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Phone 01527 836303
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The exterior shows the size of the place, Paul Frys
is a large establishment, none of it wasted.

State of the art equipment, and spotless
interior, there is even a customer waiting
room, with TV and coffee

There are really quite a few ramps, so it is no
problem getting in and out quickly.

This one gives meaning to our friendly staff are
always on hand to help you. As now you can see, they
all get on well together, and I like to take my car
to places where its obvious they get along.

that is a testament to the perseverance of one man, Paul Fry
who has continued to work and prospered against the odds.
He has fought and overcome obstacles that would deter many
others, and still wears a smile, plus still trades fairly.
In these horrendously expensive times, it is often a boon to
know a man who sells an item at the right price, as I can very
much attest to, having a Jaguar Sovereign 88.

I cannot recommend this man too highly,
and is with pleasure included on these pages, where you
may note, there is no advertising whatsoever, and never will be.
If this includes some of my friends businesses, it is because they ARE
friends, and they ARE in business, but I feel that I am saving readers
a lot of grief by recommending people who will not rip them off
and know their chosen trade back to front.

Paul is a very straight man, and will treat you well,
especially if you mention Luigi as your free introductory
offer discount word, he will know you are one of my readers
and thus completely insane, and comparatively harmless

More to follow pending new photos. July 2003.

Malcolm Pugh 2003.

12 Sherwood Road
B60 3DR

Phone 01527 836303
Fax 01527 836328

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