on confrontation day,
when he tilts at the joust for the earth,
he takes in his surroundings one last time,
knowing this will be either kill or cure,
presses a few buttons on his console,
in his carbon steel cocoon oh so secure,
hidden down deep in the popular mystique,
discernable amongst tales of living in hell,
thereís a hint of where he really lives,
and yes folks, isnít he doing so swell,
for heís now residing, in a British rail siding,
just outside of Matlock closed by Beeching,
and its inside a tunnel, cut deep and pummeled,
and down deep where no one is reaching,
and heís also inside, what he reveres as his pride,
the interstellar craft from way back before time,
he knows how it works, but inside its skirts,
it is missing some small ingredients sublime,
the full eonic drive, is currently barely alive,
needed a booster which has gone astray,
the mind block release, final jigsaw piece,
has also disappeared in some strange way,
but the rest is intact, and heís made a pact,
with his minions to find whats been lost,
they have recently found, that deep underground,
a mole has found out where they were tossed,
and now they are in underland, in His hands,
and Heís surrounded by a strange crew indeed,
reports filtering back, tell of aborted attacks,
and a coming together of a unified breed,
so perhaps he oughta, instigate some slaughter,
and throw a spanner into their works,
also whilst theyíre distracted, stealthily acted,
could retrieve the casket from where it lurks,
when he abandoned Atlantis, like preying mantis,
watched it swallowed whole by the sea,
that man from the stars used logic from mars,
stolen the casket parts to set himself free,
he hid them away, and right up till this day,
the devil did not know how or where,
despite all of his tricks, every site he picked,
the cupboard was always so bare,
without having this, he could end up in abyss,
for as well as the parts for craft enhancement,
there were mythical wares, for he who dares,
fostering super powers and mind entrancement,
like a holy grail, with a sting in their tails,
whoever owns them accepts onerous weight,
it can alternately cure, provide power so pure,
or in the wrong hands doom all to grim fates,
yet these daydreams distract, the devil now acts,
into the planetary intercom he doth intone,
and he calls to annubi, demons of the sky,
four horsemen strayed far from home,
he summons his chipped, slowly lets slipped,
his microprocessed servile dogs of war,
two hundred thousand are sent the message,
and two hundred thousand heed the call,
the TV reality star, revered near and far,
Henry the hippo, is given regal nod,
for he is also a spawn of the devil,
he who the masses revere as a god,
yet he's a false prophet, sat on his soffit,
preaching pleasure pursued is ecstasy,
he might seem mighty, viewed twice nightly,
but heís enslaving the minds of those free,
those not chipped and hidden away,
those that would fight for freedom of mind,
yet they all watch Henry the hippo on TV,
and Henry the hippo is turning them blind,
so everyone above is losing their love,
and everyone suspects his fellow man,
for every day on TV, all they can see,
are plots lauding the deviousness of man,
money for the masses, everyone passes,
go and receives awesome recompenses,
every day erosion of will, continued until,
they lose their morals and their senses,
become putty in form, conform to the norm,
where no one thinks for themselves any more,
theyíre then conquered and tamed, by reality games,
fifteen minutes of fame instead of world war,
its the same effect for, in the end the director,
picks up the extras that survived his production,
and whether its war, or a TV show stage floor,
they are just as cowed by their seduction,
and end up as pawns, to devious devil lords,
reporting back to the red one himself,
and now he sits here, with a leisurely leer,
surveying this world that he rules by stealth.

though he thinks deep inside, its not giving me pride,
not like my past exploits so subtle and whole,
I got a great kick from Elvis, with his shaking of pelvis,
it was a star turn when I invented rock and roll,
that was so much more clever, a sparkling endeavour,
I enjoyed that and thought it a great days creation,
but since the annubi took over the tv tube,
its just created a dull and floundering nation,
I prefer my style, and after this long while,
I realize I should direct these things in person,
for all of their schemes, and all of their dreams,
thereís no one like me to lay a curse on,
or appear in everyoneís nightmares sometimes,
be the villain one knows, in the horror shows,
everyone can identify with the devil,
can fight him when they think he grows,
too big for his boots and needs a lesson,
they find a champion to rise up against me,
and I must admit, I always enjoy this bit,
when they try to finally shake free,
of the chains I constrain them with daily,
of the horrors they perceive should i win,
I like a good battle like anyone else,
I may be evil, but I also like a good grin,
but this latest global subservience and sloth,
and greed and laziness and apathy,
is just simply so annubi, so yesterday,
when it should really be rock and roll me,
so i will consider anew, will think it through,
and after this battle we face on the morrow,
there may be long faced annubi and hippo,
they may well face some inner sorrow,
as i might reinvent, find where Elvis went,
resurrect rock and roll warts and all,
for its much more fun, when alls said and done,
to go out when youíre having a ball.
Good ol' Gerry lee, will set you all free,
old bill will shake rattle and roll,
and you wont care, cos Elvis is there,
youíll actually enjoy my pinching your soul.

with these reflections, and devilish genuflections,
and just a touch of Elvis for those who knew,
he put on his red robes, diabolically clothed,
his dragon robe over all just slightly askew,
parades in front of mirror, as is his wont,
always to look the part and hold the stage,
acutely aware of a crowds piercing stare,
always just fine tuned in enough to gauge,
just the right words for addressing his curs,
just the right edge to set them alight,
and you had to look the part for that,
you had to get it just right.
and finally totally satisfied by the reflection,
a perfect diabolical rock and roller supreme,
he strode off to perform, on a worldly platform,
a giant Mick Jagger for all of their dreams,
and he strode down the gangplank of the craft,
onto a podium above the surging crowds,
and it gave him a jolt, a shot in the arm,
to see them all frightened and cowed,
for this was like it used to be way back,
this was what devils were supposed to inspire,
fear of being burnt alive at the stake,
of perishing in anguish in retributive hellfire,
and he could see there must be changes soon,
heíd have to retake over the reins,
he had been too devolving of power lately,
the whole world had become subdued and tame,
heíd rather have a good old fashioned fight,
where good and evil are both centre stage,
honestly he missed his jousts with the gods,
much more fun to be evil and enraged,
instead of presiding over a slow takeover,
where the subjects soporiphically gave in,
no thereís so much more fun in a battle,
so much more fun in mortal sin,
still right now he had to rally his troops,
though tomorrow he might sell them out,
anyway thatís what devils do all the time,
so no one can really argue or shout,
if he decided tomorrow they are derided,
where today they were his mighty army,
whats the harm in a little deception,
it wouldnít take too long to calm the,
waves of wails of misrepresentation,
how his speech didnít mention u turns,
easy to persuade when youíve finally won,
and if youíve lost theyíre already burned,
so he strode to the centre stage spot,
he could hold without backing or lights,
and tugged a little at his clothing,
just to get things so exactly right,
and to focus the attention right on him,
by saying nothing for a little while,
then he opened his blood red eyes,
smirked his trade mark devilish smile,
and raised himself to his full height,
towering over all people and worlds
and recited this self same speech below,
yes this is what he unfurled.

"we are one and the same in diabolical aim,
want to rule over the earth currently free,
we all want to split the proceeds,
with admittedly most of them due to me,
we all want to conquer and rule,
all want to be kings of our realms,
but there is a final obstacle here,
someone else trying to guide the helm,
there is coming a final reckoning here,
under earth against a strange group of foes,
I have tried to get them to fight each other,
and why they have not no one knows,
but they all banded together somehow,
and lets face it it will be a good fight,
about time we flexed our muscles,
about time we came out into the light,
instead of frightening kiddies in darkness,
and ruining the best of older folks dreams,
we will be back in our original business,
of gory war, and ear piercing screams,
its what we do best, when all's said and done,
nothing so good as a conflagration,
on massive scale. just stop and inhale,
that heady smell as if all of the nations,
are flung against each other on the morrow,
no quarter given, and none received,
what better way to end it all,
what better way to help man perceive,
that at end of the day, as light filters away,
and twilight shines on the battlefield torn,
there will be only one victor in the long run,
only one standing on the next dawn,
and we will be famed down history,
will be known for our triumph tomorrow,
how can we possibly lose to these remnants,
patchwork quilt of bits bought and borrowed,
how can we fail to win out over these,
we who trained long and hard for the fight,
no my friends we shall surely prevail,
we have power, great guile and might,
and a million years of instilling fears,
and training for just this one day,
who can possibly overturn or thwart us,
who could possibly us gainsay?
you know what a rabble we face tomorrow,
a poor second hand hospice worn suit,
held together by scant sewings of ages,
whereas we are the Saville Row brute,
we are the rolling juggernaut vast,
dwarfing their puny Morris Minor,
our training has been intensive,
our turnout couldnít be finer,
thereís no way we wont win the day,
knowing that in my heart Iím most touched,
I really want to thank you folks,
I really do, I really want to thank you so much"

and humming a tune they did not know,
from an age where he only held sway,
the devil exited from the stage one last time,
humming and humming away,
but the old stagers the four horsemen,
knew the tune and its tale only too well,
for Elvis was alive on the eve of battle,
and he was humming heartbreak hotel.

and they lined up opposite each other finally,
on the great courtyard of the forgotten king,
which was acres in extent, quite massive,
surrounded by the most impressive building,
that either side had seen ever before,
and caused a kind of hush upon the scene,
an age old sense of reverence and respect,
to the mighty age that must have been,
and the white lord broke this silence,
in his droll and heavily important tone,
saying "we are sent to defy your aims,
to nullify the ambitions you make known,
you make out that above there is ample,
to go around and satisfy all with their lot,
in fact there is a massive lack of anything,
vainly trying to get quarts out of pint pots,
you promote the cult of the mighty ones,
and anything less is deemed as mouse,
promote trinkets and mere money better,
than our hearth and home and house,
you make it seem uncool holding old values,
built on hard graft saving and true grit,
make it seem that pleasure and leisure,
can be achieved without working for it,
as if virtual money held in virtual banks,
using virtual credit on virtual cards,
is just as viable as gold and land,
attainable without trying too hard,
as if collecting food voucher tokens,
and promised hampers from Nato,
will feed you in times of famine,
and make redundant the potato,
make it seem as if tomorrows money,
can pay for todayís desires and whims,
but donít mention that when runs out,
the creditors and bailiffs all run in,
you censor all the few dissenting voices,
by owning all media outlets and scribes,
incarcerate those too openly vociferous,
eliminate free speech by force and bribes,
where they need roads law and education,
health, electricity, power and defence,
you give laziness and static apathy,
promote the blessings of indolence,
even by your own standards youíve failed,
for this is not the elegant devil I once knew,
these are not up to your usual mettle,
these donít seem worthy of such as you,
so we stand here and defy you and yours,
and we will not falter or stand aside,
so do your worst if you feel you must,
but beware that we don't turn the tide."

and they lined up against the sunset,
bats and rats, the two groups of friends,
ogre, trolls, vampires and werewolves,
were stood silently waiting for their end,
for though they revered the starman,
and thought the soothsayer true cool,
devils generally win pitched battles,
thereís no exception from that rule,
the good get by in peacetime well,
and have their justice and their laws,
but devils always win the battles,
devils are much better at wars,
they braced themselves with courage,
and dug deep inside for bravery,
and awaited the gory onslaught,
of the devils hordes of knavery,
led by the red one himself,
with annubi counted by the score,
imps and elves and Henry the hippo,
two hundred thousand chipped ones more,
and at the back against the sky,
sat the fabled ones, some say Norsemen,
the four men of the apocalypse,
the dreaded legendary horsemen,
and lighting up a backdrop behind them,
and flaring up in a funereal pyre,
were huge clumps of burning residue,
known as the great balls of fire.

and just as the devil was about to shout,
"lets all go for it, rock and roll",
above earth huge solar flares cascaded,
causing all computers to overload,
the chipped ones, bulk of the evil army,
exploded and smouldered and died,
burned up by the implanted chips,
that were soldered to their insides,
and suddenly there was a hushed pause,
as everyone reassessed the situation,
for now the white lord was very ascendant,
with this unexpected total devastation,
and the tiny doormouse saw his opening,
he moved forward totally unseen,
until he was right by the devils horse,
and then the devil happened to lean,
and saw the little doormouse puny,
down at his left side on the floor,
amd discounted him as a mere nothing,
not worth watching any more,
yet this was his final undoing,
for mouse had teeth so razor like,
and he bit the devils horses leg,
and it reared up in sudden fright,
and the devil he was thrown off,
and all saw he was down and in strife,
and though he froze the mouse in time,
and so sadly ended his tiny life,
he realised heíd underestimated,
the meekest threat he had seen,
not acted on because of cockiness,
believing his own image on the screen,
and the white lord took advantage,
boldly threw hippo into the abyss,
stating ďthus perish all false prophets,
their final reward comes down to thisĒ,
and the devil knows the game is up,
and asks to address the crowds,
asks to be heard before banishment,
asks to be just this once allowed,
to put his view forward anew,
and to comment on his current fate,
and the white lord and starman say,
"go ahead and this time call it straight"

so the devil he stood up on his feet,
and wiped the dust off from his cloak,
for as we know he was meticulous,
a very clothes wise type of bloke,
he said "its a fair cop Guvnors,
you caught me bang to rights,
my suspicious minds were elsewhere,
when mouse gave my horse a fright,
I underestimated the wonder of you,
in the ghetto here underground,
you have bonded together seamlessly,
all tuned in, in both sight and sound,
donít be cruel to me your hound dog,
love me tender if you have a care,
all you otters, toads, and spiders,
but strangely not one teddy bear,
you trolls and imps and elves,
the omnipotent Ogre standing high,
yes I got stung by you all,
making a fool such as I,
I guess I entered into the fray,
without my good luck charm,
all that was in the casket,
and was missing caused me harm,
maybe I should have waited,
until I had them in my grasp,
but I just thought its now or never,
and surrendered relics of the past,
I should have seized those icons first,
and then once in control of the game,
I could have returned them to sender,
enhanced with my latest flame,
I donít begrudge your victory here today,
I donít mind going to the abyss,
I must admit I was disappointed,
that my best had come to this,
I will dispense with these poor minions,
that have mocked the art of shock,
and revive the jive, come back alive,
whilst Iím chained to the jailhouse rock,"
with this he turned and burned them,
and the annubi crumbled to dust,
he smiled his most diabolic smile,
saying "I thank you very much"
and finally he turned and said,
ďI want a better more stylish devil,
a return to old devilish values,
on a playing field never level,
I want a bit of elegant hustle,
an accomplished sleight of hand,
instead of this boring servitude,
that has spread throughout the land,
for devils should be gaudy and loud,
devils should be really scary,
a lurking monster in ill lit corner,
looking grim and gaunt and hairy,
as our Arnie says, i'll be back,
no doubt, no might be, maybe,
just you wait a thousand years,
and then its rock and roll baby.Ē

and the devil was put in the abyss,
chained down there for a millennium,
but he was humming and humming,
thinking next time i'll bury them.

and the horsemen were given truce,
and went along with the white lord,
and accompanied by the starman,
convened a conference of the sword.
the four horsemen were asked to wait,
whilst the white lord and starman,
fixed up a final few important things,
and conversed with mortal man,
they asked the mole to bring on,
the casket he'd managed to extract,
and they placed it on the altar stone,
placed it centrally and most exact,
they were now back in control cavern,
where everything could be seen and sent,
and all it needed were the pieces,
that the casket held to reinvent,
total global interplanetary broadcasts,
projected massively on all skies,
so everyone everywhere could notice,
could see clearly with their own eyes,
an incredible spectacle in the air,
quite clear to view and amaze,
not a trace of distortion or warping,
not a scent of quiver or haze,
and they took out the hypercomm,
and plugged it back into place,
they reconnected the stargate orb,
to go anywhere they wanted in space,
the white lord appeared and proclaimed,
"all of you there who can see this sign,
take good note of all its content,
this will hold until end of time,
we now have a world of hope and love,
instead of hatred repression and locks,
have Atlantean values permeating,
through their own and through their flocks,
we have been sent a promised land,
born out of desolate soulless living hell,
we have been ruled by supercomputers,
and yet these are now gone as well,
soon I will fly above you in a silver craft,
and all your wounds will be healed,
and all buildings will be repaired,
crops will again fill all the fields,
so we can sow and then start to grow,
all going forward for all eternity,
no more of this greed and avarice,
no more control but all now set free,
and little known to you all for millennia,
your brains were restricted to ten per cent,
of total capacity that there could really be,
and this restriction has always meant,
telepathy and telekinesis and teleporting,
and super powers of the total mind,
were suppressed in almost everyone,
all were stumbling about as if blind,
bumping into obstacles merely man made,
in comparison to what could really be,
now I will be unblocking your minds,
you will metaphorically first begin to see,
where everything was comparatively obscured,
all will now seem crystal clear at a glance,
you will all now use eighty per cent,
which will then give me the chance,
to observe how you manage with this,
and if you excel as you have before,
in a thousand years and a day,
I will unblock it all some more,
and so you will achieve full potential,
by having done right all your lives,
and where your detractors perished,
you alone have all survived.
and there will be education unlimited,
where once stood imposed hitler youth,
there will be mental health and love,
where life was chip insanity uncouth,
there will be fusion and tessla power,
out of the atom and out of the air,
instead of polluting with coal and oil,
and fission contamination everywhere,
there will instead be a great land,
where all alive are truly finally free,
where every day it's a joy to awake,
and every year we will strive to be,
a little better than the year before,
moving forward as one great band,
and we will build a new civilization,
we will build a loving and caring land,
we will move forward and eventually,
we will spread out across the planets,
where our love will tame and caress,
where our wisdom will show our plan is,
the way forward for all mankind,
whatever form or being this involves,
there is not a problem in existence,
that our new spirit cannot solve,
and all we have to do to achieve this,
to make all this fall into our grasp,
love one another every day every way,
and to give before we are asked,
to think of others before ourselves,
and promote harmony laughter and fun,
instead of moaning whining self obsession,
instead of thinking Iím the only one,
and everyone else can go to hell,
as long as I reach my idea of heaven,
this is not the way forward,
sins numbered as the deadly seven,
where are those who would propose,
these values often past times found,
they are smouldering in the streets,
they are exploded underground,
whereas you who kept the faith,
and trusted us down all these years,
are now devoid of any stress,
devoid of any lingering fears,
you are freed by your own actions,
for thinking individually, not as sheep,
so now you are able to lie quietly,
able to go peacefully to sleep,
we will send you the secrets of fusion,
and primal earth energy capture,
as tessla promised long ago now,
but will soon have you in rapture,
we will show you free anti gravity,
as gravity is energy flow not static,
you will see a colossal breakthrough,
almost Wagnerian, super operatic,
and we will all prosper and multiply,
and as your children are baptised,
they too gain eighty per cent brains,
coursing powerfully behind their eyes,
and no computers will be needed,
as our brains will them surpass,
nothing comes close to organic brains,
they are in their own master class,
I will appear to you today as told,
in the silvery craft in the sky,
and you will all be liberated,
you will know the reasons why,
you will sense and grasp new ideas,
you would never have even dreamt,
and this is what you deserve now,
some long earned recompense,
for the struggles and the privation,
fear of knocks upon your door,
that is now constrained to history,
that is now gone forevermore,
and in its stead love will replace,
and dreams will oust nightmares,
there will be nothing but smiles,
and true happiness everywhere,
I leave you now with this thought,
to keep in mind for all time,
I am always here with you,
and you will always be in my mind.

with that the white lord and starman,
went down the tunnels of antiquity,
to the interstellar craft of the devil,
and fitted the parts to make it free,
they reinstalled the eonic drive,
and the super brain unblocking ray,
then they wheeled it out of the siding,
and it saw again the light of day,
and glorious was its launching,
and mighty was its poweful roar,
the underworld was awed and hushed,
had never seen the like before,
thanked the gods they had trusted,
in starmans level gaze and quiet words,
who had saved all but the mouse,
who had given them the stone bird,
who had done everything out of kindness,
and a desire to put things right,
they were suddenly shocked to see,
a little animal appear in their sight,
doormouse breathed again amongst them,
saved by an anti time lock machine,
kept inside the casket for eons,
and thought the thing of dreams,
but the starman had kept his word,
saved them all as best he could,
the mouse came up to address them,
right up on the altar stone he stood,
"it was said the meek would inherit,
they donít come more meek than me,
so you see the starman was always right,
it was the starman set us all free,
where we would have warred and killed,
he let logic and love prevail,
we all owe him our lives,
that we lived to tell the tale,
and watched as he wove together,
the most ill assorted bands,
no wonder they always say,
he has the stars in his hands,
he also has the caring in his head,
that we should merge and not divide,
and has put into all of us,
mutual respect right deep inside,
where we all feel as if one,
a close knit army of friends,
that is where he is so clever,
that is where his wisdom sends,
us all out to help each other,
with all our different talents,
and all of us though very different,
yet together are in balance.
we should look after the starman,
he's always cared for us underneath,
one day starman may need a friend,
to save him needing a wreath,
we owe him our allegiance for ever,
do you agree with what I say?"
and the cathedral was drowned in sound,
and every voice in its own way,
screamed aloud how they were proud,
of the starman and their own part,
and they were all with the starman,
they formed part of his heart,
they burst with pride and elation,
at their sense of greatness achieved,
glowed with happiness they were alive,
a cross between elated and relieved,
and one and all that filled the hall,
they knew the starman was their friend,
and they would fight for him forever,
would be there until the end..

the silvery craft ascended totally silent,
and down below they saw the crowds,
the white lord pulled the brain release,
and all mankind was then allowed,
to step forward out of dark times,
into a bright and new super age,
where every day was a sensation,
every year another glorious page,
towards a whole universe of love,
and happiness for all time to come,
every planet was like its neighbours,
no wars ever eclipsed the sun,
that shone and now will shine again,
on a million years of true peace,
and the starman held out his hand,
as white lord unhanded the release,
and they shook hands on their creation,
and took heart from what they saw,
a world and universe being filled,
with love instead of wars.

This is the dark side, read on if you must,
There are leopard spots still in play,
When the starman and white lord landed,
And with starman temporarily gone away,
To see his joyous army gathered together,
chanting his name for him to appear,
there was another meeting going on,
which no one was ever going to hear.
and the white lord came to the horsemen,
inside the cubicle of no sight or sound,
where no one could see inwards,
and none could hear deep underground,
and none transcribed the proceedings,
none took down any scroll or text,
only we know what happened here,
only we know what happened next,
we all know the deviousness that plagues,
even the mightiest of hearts and minds,
that little bit of lingering doubt,
tiny suspicious worry of being blind,
that wish to believe in something so good,
produces a doubt it can ever be so,
and from this tiny seedling at inception,
comes a cancer that starts to grow,
until even though utopia is there,
close enough to breathe in or touch,
a defensive reflex takes over a little,
fear of hindsight saying "I thought as much",
so a subtle defence mechanism is created,
a sop to his innate irrational fears,
and he speaks to his aces in the hole,
those legends of medieval yesteryears,
'just like the devil would like to be better,
he still has his leopards spots,
and however hard he tries to be decent,
he eventually concedes he cannot,
so similarly those down there now,
we are trusting to enhance all our fates,
how can we be totally sure they are ok,
totally convinced they are straight?
I would like to believe they all are,
but they are born of mortal man,
and they always seem to slip back
and betray our ingenious master plan,
there are also cities of hollow hills,
all desolate silence and dust,
who knows what survived there,
more we may not be able to trust,
so I am going to give you a mission,
just between you and I this day,
and were I talking to above earth,
this is the gist of what I would say,
"donít assume youíll get away with it,
as if no one knows your mind,
for we are always there with you,
and can be as cruel as we are kind,
we have sponsored your survival,
and encouraged your progression,
but donít be tempted to get lazy,
or slip into any sad regression,
for after a thousand years and a day,
have passed by our eyes once more
there will be a final reckoning,
a final totting up of the score,
for everything done is still noted,
everything thought is finely filtered,
for any signs of slippage or sliding,
for anything seeming out of kilter,
you are privileged with our support,
but its not all a one way street,
there are values to be adhered to,
still strict standards you must meet,
and should you pass all the tests,
that have marched along in times step,
there will be great rejoicing everywhere,
there will be great happiness, but yet,
should there be bad reports received,
should there be doubt about your worth,
there will be an intensive investigation,
there will be constraints on future births,
yes, the truly good need fear nothing,
and they alone will be finally saved,
but those amongst you with sinful actions,
will be summarily sought out and slayed,
and in the time left to them on earth,
no matter just where they are,
they will feel watched and menaced,
feel eyes upon them from well afar,
so whilst walking even in a silent space,
where even time seems to stand still,
an instinct tells them something truly terrible,
is out there watching them until,
they run and hide safe and warm inside,
but know they must eventually leave that place,
and they will know who is there lurking,
for when they show their face,
so choose your options most wisely,
and you need have no fear to fret,
its only if you fall from grace,
youíll meet an untimely gruesome death,
for in a thousand years time,
to the day, the devil's again let out,
who knows what will really happen,
but something will beyond doubt,
there may be a reconciliation,
and a balance of power agreed,
there may be further extreme violence,
a resumption of former hostilities,
there may even be a third way,
a la Gordon brown and tony Blair,
that actually consists of nothing at all,
and is driven solely by hot air,
but trust the devil to be stylish,
trust him to re-emerge super cool,
trust him to have learned his lesson,
from devolving control to fools,
we'll be sure of lively entertainment,
from whichever cup we sup,
either he'll end up crying in the chapel,
or well end up all shook up",
and he turned to the horsemen,
and quietly said in velvet tones,
"think on this secret missive,
that only to you and i is known,
this is the style of your brief while,
we traverse the next thousand years,
and id like you to be my eyes,
and id like you to be my ears,
and who knows they may all be good,
and all be pure and all survive,
but those that donít are yours to deal with,
and those that donít just wont survive,
does that seem a fair deal between us,
where we consider past animosity forgot,
would you like to consider us allies,
and graciously throw in your lot,
lets face it Iím only asking you to do,
what youíve done successfully for centuries,
where you have spread terror of famine,
of fire flood and grim disease,
of war pestilence and dark death,
had populations fearing where you ride,
that ingrained terror of the horsemen,
that shivery feeling deep inside,
so tell me if what I propose,
suits you just as well as it suits me,
and if so I give you leave to prowl,
from right now to eternity,
for I donít think you can live a life,
with just goodness all the while,
with always being ecstatic the norm,
always wearing a beatific smile,
a little fear of the grim reaper,
tends to concentrate the mind,
and maybe we will be really for once,
being well cruel just to be kind"

and the horsemen huddled for a while,
then death became their spokesman,
they obviously thought his dire visage,
something that truly betokes them,
he said "far out man, great vibes here,
you're a fastball man, legend of our ilk,
we are great dudes when you want a plague,
cool cats when withholding food and milk,
ace guys on Harleys too a little known fact,
well up for melodrama and gothic scenarios,
always well spaced out on battlefields,
adding dark theatre and egging on foes,
and if its total fear you want going down,
we just creep up close behind and say,
YO! are you lonesome tonight,
always works man, every which way,
so yeah I guess were cool about it,
and as Dylan would scribe of those who sinned,
those four horsemen of apocalypse dudes,
will be blowing on your wind."