Wibblywobbly has not got legs, that is because
he lives on a canal boat, and they are wobbly
so he is made wibblywobbly to cope with
boats wobbling along.

How stern he apparantly looks here,

but then he soon cheers up and takes his deserved bow.

Then its off to the Margaret house
to try and see the new wrens nest
that is supposed to be there.

Luigi wants some pictures for
his nephew Bartholomew
who has never seen a wren.

Because he is far too short sighted to see anything much.

He subtly feeds the killer fish keep them at bay,
and sidles past but only so far as Sammy Sniffer
the wonder dog, eternally guarding, ever watchful,
and surprisingly not asleep.

Mainly Sammy avidly guards Sammys food when not resting.

He gets past the dog disguised as wood beetle,
another instance of masterful Stiffsteiff disguise,
then its out into the conservatory.

He takes his nuclear scooter and goes outside,
where the wrens have nested in a semi
circular hanging basket.

Do not write in, for amazingly I know that it is not a nuclear scooter.

They are red.

Brilliant place, hole in under the surface
and through the plastic covering.

Wrens will puncture nearby nests
eggs, but they cannot fight cats
His task is to GUARD.

Ever vigilant he looks for a hiding place
so as not to disturb the birds,
bench, the old bird table.
But the old bird shoos him away with her broom.

The waterfall. under the ugly owl.
Finds above the ugly owl safer.

By the odd flowerpot person, on more than flower pot.
Or by Fergal the friendly fungal frog.

By the thinking mans frog Eddy. or in the squirrel table.
But the Squirrel ruined that idea.

posed as statue on the demi pond.
Or perched on a big blue bouncing ball,
which must have fell off the big blue tree.

Maybe the butt. However not the barrels.
Cant stand any more mole jokes.

He has it, the windowsill,
wobbly resourceful chap.

He guards day and night without rest,
only ever distracted by pecking wrens.

Finally his patience is rewarded.

Peeking out through the foliage

He guards them with his life.

Finally they fly away safe

All thats left, a hollow hanging house

Finally, having guarded until they
have flown, he asks Lady Margarets
feet for leave of absence and
goes back to his boat.

What a philanthropic chap.