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A new start point article, October 2003.
Tony Blair and the Emperors New Clothes.

Once upon a time, politics and the politicians were not to be trusted, but that
was in our very affectionate way. We watched them sit and wriggle their way out of questions we would have had no way of avoiding, knowing they had no real answer to the actual real question posed. It was a game, sleight of hand, and we admired them all that bit more for never lying their way out of anything, they did not always tell the whole truth, but they never lied outright, and would probably have sunk without trace if they had have done. Programs like Question Time thrived on the ability of clever minds to grapple and foil with each other. They may not have been particularly honest, but they never lied outright, that was the allure.

Enter Tony Blair, and he seizes upon this trustfulness of the British public to practice deceit on a scale never even contemplated, let alone practiced, why bother trying to be clever with words when straight deceit will do. Why improve anything if it is wrong or breaking down, merely shift the goalposts a little more and it is ok for a while yet. If anyone objects, subject them to a media furore with leaked details to suit, again, these do not have to ever have much link with the truth. Is there an institution, law or person in the way of Tony and his progress to President of Great Britain, things like the House of Lords, the ancient Lord Chancellor, The Queen. Merely get the papers to soften up the public and erode their reputation slowly, then gradually strip them of powers as outmoded functions. Give direct briefings to the public via the press, getting the press on your side, acclimatise the public to this procedure, and disenfranchise the Cabinet at the same time.

Much of that is in place, except the Queen, is it any wonder then that our Tony does not want a referendum on European Constitution. This would effectively nullify the Queen and the Commons to puppets of Brussels, in the process our Ton is ingratiating himself with Brussels. Coincidentally our Ton is also putting forward there should be a President of Europe, I wonder who he has in mind for this function. I have no political allegiance any more, mostly as the whole system now elect has no characters, plus no obvious leaders and no charisma. It is devoid of any credibility.

The above statement is true of many. There has been a concerted effort by our Ton in order to disillusion the public with voting, elections, politicians. That is an insidious part of the master plan, to create apathy in the public over political matters, all the easier to manipulate you my dears.

Tony Blair realised that no Labour Government could ever succeed as they are financed by the Unions, and never trusted by commerce, and always have to borrow mightily to try and buy the public through payments on social services.
Could you run a firm that was funded by your family and then try to go against their wishes. When their wishes are to plough all the money possible to beg or borrow into public spending, can you ever balance the books. No.

So he simply lied. He created New Labour, and papered over any cracks that appeared with more lies, wherever and whenever necessary. Anything at all untoward was flagrantly lied about, or if the standards were not being met, the disciplines were not improved, the standards were just lowered to make the results seem better, people were not educated nearly as well, people had worse and ever worse services, but all seemed well via statistics.

Lies, massaging results, intimidation of dissenters, dissolution of people and institutions that could curb his power. Add to that deliberate smearing and ruining of the reputations of those who dare to challenge Him.

What do we have now. A premier who goes to arms without cabinet approval, who abolishes the post of Lord Chancellor, who deigns not to visit the Queen but phones her, who abjugates British sovereignty to Europe without your referendum and actually lies through his teeth that it is not going to affect us at all. Who chairs meetings that result in a forced suicide and then is not responsible.
Who has single handedly lost all the publics faith in democracy and politics in this country and has created such an elevated position of power for himself that no one could fill the vacuum should he have an opportune, unfortunate and long overdue accident.
That is the man who gives his dictates to this country via the Media, as in direct through the media, much as president would. Who is giving away British sovereignty in order that he can succeed in being President of Europe on the back of these concessions. Europe will love Tony once he has sold us out, but then it is irreversible, and the Queen will be impotent in her own country.
This man is a died in the wool LIAR, it is all he knows, and he even employed a professional LIAR who was unelected, to coach him into being a BETTER liar.
Now he is trying to abolish the House of Lords, and undermine the Queen. Many of you may feel they are all snobs, and the Monarchy is this anachronism, but they are sat there for a purpose, namely as counterweight. It is not what they DO, that is important, it is what cannot be DONE whilst they are incumbent there.
Tony Blair is a LIAR. He should resign and apologise to the British public for selling them all down the river for so long just to feather his own nest, and for taking their pensions off them via his puffed up smug idiot henchman who is destroying our finances at the same time. Pensions were having holidays before he started, pensions are ON HOLIDAYS now and never to return. I doubt we have ever been governed by worse know alls that know nothing. Tony knows best what is good for all of us, Tony thinks war is a good idea, he goes for it without sanction from the people or his own cabinet. Tony thinks GM crops are the bees knees, where again an expert committed suicide under heavy duress and unwarranted criticism. Tony thinks its not going to be giving away British Sovereignty to join a total European state run by a Brussels which could countermand anything our Queen or parliament decide. What do you think of Tonys new clothes.

Personally I do not think Tony Blair has any clothes on at all.

To my way of thinking, a family that surrounds themselves with Hindujis, Vaz, Fosters, Mandelsons, these Houdini like figures, who have been up to their eyes in Bernie Ecclestone type accusations, and who then purport to be the new squeaky clean, all is open and above board people, have somewhat of a crisis of identity. All is open because Tony thinks he can now effectively lie his way out of anything, he has been so successful for so long he thinks that he is above reproach, and above censure and above criticism, that he is approaching infallible, and that he needs to lie flagrantly to us because he is cleverer than us, and Tony knows best what is good for us all. To me that sounds like no clothes anyway.

We all knew politicians were a bit dodgy, but we liked them nonetheless. This man has devalued everything he has tainted with his presence, made a mockery of centuries long of tradition and flagrantly manipulated, bullied, lied, and schemed his way to the very top, in the process making us deliberately doubt in politics and all politicians.
He has single handedly devalued the once proud stance of this country and made being a liar into a trendy thing, a clever gift. Where once there was respect and admiration for politicians we did not even like, due to their adroitness with words,
their skill at debate, their thrust and counter thrust in discussion, he has made lying into something of a clever manipulative art form, something to aspire, something glibly taken as read. Contemporarily now, we expect politicians to actually LIE as matter of course, and devalue them in our minds to suit. I KNOW full well Tony Blair is a fully fledged professional liar, and yet even I sometimes start to believe his scheming rhetoric. It is one thing to be clever with words, another to say one version this day, one thing the next and state complete opposites of opinion. He thinks that is clever political speak. I say that it is easier to lie than to be clever with words and truthful. I noticed that Ian Duncan Smith called Blair a liar outright the other week. This also was once unheard of, gutter tactics, but that is how far down he has dragged us all, unfortunately down almost so low as himself. That is his indictment to me, this shameless fraud has dragged British politics down to his shady deals with cronies and lie to all of the people all of the time level, and he should go. To ask him to do the decent thing is actually assuming he is a gentleman, which in light of his performance is hardly likely. He would probably more likely announce that by the new rules recently introduced, the Prime Minister has effectively resigned. What that would actually mean in real terms would take a man with eight grade A, 140 per cent pass rate, A levels to unravel, assuming he could spare the time off from studying for a Dr Who degree, or something equally relevant to society.
It would be funny were it not really happening. Blair should go and soon,
but one of his grimmest acts is that there is no one to follow him, as he has
stage managed the post of Prime Minister into a presidential post which
requires a glib tongue and ability to lie outright to the public with a straight face
directly via the media, whilst subjugating his flock behind him.

How can his meek flock then lead.

In order to balance the books for this criticism, I put forward the one underlying thing that should be done now. The railways should be properly funded, renationalised if necessary, to give a top drawer train structure, that would free up the roads, and reduce the burden on businesses of the escalating petrol taxes. There would be a truly viable and on time delivery service. The electrical grid should be renationalised or brought under public scrutiny so as we have extra capacity that is not mothballed, rather than failures and decrepit plus deteriorating services. The money being thrown at the health service should be monitored on performance, and much of the red tape and beaurocratic management should be swept away. Labour has proliferated paper shufflers to prop up their unemployment figures. Actual production is at an all time low, and one in four work directly for the state, maybe we should have more workers and less statistic takers in our public services. Finally the police should be put back on the streets and their paper filling should be done by admin people. Why train people to the hilt to catch criminals and then have all of them spend sixty per cent of their time in the office filling out forms, it is no use to all of us and detrimental to morale.

What is chilling now is that what I mention now is blatantly obvious. You set up a company, what do you need. Communications, transport, efficiency, power supply, good morale built on fair treatment by understanding and able bosses.
If it is so obvious, why is it not done.

If trains worked, they would lose revenue from car tax, a major earner. If Public services were depaperised then our real unemployment figures would go through the roof. If police were allowed to do their jobs properly there are not enough prisons to go around. If electrics were to work efficiently, there would be no excuses for non delivery. As Churchill once said, give us the tools and we will finish the job.

What Tony Blair has not factored into his equations is the basic cussedness of the British people, slow to rouse, mighty in defiance. This countrys great not because of allegiances or outside help, this countrys great from WITHIN. I have no doubt whatsoever that Tony Blair is in for a long overdue shock when he finds the British public have finally passed judgement on him, and he trails away disgraced. That is in my mind certain. Nothing has ever bowed the British and pipsqueak like Blair will not either in the long run. What is worrying now is how to put right what he has dismantled, for there is now an imbalance in all our infrastructure of government, and apathy abroad in the land. It needs a strong mind to do what needs to be done to put things right here, for our current buoyancy is based on credit spending which is reaching its limit, and the Bank of England dare not raise the interest rates as people will simply not be able to pay what they all owe. The only way out is to put the owings over a longer period, freeze excessive borrowing and educate the public to actually buy things that are going to hold their value rather than expensive items that intentionally fall apart very quickly. We are going to hit a recession like we never saw before otherwise, and there is little or no manufacturing base any more to get us out of it. For every paperwork job they create as sot to unemployment figures there is a manufacturing job gone, a factory closing. How can you then spend your way out of a recession when you are already borrowed up to the hilt.
We need to address the unemployment figures in real terms, we must promote real manufacturing growth and entrepreneurial activity, not tax everything in sight and create paper jobs. Apparently our great chancellor is now considering a capital gains tax on first homes. The only buoyant thing in the whole economy is the house market, so this clown now wants to tax that as well. He has created the biggest gap EVER between public spending and borrowing, the largest taxation system ever born by the public and even then he is woefully out with his figures. That is who we entrust to steer us along his viable fiscal path, whom many moot as Blairs successor. Lord save us from incompetents. Many knock the Queen, but I am sure she would make a better fist of running the country than some of these fools, after all she has done pretty well for us over fifty years, has the country at heart, has RESPECT even if some of you do not actually like her, and will not decimate our defences and give away our rights to Europe. Plus a little experience.

Blair is an Amateur leader and professional liar, with no real intent than to do what is best for Tony Blair. We should all vote with our feet, and we should also vehemently oppose any entry into a Europe which will tell us what to do in our own country. How can idiots who have messed up our lives so pitifully to date be entrusted to hold up our end in Europe, they can not even manage things at home.

Since the writing of the article above, Tony Blair has been accused of barefaced deceit over the IRA decommissioning reporting to the house. Also former Prime Minister, John Major, has let his views be known, including the phrase that the public will not now believe in a Government statement unless it is proved beyond doubt. In other terms, the public now have absolutely no faith in the word of Government, and especially the Prime Minister. It also now appears he has had a known heart condition, of a non threatening nature for years, no less than President Clinton says so. He may be many things, but I do not think he lies too much in this case. Could it be the Prime Minister is paving the way for a triumphal exit, after the Irish crisis is solved, with him as saviour, but before the house of cards comes down. Then he could say, it all collapsed without him at the helm, recover sufficiently to resume work, and take the post New President of Europe he happened to help create.

Malcolm Pugh October 2003.

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